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   Chapter 125 Nicole was Pregnant

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'Cherish him...' Janet felt distressed, and thought that indeed, she actually wanted to cherish him with all her heart.

But Daniel, as an important CEO, was constantly surrounded by different women everyday, and Janet thought that he might had totally forgotten about her long ago.

"If Daniel Si can't bring you the happiness you yearn for, then please take my cousin Brian into consideration. He's definitely a reliable man!" Bill said this while patting his chest to show that he vouched for him.

Janet of course knew that Brian was indeed a reliable man, but she then said, "I just consider Brian as my brother, the same as Jerry is, and I don't hold any sort of sweet feelings of love for him."

She could easily feel those sweet emotions when Daniel coaxed her or tricked her.

"Alas! then please take care of yourself in all of your affairs. I can't bring you any sort of happiness anymore because I've made up my mind to stay here for a long period of time and to help those who are in need of help the most, " said Bill. His decision dumbfounded Janet so much that she now just stared at him with her mouth opened wide.

'What did Bill experience here? In just only one month, a rich playboy, who wasn't changed even by his rough training courses in the military troop unit, became determined to stay in Africa and help the needy!' thought Janet.

"Jane, I'm really happy that you've come to visit me here. And from now on, I'll drop the idea of ever loving you, but just so you know, I won't love any other women, and instead I'll concentrate only on my career here, " said Bill.


Janet was speechless at what he said. She looked at the Nile river and enjoyed the beauty orange sunset reflecting in it.

"Bill, I'm not sure if I should fully support you, but if you really want to stay here, then just do it and follow your heart no matter what, " said Janet. Judging from Bill's words, Janet thought that it was dangerous there, and she could hardly agree with Bill's decision to stay there for a longer period of time.

But if that was his true choice, then she had to agree with it and leave him alone.

"OK. Jane, please take good care of yourself when you go back home. And get married as soon as possible, I'll be sure to come back and attend your wedding ceremony!" said Bill.

"Yeah. We'll keep in touch, and remember to call me whenever you have signal here to keep me in touch with all of your heroic deeds!" said Janet. Janet patted his shoulder in a brotherly manner; she was really proud of Bill!

The sun had almost went down over horizon, and Bill escorted Janet back to the only hotel in town.

In the evening, he and some of his comrades took turns to guard the hotel room's door to ensure the two girls' safety.

Early next morning, when Janet opened the door, she found they had kept their guard at the door the whole entire night.

Janet was deeply moved by this, and instantly her eyes filled with tears. "Bill, please go and rest, otherwise you'll have no energy to work today, " demanded Janet.

"No, it's not necessary. When is your flight? I'll drive you to the airport, " said Bill. Bill and his comrades were used to staying up all night.

Janet looked at her wristwatch, and said, "At about ten o'clock."

Bill managed to borrow a battered old military car and he, together with other two comrades, escorted the girls to the airport.

After Bill helped them check in their luggage, Janet held tight on Bill's arm, and said, "Bill, please take good care of yourself here. I'll come and visit you again whenever I'm free again."

Bill's eyes reddened, and he said, "Jane, please don't come here ever again if everything's going well with you. As you may have found out already, it's not too safe here."

Then she stepped back and shook her head. "Bill, no, I'll come again. Take care, and always remember that the most important thing is keeping alive, no matter what'll happen next!" said Janet.

Bill gently kissed Janet's forehead, who had been his first, and last, love.

He then waved a farewell to them, and he didn't leave until he saw Janet and Shirley enter the departures hall.

As she was influenced by Bill's actions, when Janet came back home, she asked her shop workers to make more desserts. She then visited and delivered the desserts to the children's welfare house and old people's home on her own.

Janet had simply wanted to deliver her desserts to the people there, but she

was photographed by the reporters that were hidden outside the welfare house, and then she was broadcast on the news, again.

Janet didn't know that she was on the news again until some reporters went to her cake shop to interview her.

Facing the camera, Janet wore a rigid smile and shook her hands to the reporters. "Please don't interview me, " she said, "It's not that much of a big deal."

In the end, the reporters failed interviewing Janet. But from that day on, Janet had to send her employees to do the charity work instead of her.

The Winter soon turned into Spring.

Janet was famous and had hit the hot topics again on the Internet, as the media told frequent news about her cake shop's frequent charity work.

Then, more and more charity projects and foundations sent their invitations to her.

She cautiously picked up the real, functioning projects, and turned down all the projects that had the media present there.

That was because she didn't want to over expose her affairs and doings.

Daniel had already been in America for almost two months now, and Sven, who had planned to get married with Nicole, frequently called Janet out to go out and drink beer with him late at night, without any particular reason at all.

Every time he got drunk, he just kept calling Nicole's name, and kept murmuring things like, "Nicole has no conscience" or "her words didn't really mean anything" etc.

But then one day he was asked to go to the Eastern Manor.

Because Nicole was pregnant.

Needless to say, everyone was well aware of who the baby's father was.

In the end, Sven was actually getting married to Nicole.

And when Sven came to visit Janet again, on this occasion he wore a big smile on his face. And he even placed an order of some special desserts at Jane's cake shop, as he planned to send them out together with the wedding invitation cards and the wedding candy.

The wedding ceremony was set one month later, which was three days before Janet's birthday.

Janet kept busy with Sven's desserts personally on that day, and then she quickly changed into her evening dress because she had to attend a charity's award ceremony held by the country's government.

As time was limited, she simply tied up her hair, put on some light make-up, and painted her lips with a rosy color lipstick before she hurried to the event.

Her nameplate was placed in the first row, and it was convenient for her to simply walk up the stage and accept the award.

There were a lot of reporters from different magazines and television posts there, which made Janet feel nervous while she kept taking deep breaths more and more often; she repeated her mother's words in her mind: "Jane, just perform as you usually do, and forget about them ever existing. And always remember to keep your smile bright!"

Unfortunately, the person who sat right next to her was Kate Song.

Kate was dressed in a blue evening dress, which made her look attractive, and mature. Because she had been known as Daniel's girlfriend, she was immediately surrounded by a group of reporters, who were always ready to ask about her affairs with Daniel or anything concerned about Daniel.

When one reporter asked her about Daniel's recent activities and if she was at a stable relationship with Daniel, she grinned a happy and sweet smile, and replied, "He's quite busy with his work in America these days, and everything is going well between us. Thank you for your concerns."

Janet was carefully listening to Kate's answer when another reporter came to her side and also interviewed her. "Miss Shao, are you Mr. Si's sworn sister?"

The reporter was a woman with a round face, and fat, and she looked like a kind person. Janet nodded her head, and said, "Yes, I'm his sworn sister."

The female reported smiled to show her understanding, and then she continued to ask her, "I heard that you have a boyfriend, and that he's a military officer. How's everything going on lately between the two of you?"

"Well, he..." After a second thought, Janet corrected her words, and said, "He isn't my boyfriend, actually. Those were just some groundless rumors, and please don't tarnish his excellent reputation because of them."

The female reporter seemed to be quite shocked when she heard her words, and asked again, "Then what about the younger son of the Han family, Bill Han? I heard that he was quite passionately chasing after you during your college days."

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