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   Chapter 122 Scolded by His Own Son

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"Sven..." said Nicole.

"I love hearing you call my name. I'll give you some time to consider my proposal, but you have to wear the ring on your finger. Don't ever take it off!" said Sven.


Then, Nicole's phone rang in her handbag, and she initially wanted to get up from the sofa to answer it, but Sven took it out of her handbag before her and then passed it over to her. "Tell your mother that you're not coming home tonight, " demanded Sven.

"No..." said Nicole.

"Listen to me, Nicole. I want you to become my woman, " said Sven. Sven was actually very anxious now, because he had already sent someone to investigate all of the people that hanged around her in America, and he had found out that there was a large group of men that was already chasing her. He couldn't let some other guy have the chance to steal her away from him after he had just confessed his love to her.

Now, he had to make Nicole his woman for good; he would definitely be her first and only man, according to Nicole's character.

Nicole's phone was still ringing, and her face flushed bright red as she refused Sven's offer. "No, if I don't return, my father will..."

"Then tell your father that you're at your friend's house and that you're not coming back tonight!" insisted Sven. If Nicole didn't return home tonight, he would go and meet the Si family together with his own parents tomorrow, and ask for blessings for their marriage.

Nicole felt uneasy, and demanded, "Please let go of me first."

She had never been so intimate and close to a man before, and she was quite scared and intimidated now.

Sven stood up from her, and Nicole felt a little bit more relaxed. She then sat up from the sofa and answered her phone, which had already rang twice by then. "Mom!" she said.

"Nicole, where are you now? Why haven't you come back home yet?" asked Lola.

Nicole took a glance at the man who is staring at her, and she lowered down her voice, and said, "Mom, I'm at my friend's house, I'm... coming..." She initially didn't want to lie to her mother like Sven had told her, but the man then suddenly held onto her waist with his arms around her...

"Mom, I'm not coming home tonight. You and dad sleep tight, please." Nicole eventually corrected her words.

Lola, on the other side of the line, thought of Daisy's phone call, and she felt that something was indeed not going right. Daisy had called her earlier and had asked her to make sure Nicole arrived home earlier.

"Why aren't you coming back home tonight?" asked Lola.

Nicole gnawed on her lower lip and pondered on what she would say next; she had never lied to her parents.

Sven wanted to take the phone from her hands and talk wit

"Yes. Sven's phone is off limits, and your sister told us that she's at her friend's house, " said Harry.

"Listen, my sister lied to you, indeed, but what do you want me to do about it? She doesn't want to come home, so why do you have to meddle in her own affairs?" said Daniel. 'Sven really played his cards well. He sure has his tactics if he got to Nicole! But if he's just playing her, I won't let him off so easily!' thought Daniel.

Daniel's words left Harry speechless.

Then, Daniel continued, "You just sleep tight in your bed with your wife. I'll call my sister and see what's happening, and if something is going wrong, I'll go and pick her up, okay?" Daniel had finally said something to ease up Harry's tension. Nicole was, after all, his sister, and of course he worried about her.

"You still have a little conscience left in you, you little brat! Now, leaving Sven and Nicole aside, when are you going to get married to Jane?" said Harry.

"I have no time to talk about this matter with you at the moment. But don't worry, I won't let Jane run away; and please, can you and your wife take it a little bit more easy?" said Daniel. Regarding their marriage, Daniel felt kind of distressed and uneasy, as he had already proposed to Janet, but was ruthlessly refused by her.

When he thought of this, Daniel wanted to punish Janet even harder now.

'How could you refuse my proposal! Is there any other woman in this world that could refuse me? You're just a woman that can't tell the good from the bad!' thought Daniel.

When Daniel finished his call with Harry, he called Nicole.

"Hey, get off of me first. Go ahead and see to your important thing, " said Janet. She then tried pushing the man aside, but the man didn't move an inch while he waited for the call to be connected.

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