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   Chapter 112 I Don't Like You Anymore

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Fortunately for Janet, she was not injured at all this evening; if she were, he would've had the Tibetan Mastiff torn limb from limb.

He already began investigating the real reasons on why the Tibetan Mastiff had suddenly ran out and attacked Janet. If someone had done this to her on purpose, he wouldn't let them go that easily.

Daniel took out his phone and dialed Spark. "Tell me the investigation results as soon as they come in... When will the new shop open? Alright, I see."

It was darker and darker outside. After Daniel had finished checking several important emails, he returned to the bedroom.

He removed the doll from Janet's arms and then held her in his arms and fell asleep.

A new cake shop would be opened before New Year's Eve. It was marked as a shop owned by the SL Group when it was registered with the Industry and Commerce Bureau.

Janet was the legal representative of the two shops, which made her set out early in the morning and return late at night everyday.

Now came the weekly time to send the Mango Mousse Trays to the SL Group. Janet was in good mood. She also made a Tiramisu cake, and went to the SL Group together with her sales associate.

At the 88th floor of the SL Group

Spark stood up from his seat when he saw Janet, and said, "Miss Shao, please wait."

"Yeah?" Janet, who was just about to push open the door, looked at him curiously.

"Well, here is the thing: Boss Si is now attending a meeting at the 22nd floor." Spark explained to Janet.

Janet nodded at him, and said, "Then I'll wait for him inside the office."

Spark let Janet inside the office straight away because she knew she had a special place in his boss' heart.

She waited for him for over 20 minutes, until the door was suddenly opened.

Janet quickly hid herself under the desk, trying to surprise Daniel.

"... Changsheng Group has regular and stable customers in the forthcoming season, and you can now handle it by yourself without the SL's help. I'll also keep an eye on the Am

e Tiramisu and threw on Kate's face, who was still laying on the ground.

Daniel felt awkward when he saw her wild behavior. "Jane, don't be so reckless!"

He put off the cigarette, stood up from the sofa, and then raised Kate up from the ground.

Janet saw that Kate pretended to fall and held on to Daniel.

She came over to her and pulled her out from Daniel's arms, and said, "Kate, don't let me see you again, or I will hit you again. And I promise it'll be worse!"

Janet was the perfect example of a spoiled little girl.

Kate staggered a little because of the pain in her waist. She really wanted to punch Janet straight in her face.

"Jane, stop it!" Janet's bad temper and strong posses refreshed Daniel's three-values.

Janet was still very upset. She bit him on the back of his hand, and shouted, "Daniel, you're not allowed to contact her anymore, even if it is only for business!"

"Jane, please leave me more time. There are many affairs to settle in our business." Daniel tried to find a compromise with his girl while he was rubbing his aching bitten hand.

Alright, now that Jane had gone furiously nuts, he would have to end his relationship with Kate.

But Janet had no idea about his business, and she thought he was being indifferent to her.

"Daniel, do you really like her so much?" asked Janet sharply.

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