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   Chapter 110 I'll Bear Your Man's Child

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She initially aimed to help her brother get rid of the woman that had accompanied him. Now that she was gone, there was no need for her to linger around anymore.

"How about having dinner first? If you're not hungry, how about your friend?"

'Fine!' Janet sat down at the table next to Jerry. Shirley followed her and sat at the table next to her.

Daniel and Kate were sitting right across the table, and Janet could easily see them. The sight of them made her furious, and her hands started shaking because of the anger.

"Jerry, help yourself with the food. I need to go the bathroom first, " said Janet. Janet then promptly stood up from her seat in haste. Following the staff's direction, she found the bathroom easily.

The moment she stepped out of the bathroom, she heard someone calling her name. "Janet Shao, Janet Shao!"

Curious, she followed the cry outside. After walking through a wide door, she ended up in the hotel's garden.

She found that no one was there. Who had called her then?

The night was dark, and Janet felt scared standing there alone all by herself.

Did she just follow a ghost?

She felt more and more nervous, and just as she was about to leave the place, she heard a dog's loud barking behind her. "Woof, woof, woof!" The barking seemed to sound irked.

Janet knew that danger was approaching her! She then quickly ran towards the hotel lobby.

Coming out of nowhere, a huge dog was darting towards her.

She turned around and saw that the dog was actually a scary Tibetan Mastiff. The sight of it made her horrified!

She strode desperately towards the lobby. The people there panicked the moment they saw her and the big dog coming towards them; everyone tried to flee away from the scene.

But Janet luckily mingled into the crowd, and she was no longer the aim of the attack, and the dog bit some random guy on the leg instead.

The bloody sight shocked Janet, and with all her force, she dashed into the dining room.

Things were getting worse by the minute as the dog kept running aimlessly in the hotel, and the staff then called in the security to make sure that everything was under control.

The mastiff was still causing trouble, and some more other people were bit by it.

Not knowing where she was heading to, Janet bumped into someone familiar. Out of panic, she circled around his neck and jumped straight into his arms. With her legs wrapped tight around his waist, she looked very intimate with him in that position.

Jerry heard the chaos and ran outside to look for his sister. To his surprise, he saw her clinging to Daniel like a Koala bear to a branch.

Janet was still panicked and shaking, but before she buried her face in his neck, she caught the distinct look in Kate's eyes.

"Mastiff... Mastiff... Daniel, a Tibetan Mastiff is chasing me!" The moment she explained it to him, the big dog showed up in the dining room, and it dashed towards the crowd with full force.

With Janet in his arm, Daniel quickly moved to the side and fortunately dogged the dog's attack.

They hid in the room's corner while the rest of the people started running towards the gates of the hotel. High pitched screams could be heard coming from everywhere.

Soon enough, a large group of security guards arrived on site, and the dog was immediately put under control by the professionals.

All those bitten by the dog were sent to the nearest hospital for urgent treatment.

In the corner

Daniel gently hugged the pale-faced Janet close to his chest as he tried to calm her down with a soothing voice. "It's all over now, " he said.

He knew her well, and he knew that she was afraid of pets. That gigantic Tibetan Mastiff must have scared her very much.

Janet's murmuring made him curl his lips. "Lucky for me, it didn't bit me!" said Janet.

"Don't be afraid anymore. The dog has already been taken away." Maybe it was because of a force of habit, but his fingers touched her face. Her skin was smooth and inviting, and the next second he lowered his head and sealed her ruby-red lips with a gentle kiss.

Her lips were cold because she wa

s still in shock...

Kate witnessed the kiss as she happened to arrive at the dining room to look for Daniel.

Janet pushed Daniel away with full force, and as she wiped her mouth and glared at him, she said, "Douche bag!"

Daniel smiled back at her accusation and said nothing in return.

His casual look made Janet stamp her foot on the ground. With a pout mouth, she left him there, alone. When she was on her way out, she walked passed Kate, who stared at her with an evil grin on her face.

Janet remembered the look in her eyes when she was clinging on to Daniel. When she thought better, the voice that led her into the garden also sounded familiar. Janet was now sure that the Tibetan Mastiff was Kate's deed!

"Slap!" She slapped Kate right in the face.

Many people had already left the hotel because of the incident, but some were still lingering at the hotel, arguing with the hotel staff for compensations. Janet's move flabbergasted everyone present, including Kate. She stared at Janet's palm in an utter shock.

Not knowing what was going on, Daniel frowned his eyebrows as he looked at the two rivaling women.

Jerry noticed the angry look on his sister's face so he quickly stepped closer to mend the situation.

Shirley and Doris also followed him.

"Janet, are you nuts!" Kate glared at Janet with fire in her eyes. How dared she slap her in public? Kate had never been humiliated like this ever before!

"I'm nuts? Are you going to confess to the trick you pulled?" Janet was absolutely sure that the dog incident had something to do with Kate!

Kate took a deep breath and then quickly fixed her mood. Once again, she looked confident and elegant like usual.

She cast a scornful look at Janet as she snapped at her and said, "Janet, don't overestimate yourself. You're the one who stole my boyfriend in the first place..." She stopped talking as she saw the look in Daniel's eyes.

"Kate Song, I am telling you! You dared to set me up today..." As she was saying this, Janet grabbed Kate by her collar and forced her to come closer to Daniel. She pointed at Daniel as she muttered between her teeth, "I even dared to sleep with your boyfriend!" The firm look in her eyes shocked Kate.

Her tone was not that loud, and only the three of them could hear what she was saying.

Kate laughed hysterically at her words, and said, "Are you dating two men at the same time? You're already having fun with Mr. Han and now you want to flirt with Daniel? Janet Shao, you really are shameless!"

Daniel cast a sharp look at Kate, and with a cold voice, he snapped, "Enough!"

Janet giggled as if she heard the funniest joke in the world. She pat Kate on the shoulder while looking at Daniel straight in the eyes, and said, "I actually enjoy dating two men at the same time. I'm not as stupid as you, whose boyfriend is screwing around while you have no clue at all. If I were you, I would quit my job as a CEO straightaway and hang myself!"

"Just listen to yourself. What shameless words come from your mouth!" Kate was mocking Janet in her heart, and now she was digging her own grave by saying such stupid things!

"Me? Shameless?" Janet then gripped her arms around Kate's neck. Jerry could not believe what he was looking at.

"Kate, I am shameless, indeed! From now on, I will sleep with your man, live in your man's house, spend your man's money and bear your man's child..." Janet's face burned red as she uttered these bold words.

The angry look on Kate's face rewarded her. She continued with a proud voice, "Rest assured, because starting from today, your man will not invest a penny more in your company!"


Kate was left utterly speechless at her bold declaration. With difficulty, she opened her mouth, and said, "Janet Shao, I have never ever seen anyone more despicable than you in my whole life!"

"Coming from you, I'll take this as a compliment!" She let then let her go, pretentiously helped her fix her collar, and casually dusted off her shoulders.

She was about to attack Kate with even more harsh words, but her wrist was suddenly caught by Daniel.

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