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   Chapter 126 That's Daniel's Business

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"We're just good friends. He's gone to Africa and dedicated himself to world peace. He's doing great now!" Janet was proud that she had a friend like Bill.

"Well, is then Miss Shao still single at the present moment?"

"Yeah, kind of; but there is someone I hold dear in my heart." Janet answered the reporter very sincerely.

She then tried to ask her more questions, and said, "Miss Shao, would you mind if I asked you several questions regarding this matter?"

Janet then showed her a sweet smile and nodded.

"Miss Shao, what does your crush do for a living? Does he also support philanthropic undertakings, like you do?"

Janet smiled happily when thinking of the one she really loved. "He is just an ordinary person in my heart, and yes, he is very supportive of various philanthropic undertakings. He often donates money to welfare homes and other shelters."

"Really? The latter part sounds just like your sworn brother Mr. Si. Is... it really him?"

There was only one reporter that had asked her, so she didn't show any exclusion towards the question. She might also have been considering something, but she said, "Daniel already has a girlfriend, but he is indeed really excellent. I think I may refer to him as a standard for my boyfriend's standards."

Janet covered her emotions with her sweet smile.

Kate, who was also interviewed by reporters, always kept an ear open to Janet's interview.

The reporter carefully observed the expression drawn on Janet's face, but failed to figure out anything incriminating in the end. It was exactly what a sister would say to praise her brother.

"Well, would you mind if Kate will be your sworn sister-in-law in the near future?"

Kate smiled at Janet when she heard her name.

All the cameras were focused on Janet and Kate now; Janet was still immersed in her own deep thoughts, and she answered the reporter in a creeping inertia. "I don't like her, but that's Daniel's business whether they are going to marry or not. I... will give them my blessing."

All the reporters present were

errogate me about my personal life every time you see me?"

"Miss Shao, you've become a public figure the moment you received the award on the stage. I'm afraid it's not appropriate to say that you aren't." The reporter, who was from an unknown agency, began to quarrel with Janet.

"Alright! Then in this case, I quit. If you still have any more questions, please go and ask Daniel. Just ask him if I'm the third person. I'll sue you in court if he says no."

Janet started freaking out, and she didn't mind quarreling with the reporter anymore, nor being recorded by all the others.

"I know that both your father and brother are lawyers. Why should we ask Mr. Si? Perhaps it's just one of your one-sided loves." The reporter looked at her with disdain. He had to report everything this arrogant woman had to say.

Janet was hurt by the words "one-sided loves." She couldn't let all the others insult her like mercilessly like that.

She handed the award to a reporter next to her, and said, "Please hold this for me. Thank you."

After the reporter held her award in his arms, he watched her open up a bottle of mineral water and pouring it over the reporter's head.

The whole hall was silenced for several moments, and the reporter looked more than embarrassed. He handed his camera to another one of his colleagues and then stretched his fist towards Janet.

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