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   Chapter 127 Leave the Business Here Unattended

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Janet smartly dodged his fist.

She then lifted her arms and was just about to fight him, but the female reporter, who had interviewed her first, suddenly dragged her back, and advised her in a low voice, "Don't fight back! Just keep dodging his attacks..."

Another fist then came flying to her. Janet was by now really angry, but all she could do was to spit foul words to him in her mind.

She didn't understand why that lady reporter had asked her not to fight back; she really wanted to give the man a heavy punch in the face!

After Janet had dodged his third attack, the reporter was still furious at her. Then, when Janet almost lost her temper and was about to fight back, some of the bodyguards arrived at the scene and stopped the man from trying to hit her.

The scene was also on live broadcast and was aired by all the media present there. It was also posted on the Internet, bearing different titles.

From the beginning of the charity award ceremony and up to this moment, anything regarding Janet Shao was posted on Internet. She was instantly the hottest topic at the moment, and Janet's popularity was continuously going up by the minute.

All of the news article headlines were written to stir things up. "The SL group's CEO's sworn sister was revealed to be his mistress."

"Janet Shao, the Golden-Level lawyer Samuel Shao's daughter, poured water over a reporter at the charity award ceremony."

"Jerry Shao, the Silver-Level lawyer's younger sister was attacked by a reporter."

"At the charity award ceremony, Janet Shao became irritated when she was discovered as being a mistress, and poured water on a reporter! She said she would sue him!"


All of a sudden, every net user who enjoyed hunting celebrity gossip now knew about Janet Shao's name.

Both positive and negative comments came again.

But most of the comments were positive and about two thirds of the people that commented supported her because of her charity award cup she had held in her hands and because she was the one being attacked by the reporter in the first place.

Some net users even found out that Janet had learned kickboxing for several years, but she still didn't fight back against the reporter, and everyone felt pity for her.

At the American SL Group's meeting room

Daniel looked at the senior managers with a cold face, and said, "If there's not a workable and good propaganda copy writing to handle the affair today, your whole creative design department should be fired!"

All the senior managers sitting opposite to him were so scared that no one dared to let out a single sound.

At that moment, Spark slightly pushed open the meeting room's door and whispered something into Daniel's ear. Daniel frowned his eyebrows, furiously stood up from his chair, and said, "Lait, I'll give you two days, and if you're not able to work it out, you and your whole design department team are all fired. The meeting is over!"

Upon finishing his words, Daniel also disappeared from the meeting room, leaving the senior managers looking at each other with bewildered looks on their faces.

Spark followed Daniel to the CEO's office; Nicole was handing over her work to one of the managers.

Daniel then sat on the sofa beside them, and said to Spark, "Tell me all the details!" Then he took out his phone to browse the news on Weibo.

"It's evening now in C country; the charity award ceremony was just over a couple of hours ago. Quite a lot of negative news was written by the reporters, " said Spark.

He continued, "Miss Shao is reported as being your mistress, and she even poured a bottle of water on a reporter..."

Daniel then suddenly cut in his report, and ordered, "Withdraw all the SL Group's investments out of the Changsheng Group!"

He continued with his instructions. "Now, contact the PR manager in C Country. Ask him to delete all the hot topics and Weibo posts that contain the name Janet Shao! As soon as possible! And send someone to investigate some background information on that reporter. Root him out!"

Daniel's orders hit Spark, and then he hastily took out his phone to carry them out. "Of course, Mr. Si. Do you have any other instructions?"

'Did anything bad happen to Jane?' wondered Nicole. She put down her pen and also took out her phone to scroll the news on Weibo.

Daniel eased up on his frowning and quickly scrolled the news on his phone. He then ordered Spark again, "And book me the earliest flight back to C Country; I need to go back."

"But Mr. Si, the DC case in America hasn't settled yet..." said Spark. There was a very large amount of

investment involved in this case, and it wasn't really wise for Daniel to be going back home at this moment.

