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   Chapter 111 I Will Beat Your Woman

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Daniel listened closely to what Janet had said just now, and what he cared about the most was that he heard the woman personally admit that she was dating two men at the same time. He then moved forward and quickly grasped Janet by the wrist.

To everyone's amazement, Daniel, with a gloomy face, dragged Janet away.

When Shirley saw what had just happened, she seemed to understand something. 'So, the CEO that Janet loves is actually Daniel...' she thought.

He was, indeed, an excellent man, and even Janet, who was already a rich young lady, was attracted by his charm and elegance.

"Shirley, maybe Janet won't be coming back tonight; I'll arrange for a room upstairs, and you can spend the night here, " said Jerry. He politely looked at Shirley, and thought that as his sister had left, he should be the one responsible for finding her a place to sleep.

Shirley, who was lost in thought just now, heard him and then nodded at Jerry. "Thank you, Jerry, "

After she waved to Doris, who still stood rooted to the ground with shock, Shirley followed Jerry and walked with him up to the hotel service desk.

At the Waterside Apartment

Janet was pulled by Daniel out of the car, went upstairs and entered the large bedroom...

There were a lot of stuff lying around in the bedroom, such as dolls, several sets of four-piece suits, and some skin care products that come from a famous brand.

Janet broke away from Daniel's grasp and then sprang at the dolls on the bed. She then happily held one of the dolls in her arms and anxiously rolled on the bed. "Daniel, I forgive you now!" she said.

The CEO, who had been very furious earlier, hearing these words ended up being a lot less angry now.

He took something out of his pocket, clasped Janet's hand and then placed it into her palm.

"You'd better take back your words - "dating two men at the same time." Otherwise, Janet Shao, I have to punish you!" warned Daniel. He knew that Janet didn't have any sort of intimate relationship with Brian, but he was still very angry with her.

Janet was surprised to see the bead in her hand; she sat on the bed, kissed it, and then put it safely into her pocket.

She didn't dwell upon the subject that Daniel asked her to make an apology, and instead took out her phone and called Jerry. "Jerry, where's Shirley?"

She thought that it was Daniel's fault for dragging her out of the hotel all of a sudden, and that she had forgot all about Shirley.


s feeling sleepy, in his arms. "Jane, text Brian now and tell him that you'll break up with him!" he said.

Janet was drowsy and muttered, "Break up? Why do I need to break up?"

She was too exhausted to understand what Daniel had just said to her just now and she just briefly asked him. But when Daniel heard her, he thought that Janet asked him why she needed to break up with Brian.

He furiously turned Janet over, who had her back turned on him, to face her. "Jane Shao, do you think it's fun to date two men at the same time?" he asked.

This time, Janet remembered only few of the words that he initially uttered. She closed her eyes and nodded, "It is fun."

... Daniel was even more depressed because of her reply!

"Janet Shao, I warn you. If you still keep dating Brian, I'll ask people to harass him and then dump you!" he shouted. Obviously, it wasn't suitable for Daniel to discuss anything with Janet when she was sleepy.

She was lethargic, and couldn't listen or understand any of the words he was saying!

"If you dump me, I will beat your woman..." said Janet.

'My woman?' thought Daniel. "You can beat yourself up, " he said.

What? Oh no! She was just too sleepy! She just wanted to sleep now. She then patted Daniel on the shoulder and held a doll next to her. "I want to sleep! If you still talk with me, I'll have to kick you out!" she said.

When he saw that she was so tired, Daniel let her go this time!

After tucking her in, Daniel got out of bed, lit a cigarette and walked into his study.

He then took out his phone and texted Kate. "From now on stay away from any direct conflicts with Janet!"

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