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   Chapter 120 Thank You for Your Kindness

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What he said was true; Bill was really in love with Janet, but Janet didn't have the slightest interest in him. Bill was still just an innocent little boy...

"Make up for your first kiss?" As he said this, Daniel took out of his pocket his gold-plated lighter and casually lighted his third cigarette.

He took a drag out of it and then spit the smoke on Bill's face, saying, "Here you go!"

Bill didn't smoke at all, and when he inhaled the smoke, he coughed really hard.

"Dan... Daniel, you are a mean man! Eh-hem..."

He initially wanted to punch Daniel in the face, but when he remembered of his defeat in the one-on-one battle from earlier, he immediately sat back down next to Janet, and let his frustration boil in his blood.

He leaned his face over her shoulder and began to complain about Daniel. "Jane, he is such a nasty bully!"

His reputation had been ruined by Daniel; he had actually kissed a man... Woo woo woo...

Janet pat Bill's shoulder, and said, "There, there. Come on, let's drink."

She had learned how hateful and vengeful Daniel really was, but, however, she didn't know how to fix him.

The two then each picked up a beer from the table, clinked the bottles together, and then took a sip out of them.

"Bill, what did I say to you?" Daniel flicked the ashes in an ashtray and then sat next to Bill. He was so powerful and overwhelming that Bill was forced to glue himself to Jane.

'Oh! He must be referring to the one-on-one battle and it's bet, ' thought Bill.

"Okay..." Bill had to leave the seat next to Janet; he then sat back on his initial seat. He thought, 'I'm a man, and I'll keep to my word!'

They talked for a while longer and then started the third game.

The last one was... Daniel, again.

Janet looked at him and found that he was trying to hold off his laughter. 'It seems he did this on purpose!' thought Janet.

Another six 'one' in a row.

The second loser was Nicole, and her face almost instantly became paler when she saw the glass of liquor in front of her, but she still didn't show too much of her fear.

The third loser was Scott. He thought that it didn't matter too much, since there were only three bottles of beer.

Sven voluntari

out of the private room with him.

"Jerry, do you also think that my brother and Sven had the intention of picking up women here today?" Sally seriously doubted the two men.

But Jerry just leaned back on the back of the sofa, just smiling and keeping his silence.

Their purpose had been obvious from the very beginning. Everyone in the room could've seen it.

"This is outrageous! Let me have a look at their dices and see if they were really cheating!" Selina picked up the Sven and Daniel's dice sets. She shook them and looked at them carefully, but the dices were just the same as theirs.

Bill now felt bored since Janet had already left. He thought that he could beg his grandpa to not send him to Africa.

"Goodbye, everyone. I'm leaving!"

Jerry and Sally also when Bill left.

The party was over.

Angela was now alone, since her brother had just wanted to pick up a hot woman, and Cole sent her home.

When she arrived at home, she immediately went to knock on her parent's bedroom door. Chuck opened the door, and said, "What's wrong, Angela?"

"Dad! I'm telling my brother off!"

Daisy, wearing a facial mask, asked, "What did your brother do ?"

"Dad! Mom! My brother was out in town picking up women!"

Daisy shook her head and thought that she already knew what a playboy her son really was!

To break up with his last girlfriend, he had thrown Jane under a bus! What a playboy he was! "This is not his first time. Don't be so surprised."

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