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   Chapter 121 Do You Even Know Who Your Son Is Chasing

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Chuck smiled at his daughter and was just about to close the door.

But Angela was anxious, and she immediately wedged herself in the door to stop it from closing. "Mother, do you even know who your son is chasing?" she asked.

Chuck was worried that Angela would be hurt, and so he opened the door again, and said, "Be careful! Don't get hurt."

"Father, do you know? My brother is chasing after Nicole!" said Angela.

Daisy, who was rubbing her face, calmly said, "Nicole... What Nicole?" Immediately after she asked she moved a couple of inches away from Angela.

Angela was shocked and replied, "Mother, it's Nicole, mother* Lola's daughter!"

This time, Daisy realized the seriousness of the matter, and Chuck also looked pretty pensive. Daisy then quickly took off the mask she was applying on her face and immediately picked up her phone to call her son.

"What on Earth is he doing now? Can't he just hang out with Nicole?" said Chuck. He wondered since when his son had become so unreliable.

Daisy soon got through with Sven on the phone, but at that moment Sven was climbing the stairs along with Nicole.

When he saw that his mother was calling him, Sven knew that it was Angela who had ratted him out! "Mother, I'm going to bed now, I'm really sleepy. If there's anything, let's talk about it tomorrow!" said Sven.

"You're going to bed? With who?" Daisy was a little nervous when she asked her son this question.

Sven glanced at Nicole, who was already in his apartment now, and replied, "That's my own business, so please don't be so indiscreet."

"Sven Si! Why are you so capricious? You can't hook up with Nicole! She's not the sort of playful girl that you usually date, and you can't flirt with her and can't be so willing to be with her!" said Daisy. She didn't want her son to screw up things.

Sven massaged the painful spot between his eyebrows, and said, "Why am I capricious? I know what I'm doing, and please don't interfere in my affairs, OK?"

Daisy kept her silence for a while, and then gently asked, "Sven, are you really serious?"

"Um, " replied Sven. He then stood up and went to get Nicole a glass of water.

Daisy thought for a whole, and said, "Sven, Nicole is about six years older than you are... Oh no, it's actually seven years. I can't accept this. You're younger than her and you're not right for each other."

She also thought that they had little in common and wouldn't have anything in common.

d I'll tell you my decision, " she said.

Sven had showed his love for her all of a sudden, and Nicole was a little stunned by this.

"Give me your answer right now!" said Sven. He knew that Nicole would fly back to America tomorrow afternoon.

Nicole thought for a moment and then shook her head, and said, "I live in America all year round, and you're here. A long distance relationship... I can't accept."

"Nicole, you will come back sooner or later. Do you really want to marry a foreigner?" said Sven. When he uttered that last sentence, he gripped her wrist even more tightly.

She, of course, wouldn't marry a foreigner, because although she lived in America throughout the year, she didn't really like foreigners at all and also wouldn't marry any of them.

"I just... I can't come back as often as I want, " said Nicole.

Sven looked at her lovely lips and couldn't help but kiss them again. "Nicole, it's time for you to get married. Please come back to C Country and marry me..." he said.

Moreover, Sven took out a ring and put it on Nicole's ring finger.

So... What had happened tonight had been already planned by him and Janet.

Tonight was Sven's perfect opportunity to express his love; yesterday and tomorrow wouldn't do.

At that moment, when Nicole looked at the diamond ring on her finger, she was completely flabbergasted. Sven had not only confessed his love, but had also proposed to her for marriage!

He knew that Nicole was at an age that prompted her to believe that getting married was way more important than casual dating. He had planned to marry Nicole first and then take good care of her.

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