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   Chapter 124 Bill Did Go To Africa

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Sven glanced at the staircase, and wondered, 'Why didn't Janet come downstairs?'

"Chuck, why have you come?" While he was asking Chuck, Harry fixed his eye on Sven.

Sven then regained his consciousness, took out an envelope out of his breast pocket, and then handed it over to Harry. He then said, "Godfather, I'm here to ask for your blessings, and I hope you and godmother can give them to me and let me marry Nicole!"

"Blessings?" Harry and Lola were shocked. They already knew that Nicole and Sven had been together, but they didn't expect him to propose to her so soon.

Harry was happy about this, and after he took the envelop and put it aside, he said sternly, "We agree, and I'll keep your betrothal present here, for now." Harry was pretty upset. Seeing the look on his daughter's face this morning, Harry had no choice but to agree to their sudden marriage.

Sven smiled and then sat back on his seat but, however, Harry's next words took away all of his joy. "Nicole was going to take the afternoon flight today, but she suddenly changed her mind and left with the morning one."

"Don't worry, godfather. I'll handle it as long as you and godmother agree with the marriage." He had decided to give Nicole a week's time to think about it. He would go to America to ask her again by then.

Sven told the media that Nicole was now his fiancee the second he walked out of the Si's Mansion. He wanted everyone know that Nicole was about to marry him.

If everyone knew and gossiped about it, then Nicole surely become his fiancee.

Then Sven's phone suddenly exploded with the sudden income of messages.

Including Nicole's, who had run away... Her phone almost shattered because of all the messages and calls she had received before she had gotten off the plane; all of them were asking about her marriage with Sven.

After picking up on a few calls, she now knew that Sven had already claimed that they were engaged.


Janet's shop would be officially back in business after the Lantern Festival.

Meanwhile, Shirley came from her hometown and was appointed as the shop's main manager there.

Janet rented a house for Shirley and also paid for her rent as a bonus for her employment.

It wasn't that far away from the Waterside Apartment Complex. At first, she wanted Shirley to live together with her, but because Daniel was

I'll be happy.

And thank Daniel on my behalf. He sent me here and gave me the chance to learn about pain and suffering. You may not believe it, but there are still many people left in the world who don't have access to daily food and drinking water...

Jane, don't waste anymore food or water when you go back home, or I will hate you for it!"


Janet looked at the nagging tanned man in front of her...

She was speechless for now, but little did she know that soon enough she would also experience the suffering that Bill had just told her about.

"Bill, come home with me! I will ask Da... grandpa Han to bring you back home." Bill had changed a lot in just a short time. If he had stayed there for much longer, she would have eventually been unable to recognize him anymore.

Bill shook his head, and said, "Tell Daniel do more charity work and help those who really need it, no matter if they're in C Country or overseas."

Janet argued with him, and said, "Daniel has always been doing charity work. He often participates in charity auctions, and the media has photographed him many times when he went to welfare and nursing homes."

'How else did the SL Group become so powerful?'

If a company only made money, then its leader must've been ruthless.

But Daniel wasn't, and she knew that despite Daniel was cold on the outside, he was warm and kind on the inside.

Bill looked at Janet, who was now protecting her man, and said, "Jane, if you love him, just seize the opportunity and cherish him while you can; don't wait until you lose it."

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