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   Chapter 119 My First Kiss was with A Man

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"OK, forget it. Don't be afraid! Let me help you!" said Cole. He saw that his sister was scared of drinking it, and so he grabbed her glass of brandy and drank it all in one gulp.

"Wow! Cole, you're so cool!" Janet cheered at him, and thought 'That was a glass full of brandy!'

Her praise to Cole made Daniel throw a glimpse at her but without uttering a single word; he kept smoking his cigarette in silence.

Angela had also finished half of her glass of beer, but Sven grabbed her glass and finished it for her.

All of the people present there were brothers and sisters, and so the game's rules were actually quite flexible, and the men didn't really want the girls to drink all of the liquor every time they lost the game.

They tacitly reached an agreement that the brothers could drink the liquor for their sisters.

Jerry took a glance at his sister, who was the first to exclaim and stir up things, and then felt his stomach slowly starting to ache.

But he then moved his eyes on Daniel, and if he guessed it right, he wasn't responsible to drink for Janet if she ever lost the game.

He only needed to be responsible for Sally, and so he had to take good care of her.

Now it was Sven and Daniel's turn to accept their punishment. Everyone clapped their hands, and shouted, "Come on, you two go together!"

Janet was still looking and yelling at Sven. "Sven, don't get the girls here involved into your punishment. Go out and find someone... Ah!"

After she yelled, her wrist was suddenly gripped tight by a man, and then she fell into a familiar hug, and sat firm on someone's legs.

"Wow! Oh! Brother Daniel! Jane! Show us a kiss! Come on, just a kiss!" Cole Li and Scott Bo shouted the loudest.

Janet's face flushed red, and then she threw a stare at Daniel. She was about to stand up and leave, but Daniel didn't give her the chance to go away.

He put his right hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward, their lips then pressing tight on each other.

Instantly, the room was noisy with all the cheering and laughing sounds; everyone excitedly screamed at them, all except for Bill, who was sadly roaring.

Daniel kept kissing Janet for at least one minute before he finally let her go. He licked his lips with satisfaction when he saw the woman quickly escape from his grasp.

The next one on the line was Sven. He cleared his throat, and then stood in front of a woman; his choice had shocked everyone there.

Unexpectedly, Sven chose... their big sister Nicole.

The music stopped and the room was suddenly quiet now. Daniel kept staring at Sven, and said, "Sven, pick another one." His voice was stern and low.

Nicole was not the type of girl that could be casually played with; after all, she was oldest of them all, and the big sister in everyone's eyes.

Sven grinned a slight smile, and he bent and crouched in front of Nicole, who was also shocked by his choice. "Nicole, join the game with me, " he said.

Sven called Nicole's name straight out in an intimate sort of way, which left Nicole puzzled. She said, "What? But I'm already playing the game!"

'But why did Sven choose me...' wondered Nicole.

Then, Sven slightly moved his body forward and kissed Nicole's red lips.

... That was Nicole's first kiss ever.

Although she was almost thirty years old, she was actually quite a timid girl; she had only had one boyfriend in her whole entire life, but they had only held hands and kissed each other's foreheads during their short relationship.

Sven's kiss made her lose her judgment all of a sudden.

The room was so quiet now that no one dared to cheer or speak anymore, and they all wondered why did Sven choose Nicole to kiss, who was about six years older than he was.

Even the talkative women there were left dumbfounded, and didn't dare to let out a single word more.

Daniel stood up from the sofa, and pulled Sven away from her.

Their kiss then stopped.

Daniel pulled Sven all the way out of the room, and pushed him against the corridor's wall, while he sternly warned him, "Sven, my sister is not the kind of girl you can play around with."

Sven was always changing his girlfriends, so Daniel didn't think that wha

t he had done was that serious.

Sven smiled and then looked at Daniel with a serious look in his eyes, and he said, "I'm not playing!"


"There's a six or seven year gap between you and her; my sister is the elder one in our group. Are you sure that you aren't fooling around?" Daniel stared at him and scanned all of his face, trying to find some sort of hint that may betray his trick.

But, he couldn't find out any, and Sven spoke out again, "I can be responsible for Nicole. I'll even marry her, we can go and apply for the marriage certificate tomorrow."

At that moment, the room's door was opened and Nicole came out. Looking at Daniel, she said, "Daniel, it doesn't matter that much... It's just a game, don't be... so serious."

Nicole was nearly thirty years old, but she looked just like a young girl in her twenty's. She was pure, and had never been involved in any serious relationship.

As the acting CEO of the SL Group in America, she had seen a lot of cheating and treacheries in the business circles she was in, but she wasn't affected by any bad manners or corrupt morals.

Nicole was the kind of respectable girl that you could only admire at a distance, the kind who couldn't be played with.

Daniel had to let Sven go when Nicole showed her attitude on the matter at hand. He added, "Mind your manners from now on."

Then they went back to the room. Janet saw Daniel's darkened face, and she thought that if she had been the one kissed by someone else, what would've been Daniel's reaction then?

Her thought would soon be tested.

Gradually, the atmosphere in the room cheered up again, and the second round began. Sven was absent-minded when he rolled his dice, so he rolled the biggest score this time.

Daniel's attention was still on Sven, so he rolled his dices and got somewhere around the middle score.

Bill ranked the last in this round, and he was so excited that he jumped up with joy.

The second loser was Janet, and the third was Sally.

Looking at the liquor in front of her, Janet closed her eyes and then began to gulp down quickly on the liquor.

Daniel came back to his senses when he saw Janet gulping down the liquor.

Bill was sitting by her side and was just about to grab her glass for her, but Janet refused. She didn't think of herself as being weak, and what could've happened worst was that she would get drunk and fall into a deep and long sleep.

Then, Daniel stood up from his seat, took over her liquor, and pulled her to sit down by his side. He said to her, "You just sit still here from now on!"

And, of course, Daniel drank all of her liquor.

Janet rested her chin in her hand, and while wearing a sweet little smile, she looked at Daniel with fascination sparkling in her eyes, who was cool, gracious and handsome in any single one of his moves.

Then, Sally's beer was gulped by Jerry.

Now it was Bill's turn to kiss someone, and ignoring Daniel, he excitedly jumped up to Janet's side.

"Jane, I pick up you!" said Bill. He had been eagerly waiting for this moment for long.

'Um...' Janet fluttered her eyelashes and hadn't considered it initially, but when she remembered of Daniel's reaction to what happened to his sister just now, she gave Bill her promise.

Bill then closed his eyes and slowly drew himself closer to Janet.

The other people around them focused their eyes on Daniel, and as was expected, Daniel promptly took his action. He stood up from the sofa, and with his right hand he pushed away Janet, while with his left dragged Cole over next to him. Then the two men's lips were then pressed together.

"Ha ha ha..." everyone in the room burst into a wild laughter.

"Wow, you're so great! Bill!"

The room was noisy with laughter, and when Bill opened his eyes and saw poor Cole's face before him, he instantly felt queasy.

The two men both went to find a dustbin and began to retch.

"Brother Daniel, how could you play such an evil trick on me? That was my first kiss..." Cole sadly protested.

Bill began to rinse his mouth with a mouthful of beer, and then he stood up and walked up to Daniel. "My first kiss was with a man! Make up for my first kiss!" he furiously yelled.

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