"Put it off, and if Mr. Senda doesn't agree to that, then it doesn't matter much, " said Daniel. After the call, Daniel stood up from the sofa and walked up to Nicole.

Nicole was still browsing the Weibo news on her phone. She raised her head, and looked at her brother, who was much taller than she was. "What's going on?" she asked.

"How is it going with your work being transferred?" asked Daniel.

Nicole took a glance at the manager next to her, who was underlining the important points on paper. "Almost done, " she said.

"I'm taking you back home with me, now. I'll worry about you if I leave you here all alone, " said Daniel. Nicole was pregnant, and actually he had to worry about two people.

She slightly shook her head, and said, "No, Sven... He knows that I'm coming back the day after tomorrow."

Nicole sighed in her mind, and thought that she still couldn't avoid meeting with the man even if she wanted to.

"Well then, I have to go first. You take good care of yourself!" said Daniel. Finishing his words, Daniel turned around and started to leave.

He even strode, as if he had missed and worried about something or someone for so long.

"Daniel!" shouted Nicole. She stopped him.

Daniel turned around and looked at her.

"Are you just going to leave the business here unattended?" asked Nicole. She looked at her brother with an unbelievable look in her eyes. There were a couple of projects in Daniel's hands, and she couldn't believe that he would just go away and abandon them. 'When did my brother begin to do things so impulsively?' thought Nicole.

Daniel then thought better for a while, and said, "I'll come back very soon, before you'll leave."

"Goodbye!" said Nicole, as she waved her farewell to him.

The office door was now closed, and Nicole continued with her business.

In C Country

After the scene that happened at the charity event, Janet wondered where she should go.

'To the Waterside Apartment? To the old house? Or to the Royal Mansion Neighborhood?' she wondered.

In the end, Janet decided to go back to the Royal Mansion Neighborhood because her father, mother and her little brother were all there. There at least she could feel her family's warmth, and escape her loneliness for a while.

When Janet came back to the mansion, Samuel was busy answering his phone. "Yes, Janet Shao is my daughter, but how could it be possible that my daughter would be someone's mistress... These news reports are hardly credible. They've just exaggerated a misunderstanding to its most..."

"Dad, I'm back!" greeted Janet. She took a deep breath and stood at his side with a guilty look drawn all over her face.

'Dad, don't trust me, I'm indeed... actually... a mistress...' thought Janet, feeling more and more distressed by the minute.

When Samuel saw his daughter, he quickly answered back a few more words and then immediately ended the call.

"Janet!" yelled Samuel. His voice was stern, and he looked at her with rage and discontent burning in his eyes.

"Dad..." Janet spoke with quite a guilty tone in her voice.

Samuel then walked up to his daughter, and when he glared at her, he demanded, "Take out your phone, and call Daniel! Now!"

'Call Daniel?' thought Janet. She refused. "No!"

'Why must I be the first one to call him? He hasn't contacted me for nearly two months!' she thought. Sniffing, Janet made up her mind that she wouldn't call him.

"You... You... You're really infuriating me to death! Don't you know what people are talking about you now?" spoke Samuel. He continued, "Daniel Si, that brat! Why hasn't he taken his responsibility for you yet?" Samuel was so upset by his daughter that he really wanted to knock her head open with his fists.

"Because he doesn't love me. Don't you understand such a simple reason like this?" said Janet. She didn't show the slightest care when she answered her father.

Her words dumbfounded and infuriated Samuel even more, and he felt nearly suffocated by his anger. Then, after a while, he asked her with an unbelievable look in his eyes, "You two were already in a relationship, and had done everything to each other; but now you're telling me that he doesn't love you?"

"No, he never loved me! What else should I say? Your daughter hooked up with a bad man, and she's given up on him. Please, give up on him too!" replied Janet. Unlike Samuel, who was filled with rage, Janet kept a calm and peaceful look, and she spoke like she was telling someone else's story.

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