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   Chapter 117 They were Both Just Two Little Kids

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Bill was the type of person who showed up in the nick of the time.

By the time Daniel and that young model's dishes had been served on the table, Bill had entered the restaurant and had already seen his cousin and Jane; he then hastily came to them and sat right next to Brian.

"Jane, we haven't seen each other for a long, long time! Come here! Let me hug you!" demanded Bill. Bill had some days off for the Spring Festival. He had wanted to visit Janet, but was stopped and was so strictly supervised by his grandfather that he even couldn't step out of his own house.

He would've still been locked in his house, if he hadn't successfully escaped from it tonight!

When Bill had just finished his words to Janet, he felt an icy-cold gaze being cast towards him, which made him shiver from head to toe.

He stared at Daniel, who sat opposite to him, and their eyes met. Bill was scared and cowardly shrank his neck. He said, "Janet, is there something wrong with your brain? Why did you fall in love with such a stone-cold man? Why didn't you choose my cousin, who is much better than him!" He continued, "And what about me? Am I not good enough? Why did you have to torture yourself?"

He kept to his murmurings while he threw a quick glance at Janet, who was sitting diagonally opposite to him. He then picked up the cutlery in front of him, and started to eat his french dishes.

"You're a man, don't eat the caviar!" yelled Brian at him. Then he moved Bill's caviar dish to Janet.

Bill didn't care too much, and then he turned to eat the french oyster dish, but Daniel also took away his dish, and said, "You're still young, and it's not good for your health to have oyster."


A strange and mysterious aura filled the air around the table at which the three men and one woman were sitting.

'Well! Then I'll eat the sole fish!' thought Bill.

But Brian spoke again, and said, "Janet likes eating fish the most. Give her the slice!"


In the end, there were only a glass of juice, a vegetable salad dish, and a piece of cheese left in front of Bill. He angrily put down his cutlery, and protested, "Are you guys kidding me?"

"Yes, wimpy kid. Ask your cousin to take you back home and stay safe with your grandfather, " answered Daniel.

He kept having his oyster without even raising his head to look at Bill.

Finally, Janet drew back her smile and asked the waiter to reorder all of Bill's food.

"Jane treats me the best! I love you!" said Bill happily. And as he said this, he also grinned an evil smile and threw her a kiss.

Brian now began to pray for Bill in his mind; he shouldn't have dared to act like this in front of Daniel!

And as was expected, Daniel was the type of person who had to

his bet without any sort of hesitation. "OK!"

Daniel warmed up by doing some stretches, and said, "Well then, start!"

But Bill was unsatisfied with his order, and said, "That's what I should've said!"

... Daniel seemed to see Janet's shadow next to Bill's, and thought that they were both just two little kids!

He then impatiently waved his hands, and said, "Don't be so troublesome! C'mon, hurry up!"

"Start!" shouted Bill. Bill had just finished his word, and in just a second he was thrown on the ground by a swift shoulder fall.


He even didn't have a chance to fight it back. It was so pathetic and embarrassing that it even made Brian cover his eyes. Brian wondered why he had such a stupid cousin in his family.

More and more onlookers came and surrounded them to see what was happening. Daniel didn't like this, so he kicked Bill, who was lying on the ground, and he urged him, "Stand up! Let's finish this already!"

"Come on, the loser has to treat all of us with liquor, " shouted Cole. All of the other guys all agreed with him. They were all here today, and it was really good for them to finally have a gathering together.

Bill felt awkwardly defiant, and he raised himself up from the ground. Then, after uttering another "Start", they began their fight again. This time Bill dodged Daniel's first hit, but the second...

Bill was kicked so hard by Daniel's second hit that he had to kneel down.


He really felt heart-broken, being defeated by an office bookish guy... 'Well, it seems that I'm even worse than a bookish guy! Jane... No! I have to fight for Jane!' thought Bill.

Although he had already lost two rounds, and the winner was clearly determined, Bill still didn't acknowledge his defeat, and instead stood up and still tried his best to win at least one round.

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