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   Chapter 115 Go Out For a Walk

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She wanted her to die!

Seeing Janet, Kate thought that it was time to make a move!

Spark and the two nurses beside her were wondering whether Janet was doing this on purpose or not.

Daniel had no choice but to speak after this awkward moment. "Jane, don't make any more trouble!"

Daniel winked at Spark and he understood him right away. He then sent the two nurses away, walked towards the bouquet of pot mums, and tried taking it away.

"Ah! Spark, I wanted to thank Miss Song for saving my man, and so I bought these flowers which were sent from France overnight, which are very, very expensive! If you mess any of the flowers, will you be able to pay for them with your annual salary?"

Spark's hands then suddenly stopped. Meanwhile, because Janet's words and attitude, the air in the ward suddenly became more tensed.

'Her man?' snorted Kate, while her fist clenched tightly under the quilt.

"Thank you so much, Miss Shao. I will always remember your warm heart." She spoke the last four words with her teeth gritting.

Janet then happily took Daniel's arm, and said sweetly, "You're welcome, Miss Kate. Stay in the hospital until your recovery. Daniel, I will allow you to reimburse her for all of her medical expenses."

She already knew that Daniel was generous and would have definitely taken the initiative to reimburse Kate for her medical expenses anyway. But, not to let Kate smug, she said this first.

The man looked at the little woman's innocent smile. He thought that it was difficult to tell why the little woman, who had been angry with him last night, become really happy today. Was it because of the mum bouquet?

Daniel rubbed her hair with love sparkling in his eyes, and said, "Let's go."

Then he held Janet's shoulder and walked out of the room.

Spark looked at the bouquet and at the president who left through the door, and then quickly followed up.

When the three left the room, Kate furiously threw the bouquet on the ground, smashing it into pieces!

At the gates of the hospital

It took only a minute for Janet to turn from a sweet smile to a hard cold expression. She dismissed the arm on her shoulder, and said, "Mr. Si, there are too many media people outside. No more gossip news, OK?"

The woman then started walking faster, got into her Mercedes, and finally drove away. All of her moves were like a dash.

It wasn't just Sven behind, even Daniel felt awkward.

Today Janet had let them fully understand that a woman can change her expression and mood faster than flipping a page from a book!

There was not any news on the Internet about the two of them. Daniel must have done something.

Actually, the internet was very peaceful. There was only one report on New Year's Eve, that said that a company in C country closed down and that its chairman had been jailed.

In the following couple of days, because of the New Year, Janet simply did not go to the Waterside Apartment, and instead returned to the old house early every day.

Daniel did not meet with her in the apartment for two days, and when he went to her shop to confront her, she slipped away from there as well.

Lola and Harry had also come home. It was almost the Spring Festival's Eve, so Daniel also returned to the Leroy Manor too.

No matter how many messages he sent to Janet, or calls, she wouldn't return any of them.

Daniel's patience gradually ran out after ten days of Jane's ignorance.

On the second day of the new year Harry called Samuel, and their families decided to get together that night.

So, in addition to the Shao, the Li, Si, and Bo families met inside a six-

star hotel.

It was very lively for the old and the young to gather together. However, only one person had been coldly watching the Shao's family, and found one person was missing.

Lola looked at her son and then asked Ella with a smile, "Where is Jane?"

Ella was very embarrassed at that moment, and then she and Samuel looked at each other. Samuel said with embarrassment, "Leave her alone. She's so wild now; she went out in town with her friend for the New Year."

When Janet heard about the meal, she refused, and instead called Brian in front of Samuel, and the two went out for dinner.

"Friend? What friend?" This time Eason's voice was heard, and his eyes unintentionally fell on Daniel.

Sven walked in with his phone, and said helplessly, "I just was on the phone with Jane; she said not to wait for her because she won't be coming today."

"Where is she?" Lola looked at Sven with a concerned look in her eyes.

They had tried their best to hold a reunion dinner for her and Daniel.

Sven sat next to Angela, and coldly said, "She is eating a French dinner with Major Han!"

When they heard this, all of the people at the table turned their eyes to Daniel. In fact, everyone already knew about him and Jane.

Daniel had to live up to everyone's expectations, and he slowly got up from his chair, and said, "Godfathers, godmothers, you eat first. I have something I need to do."

Janet had went out with Brian during New Year. 'Does she think I'm dead?' thought Daniel.

"Daniel!" Ella called on him, perplexed.

Daniel stopped and looked back at Ella, and said, "Godmother, I am going to talk with her."

Ella felt relieved at what he said.

"Never mind, this is their young couple thing. Let's leave them alone! We'll eat first!" said Eason cheerfully.

The three words "young couple thing" made Daniel smile and then he left.

However, when Daniel had just left the room, Sally took Jerry by the hand, stood up from the table, and told everyone, "Dear elders, I wish you have a good meal. I will go out for a walk with Jerry."

Then she winked at Sven, and Sven in an instant knew what he had to do next. He put down his chopsticks, and said, "Dear elders, I wish you have a lovely meal, but I will take... Nicole out for a walk."

Nicole was confused and looked at Sven, who also winked at her. She didn't have the slightest idea of what was happening, so Sven simply pulled Nicole up and left.

When they passed Cole's seat, Sven poked his backbone, and Cole then sat straight, and said, "Dear elders, I wish you have a lovely meal, but I will take... Selina out for a walk."


All of the young guys came to a tacit agreement, and in the end even Angela, Scott, and Shelly left.

More than a dozen seated elders watched each other, not knowing what was happening or what to do next.

When all of them left, John asked weakly, "Mommy and Daddy, can I go with my brothers and sisters?"

"No!" Samuel and Ella spoke at the same time, and John immediately slouched his head and sat aside.

The elders, who were now stunned at the table from what had just happened, sighed and then began to eat their dinner.

Daniel sent a message to Samuel asking about Janet's location, and then Sally asked Janet about her location. Then Sally told everyone her location.

However, Daniel called someone before going to the French restaurant Fér?me, and asked him to appear with him in Fér?me.

In the French restaurant Fér?me

Janet was eating the caviar in the dish in front of her. Sitting in front of her was Brian, dressed in a camouflage suit, which attracted many women's looks.

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