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   Chapter 114 What Did She See

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She really didn't want to be so pitiless to break such a heartfelt scene.

But, although she felt distressed, she still couldn't help it, and still called in a low voice, "Daniel."

Her voice was so low, and the man was so tired after fighting the gunmen with his bare hands earlier that day, that he didn't wake up at her first call.

After he napped for a short while, Sven came down to check on them, and he also thought that Janet might have also already arrived.

When he entered the patient's room, he saw Janet standing near the bedside.

"Jane..." called Sven.

Janet turned around, and made a "shush" gesture to stop talking, and Sven noticed her bloodshot eyes.

When he moved his eyes onto the bed, he instantly understood what was going on.

He then went forwards to pat Daniel on his shoulder and wake him up, but Janet tried to stop him. Anyway, it was too late, and the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes.

Janet's heart ached when she saw the man's weary bloodshot eyes.

"Jane!" cried Daniel. He was still thinking of her before he had fallen asleep, and now, just as he woke up, the first thing he saw was her beautiful porcelain face.

He was really happy, and he quickly stood up from the chair where he had fallen asleep in, but his hand was still tightly gripped by Kate.

He noticed Janet's tear-filled red eyes, which made Daniel feel kind of guilty that he pulled away Kate's hand with force.

Daniel called her name again. "Jane!" He came up to her, but Janet quickly turned around and ran out of the room.

Daniel looked back at Sven, and asked, "When did Jane arrive here? And what did she see?"

'Is she angry because Kate was holding my hand just now?' wondered Daniel.

Sven took a look at his wristwatch, and answered, "She's been here for only a couple of minutes, but she saw what was happening in here clearly."

Then he threw to Daniel a helpless glance, and Daniel immediately rushed out and ran after her.

But when the elevator reached the ground floor, Janet had already drove the Mercedes away.

Because he didn't have a car, as he came to the hospital by an ambulance, Daniel helplessly watched her drive away in the distance.

But then, soon enough, he saw a taxi coming, and Daniel stopped it and asked the driver to drive him to the Waterside Apartment Complex.

He didn't have any cash on him, but he was so anxious to see Janet that he took off his expensive wristwatch and gave it to the drive

that anything is wrong with your health, just tell Sven."

"Daniel..." There was a grief look on Kate's pale face.

Daniel stood still and talked to her in an official, formal attitude. He had to mind his actions because Jane was not happy at all now with what was happening.

Daniel's icy-cold stern face made Kate feel heart-broken; she finally spoke in a faint voice, "OK, I know. Please go ahead and do what you have to do!"

Then she closed her eyes and lay on the bed with a drawn look painted on her face.

She thought that Daniel would treat her differently after her gunshot wound, but she was wrong.

When Daniel was about to leave and opened the door, the first thing he saw in front of him was a bouquet of... pot mums*, in full bloom.

(TN: In China, we usually use pot mums [chrysanthemum flowers] on Tomb-Sweeping Day)

Daniel felt speechless at the sight of this, and the woman that then came into view was Janet.

The woman was dressed in an overcoat which was in the same color range as Daniel's, with a white scarf wrapped around her neck, complimenting her creamy white skin.

She had put on some light make-up on her face and applied bisque lipstick on her lips, which made anyone that saw them want to kiss them.

Holding the pot mum bouquet in her arms, she stood alongside Daniel; they were dressed like a couple...

"Miss Song, I wish you a speedy recovery!" said Janet. Ignoring Kate's even paler face, Janet put the bouquet at her bedside.

Kate furiously stared at her innocent-looking cheeks, and thought with rage, 'You damn woman! If you really want me to recover, why did you bring me pot mums?'

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