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   Chapter 123 Before You Do It, Think It Twice

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Daniel lowered his head and pressed his lips over hers while holding his phone near his ear.

It wasn't until he got through to Nicole that he released Janet from his kiss. "Nicole, I'm coming to pick you up, " he said.

But Nicole replied in a low voice, "No, thanks. I will go home later."

"Nicole, be careful what you do, and before you do it, think it twice!" said Daniel. He lay on one side of the bed beside Janet, holding her with his free arm.

He was also thinking that only Sven and Nicole were staying in the apartment that evening, just like Jane and himself were. It wasn't that simple!

"... Um, okay, I see. Go to bed early, " said Nicole. After uttering these words, Nicole hung up the phone.

At that moment, she had been in a passive state, whilst Sven, who seemed to be a little tipsy from all the booze he had drunk, kissed her wildly.

"Sven, you're drunk. Let me go!" said Nicole. She pushed Sven away, who was pressing on her body.

Sven then immediately looked up at her, and said, "I'm sober as a priest on Sunday. Nicole, listen, I'll allow you to go back to America tomorrow, and I'll also give you... a month at most to make your decision, at most. You'll then change your workplace and come back here, and if you don't want to work in C Country, you can also choose to work in A Country. After all, Chuck has a hospital there, where I can work."

At present, Sven didn't have any plans to further his career abroad, but if Nicole liked America so much, he would consider moving and working there for her.

"Um... I understand, " said Nicole. She again tried to push him away.

Sven got off her, turned over, and then tightly held her in his arms. "Now, I want you to become my woman, " he said. However, he still had to ask her if she also wanted it, because it was not an insignificant matter after all...

Nicole glanced at Sven, who had now closed his eyes. In fact, if Sven had ever forced her to do it tonight, she would've refused him straight away.

But now, he endured the pain, and asked of her opinion on the matter...

"I don't trust you, " softly whispered Nicole. She was being held tightly in his arms.

They had met many times before, but they had seldom talked to one another, and Nicole had never paid any close attention to Sven.

But this time, all happened in a sudden. It felt strange, because now Nicole seemed to not be disgusted with Sven when he got closer to her...

Her ex-boyfriend had been in a relationship with her for four years, but he had eventually cheated on her because he couldn't stand her fuddy-duddy ideas any longer...

"Nicole, both father and mother* are keeping an eye on you, and if I just want to flirt or sleep with a woman, I won't do that with you." If Sven just wanted to casually date a woman, there were a lot of them out there who were more than willing to play with him; he wouldn't have gone through all the trouble to convince Harry's daughter to date him.

Sven's words reassured Nicole a bit and, after all, their family members often got together, so Sven would never dare to deceive her.

Nicole, who was holding Sven's large palm, buried her face in his chest, and then with a muffled voice, she said, "But, I'm afraid..."

Sven understood that she was afraid, because she had never even been kissed by a man before today.

He quickly turned over and again kissed Nicole's mouth, leading her into another whole world with his sweet, caring love.

At about midnight

Daniel and Janet now stood in front of the old house, pushing each other around. Daniel had wanted to send Janet to her own house, but Janet didn't let him come in.

They were locked in a stalemate.

"If you won't let me enter your house, you'll have to leave with me, " warned Daniel. He was very disappointed, because he wanted to be held accountable for Jane and she just kept refusing him over and over again.

If Janet continued to refuse him like this, he would then have to take matters into his own hands, and directly go to her house to propose her for marriage, without her consent.

"I don't want you to enter my house, or leave with you either!" said Janet.

Daniel didn't want to argue with her anymore, so he dragged her into his car again. After he helped her fasten her seat belt, he decided to call Samuel and tell him about what had happened.

When she saw that Daniel's phone screen lit up, Janet knew that he was about to call her father.

She immediately grabbed his phone out of his hand and cancelled the call

. "I'll call Samuel and I'll tell him personally, " she said.

She realized that if her father knew that she was dating Daniel, he wouldn't let her off so easily!

Janet then called her mother, and said, "Mother, I won't be coming back home tonight."

"Where are you? Your father keeps waiting for you to show up, " said Ella. She was standing in front of the window alongside with Samuel, watching the car that was parked in front of the old house.

Samuel had already seen what Janet and Daniel had done in front the house just now.

"Well, I'm in... the Waterside Apartment, and I'm going to bed now, " replied Janet. Ella had already been there once, and before she had went there, Janet had managed to hide away all of the things that belonged to Daniel.

But Ella still found out of her secret, because she found an automatic shaver and two toothbrushes in the bathroom...

Samuel sighed, and didn't understand why nowadays young people didn't dare to confess openly about their love affairs.

"Janet, is Daniel unwilling to be in a relationship with you?" asked Ella. She then suddenly changed her tone of voice and wondered why her daughter had begun to lie to them in the first place.

"No, no, mother. That's my own, private affair. Just don't step in it, please!" replied Janet. How could she explain it to her mother and father when she herself was still puzzled about their relationship? She could only hide it from them at the moment, and could tell them the truth about it only after she had it clear enough for herself.

Ella was angry at her, and said, "We should invite Daniel over for dinner some day and talk it over!" Uttering these words, she then directly hang up the phone on her.

Ella wanted to figure out who was the one to blame, Janet or Daniel.

"Um, Daniel is living with Jane now, but he often attends all kinds of parties along with Kate. Could it be that Daniel doesn't take Jane to any event just because she is not that excellent as she is?" asked Ella. When he thought this, Samuel was also became very furious.

Daniel had already told Samuel that he liked Jane, but now he was secretly dating her. Did he really like her after all?

They pondered on the issue all night long.

Because of last night's debauchery, Sven woke up an hour late than usual and found that it was already past eight o'clock in the morning.

He also found that Nicole, who had slept next to him all night, had already woken up and disappeared.

Sven wrapped himself in a bath towel and looked all around the apartment for her, but to no avail.

He then thought about it for a little while, and guessed that if Nicole had went back home in advance, just because she was shy and had felt embarrassed to see him the morning after.

He believed that what he thought was correct.

He then called his mother and father. "Mother, please get yourselves ready. I'm going to Nicole's house to propose her for marriage."

He found a more formal suit in his wardrobe and laid it out on his bed. When he saw by chance the splashes of red drops on his bed sheet, he raised the corners of his lips up with satisfaction.

"Ah?" Daisy, who was then drinking a cup of soy milk, suddenly spit it out, making her look the least elegant at the breakfast table.

Chuck immediately passed her a tissue and helped her wipe the soy milk stains off her; he then asked a servant to bring another breakfast on the table.

"Well, alright. You don't have to prepare anything, I'll arrange to that, " said Sven. He planned to write a dowry check first for the bride, and the price he wrote was... Ninety-nine million nine hundred and ninety thousand! After that, he thought that he would take Nicole to find a suitable new house for them to live in...

That sounded great!

"OK!" said Daisy. When she told Chuck the news, he also almost choked on the fried bread stick he was eating.

'Why does Sven suddenly want to get married? Does he really want to get married? What happened between them last night...' pondered Chuck.

At the Li Manor

Lola, who had received the phone call, came to the door to greet Sven and his parents.

Daisy, who was very happy because of the fortunate event, smiled and held Lola's hand. She had never thought that her son would ever fall in love with Nicole!

Harry, who knew that Nicole had stayed with Sven last night, didn't look too well, but he still tapped Sven on the shoulder.

They sat in the living room, and the servant brought them first-class tea and pastries.

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