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   Chapter 113 Is That Kate's Blood

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As Kate became fully aware of her now current situation, she wanted to query Janet. However, thinking of Daniel, she now turned to him, and moaned softly, "Daniel, my waist hurts really bad..." she said.

Daniel was irritated by all that happened, and he said to Spark, "Take Miss Song to the hospital right away!"

On hearing this, Kate felt hurt, and bit her lip grudgingly. How could this man act so cold to a woman!

Spark then took Kate out of the office, Leaving Daniel and Janet sit in a dumb silence. "Are you feeling better?" he asked. The man broke the silence first and then embraced the angry girl in his arms.

However, the girl was so annoyed that she only wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible.

"So what? Dose that make you feel bad about yourself?" Janet swore that she would never trust the amorous man ever again. He had just referred her to Kate as his sister, but now...

Now here he was cuddling with her.

"Stop it, Jane! I love only you! She was just a humbug." Daniel locked Janet in his arms and then kissed her red lips.

"Humbug? So you were also lying to me, weren't you?" After saying this, Janet bit on his lips with anger, which somehow, all of a sudden, brought her to a better spirit.

With a deep sigh coming from heart, Daniel realized that his little girl simply had no idea of what his words to Kate really meant.

Before he could make any further explanation, the phone rang, and Daniel suddenly got really furious after he picked it up. Finally, he loosen his arms around Janet.

"Did Kate get hurt? Who are they?" He took out a gun from the bottom drawer of his desk and then placed it on his belt.

"Okay, I'm coming right now." Hanging up the phone, Daniel turned to Janet, and said, "I'll let bodyguards send you home. Kate's in trouble, and I need to save her."

Janet blurted out without thinking, "Even though she's in trouble, why do you have to be there?" She remembered that Kate was his official girlfriend, and she suddenly became aware of her foolish question.

Daniel walked up to her, and while he looked into her eyes sincerely, and fondled her smooth cheek with his thumb, he said, "Jane, I couldn't

ep? Did she manage to sleep without me?' pondered Daniel.

Suddenly, the woman on the bed moved, Daniel leaned forward and called out her name. "Kate?"

It seemed that she had some nightmares and had started talking in her sleep. "...No! Let me go... Daniel..." She muttered, but just a few word were audible.

He touched her forehead, and it wasn't hot. At that very moment, the woman grabbed his hand.

It made him feel unpleasant because his had was being held tightly by Kate. So he tried to draw it back, but Kate just kept screaming unconsciously. "Daniel, leave! Daniel..."

Her words reminded him of the scene when she had shielded him from the incoming bullet with her own body...

He had to let her hold his hand.

After Kate quietly slipped back into her coma, he fell asleep unknowingly.

At that moment, a car stopped outside of the hospital in the parking lot. A woman in a light purple overcoat, wearing a pair of high Martin boots and a scarf, dashed out of the car and went straight to the hospital's eighth floor.

Finding the ward, she quietly opened the door.

The woman with the gauze wrapped around her head slept soundly on the bed, and next to her was Daniel, sound asleep on his arms.

She tried her best to calm down her racing heart and approached them, only to find their hands clenched into one another...

For a sudden moment, she felt her heartbeat slow as her breathing became more and more difficult.

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