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   Chapter 116 It's All Made Up

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"Janet, do you mind if I come today, instead of Bill?"

Brian stared at Janet earnestly.

The woman shook her head, and said, "No, I know Bill is addicted to the game!" While Janet was talking, her phone rang, and it was Bill, whom they were just talking about!

"Jane, my sweet Jane, you've finally called me! I just checked my phone. What's up?" Bill's excited voice sounded cheerful in the phone's speaker.

"Yeah, I did. I'm eating some French food with Brian. Are you coming over?" Hearing what she said, Brian looked at the woman across the table helplessly.

She was cruel and had left no room or chance for just the two of them.

"Imagine that I've already arrived! I'm coming over right now!" Bill asked for the address and then immediately hung up the phone and rushed to the address Janet had given him.

But just when she finished her caviar, a couple appeared in front of Janet.

She raised her head and was stunned by the person in front of her. 'Wow, that is fast, ' thought Janet.

But who was the woman next to him...

"Hello, Daniel."

Janet greeted him indifferently and continued to eat her foie gras.

It was only when she cut the foie gras that she revealed her true emotions.

"Do you mind if we join you? Major Han?"

What Daniel had just said surprised the woman beside him.

"Yes, we do." The one who answered him wasn't Brian, but the woman who was cutting the foie gras.

"Major Han didn't answer me, so I will regard that as an approval." Daniel asked the woman beside him to sit next to Brian, while he sat next to Janet.

Janet wasn't going to move, but Daniel sat closely next to her and left her no room, which made her move inside.

So did Brian with the woman that sat next to him.

"Daniel, you have no shame!" And then came Daniel's cold sarcasm.

"Thank you... waiter, I'm ready to order." Daniel waved over to a waiter to take his order.

Not long after that, a familiar voice was heard. "Hello, Jane!" It was Sally!

"Jane, Daniel!" And that was Nicole.

And then a large group of people appeared in front of Janet, and she was surprised to see all of them talking to her. She said, "Aren't you supposed to eat at the hotel?"


In fact, Janet had made that up. She didn't know whether her eyes would become triangular in their shape or not.

But it was clear that the young model believed her, and she looked up at the ceiling and forced her tears to stop.

"Daniel, you are not a man. Your date is bullied and you just sit there and watch. Damn you!" The young model reproached Daniel for a while longer and then went away.

Sven, who was sitting at the table next to them, thumbed up to Janet, and said, "Jane, it's a shame that you are not a lawyer."

"It's already enough that my brother is a lawyer. I'm collaborating with Daniel on a hundred million business!"

The man, who was tasting his red wine, and who was sitting next to her, almost chocked when he heard her words. "Eh-hem..."

However, Brian asked, "What business are you doing? You already have hundreds of millions in assets."

What he said sounded familiar to Sven, but he couldn't remember where he heard that before.

"I don't know. It should be the cake shop! When I signed the contract that day, Daniel said that our agreement was valued at hundreds of millions, and so I signed it."

Sven, who was sitting on the other side of the table, suddenly laughed, and said, "Jane, you were tricked by Daniel. Ha ha..."

At that moment, Daniel picked up a paper towel and wiped his mouth gracefully. He then stared at Sven to warn him and Sven immediately shut up.

Only Brian and Janet didn't know what happened.

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