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   Chapter 118 Find Someone and Spend the Night Together

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In the third round, Bill, indeed, succeeded in consecutively coping with Daniel's three attacks. But, with his fourth move, Daniel swiftly stretched out his hand and pinched Bill's neck vein.

At that moment Bill burst into tears because of the pain, and Daniel eventually released him. Bill then ran towards Janet.

"Jane, I've just lost you... Jane, I love you... Jane, don't forget me... No, no, no, " said Bill. He was hugging her and crying bitterly. His body was suddenly lifted up in the air and then dropped into Brian's arms.

"The loser needs to buy us drinks. Let's go!" said Daniel. He then took his business suit from Janet's arms.

Janet was deeply attracted by Daniel, who looked very handsome, and just kept her eyes fixed on him without blinking.

Some of the others had got in their cars with excitement, but Janet was still utterly infatuated with Daniel and was still looking at his back.

"Janet, I won't go to the bar this time. Have a good time!" said Brian. He followed Janet's gaze and then looked at Daniel. At that time, Daniel, who was about to get in his car, had also began to look at Janet.

"Um? You won't come with us? Why? Brian, let's go together!" said Janet. She finally came back to her senses and now stared at Brian, confused.

Brian pointed at his camouflage clothing, and replied, "It's inappropriate for me to go with you because I'm dressed in my military uniform. You guys go and have fun. We can go out and have fun on another day!"

Janet was very sorry to hear him say that, but she nodded to him, and said, "Brian, just be careful on the road, okay?"

"Hum, okay! Have a good time!" said Brian. He gently touched her long hair before he left, and he immediately noticed that someone was giving him a sharp killing stare.

"OK. Bye, Brian!" said Janet. She waved at Brian reluctantly. After she saw that he got in his military car and drove away, Janet slowly walked up to Jerry's car.

Daniel, who had just lit a cigarette, looked towards her, and shouted, "Believe it or not, I will kiss you right here!"

When she heard him, Janet, with a flushed face, stared at him, and asked, "What do you mean?"

'Why did he say that he'll suddenly kiss me?' thought Janet.

"Get in my car!" said Daniel. After uttering these words, he then sat in the driver's seat.


'Oh, I see now what he meant!' thought Janet.

In the SH Bar

Several luxury cars stopped in front of the bar and attracted a lot of attention.

Ignoring the sensation they brought along with them,

cole, don't disappoint us. Come on, please join us!" she said to them.

When Nicole saw that Daniel took a set of dice, she also grabbed a set.

The game's rule was that twelve people rolled the dice at the same time and added up their own dice number to the number of people present; whoever got the poorest number had to kiss someone of an opposite sex, the second that lost after him, or her, had to drink the strong liquor, and the one who ranked after had to drink the beer.

Almost in a flash, all of them rolled the dice at the same time, and the sound of the dices hitting the walls of their cups had almost drowned out all the music in the room.


All dice stopped and everyone opened their dice cups.

Janet then suddenly screamed, because her total dice number was the biggest. She got five 6 and one 3.

This time she had won, so she didn't have to kiss anyone of an opposite sex. However, she might be kissed...

Only Sven and Daniel hadn't opened their dice cups, so all others paid close attention to them.

The two mischievous men looked at each other and then opened their dice cups.

At this moment, all the others burst into a sudden uproar.

Both of them had six dice which were quietly lying in front of them, and the number of spots of each dice was just one.

So, in the first round, both Sven and Daniel had come in last.

Shelly was the second to last, and Angela had ranked third from the bottom.

Before they asked Daniel and Sven to kiss someone, all others present asked Shelly to drink the liquor first. Shelly, when she saw the glass of brandy in front of her, was so frightened that she could already feel her own stomach ache.

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