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   Chapter 109 Boss Si and Miss Shao Bear a Grudge

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To everyone's surprise, a female celebrity standing not far from them opened her mouth, and said, "Sixty million!"

Many of the people there recognized her; she was actually the wife of some famous oil tycoon.

"Jerry, could we really win this bid?" Janet had no idea of how much money her family really had. She whispered in Jerry's ears, hoping to get his support.

Jerry gave her a loving glance, and said, "Bit whatever you want!" He then looked thoughtful at the precious jewelry on display.

"Eighty million!" The moment Janet made her first bid, she became the center of attention for everyone present in the room.

Shirley looked at her in disbelief. 'Eighty million...'

"The Shao's daughter finally made a bid. What an overwhelming sum!"

"Yeah, she is way more daring than Kate!"


By making her bid this high, Janet had definitely stolen Kate's enthusiasm.

However, things took a sharp turn as Daniel opened his mouth firmly, and said, "One hundred million."

On hearing his bid, Janet became furious. She felt as if she had a lump shoved down her throat!

He dared to back up his girlfriend and belittle her!

"One hundred and fifty million!" Janet had now thrown all caution away to the winds! She was confident that Jerry and her father would back her up with the money.

The whole venue was suddenly quiet. The competition between the two super rich people was fierce!

However, Janet seemed to be overconfident with herself by confronting Daniel, who had made most of his fortune through his own hard work...

"Two hundred million!" Daniel's voice was still firm and proud, and Kate seemed to be worried as she lowered her head and whispered something to his ear.

She wanted him to play with caution.

Daniel curled his lips. Judging from its appearance, this was definitely a fine piece of jewelry. If it were sold at the bidding price of 50 million, then the auction house would have surely lost their profit.

However, many heads were turned as the bidding between the two seemed to be now going on even more fiercely. "Rumor has it that Janet is like a sister to Boss Si. How come the two are now competing with each other?"

"We should not trust the rumors on the internet!"

"Probably that's because his girlfriend is present. It's normal to support his girlfriend in stead of his so-called sister!"


Janet pulled one Jerry's shirt corners, and said, "Brother! Shall we continue?"

Jerry gave her a soothing smile, and said, "Of course, go on and have your fun!"

"Three hundred million!" Janet was so nervous that her hands were now soggy with sweat. She thought to herself that if Daniel bid more than this figure, she would give up!

But, to her biggest surprise, Daniel kept his silence this time, and Janet panicked as the host's hammer hit the table for the first time. Out of fear, she kicked Daniel's chair.

Kate heard her, and she turned around and looked at her with a confused look in her eyes.

"Daniel, don't you dare to set me up! Bid now!"

Kate then scornfully said to her, "Bid as much as you please, because Daniel never sets you up."

Jerry gave his sister a confident look, and then he said to Kate in a plain voice, "As long as my sister is happy we, the Shao family, could afford to bid three billion, let alone a mere three hundred million! Jane can bid any figure she wants to."

His words made Kate feel awkward; she shouldn't have humiliated herself in front of them. As soon as she turned her back, the auctioneer's hammer stroke for the third time, implying that the bidding for the pearl was over.

Janet won the bid for three hundred million, and the precious jewelry was now officially hers.

All of the upper class soon learned about the incident that happened between Janet and Daniel.

Janet was not placid at all on that day. It wasn't because she had cost her family a fortune, but because of the attitude she got in return from Daniel.

The charity auction then continued, and the forth item on the list was a small bead on a silver chain. It had an attractive name, "The Teardrop of the Sky."

"The Teardrop of the Sky is said to be the keepsake of so

me mysterious kingdom. As what and where that kingdom is, that information is unfortunately unknown. The bidding price for this item starts at ten million."

Janet stared carefully at the pale purple bead. It had a mysterious power, drawing all her attention. She then quickly made her bid, "Twenty million!"

She whispered to Jerry, "If I buy the bead for two hundred million, would father be angry with me?" Janet liked the how the bead looked. To her, money was not an issue, and she tried not to think too much about the price.

However, she was slightly worried about spending hundreds of millions of Samuel's money. After all, her father had been quite strict with her.

"Fifty million!" Number 6 was raised up again. People in the room started to whisper with each other.

Because he was now confronting her deliberately, speculations were going around that Janet had probably crossed Daniel!

Janet could not hold her anger anymore. She took out her cellphone, quickly wrote a text and sent it to Daniel.

Then she shouted at the top of her voice, "Sixty million!"

Daniel's phone beeped, and his look became gloomy as he read the message. "Damn it! What is your issue?"

But this time, someone else was also interested in acquiring the precious bead. The wife of the oil tycoon said, "Eighty million."

A real estate tycoon also raised his hand. "One hundred million!"

The bead with its magic light made everyone present long for it. No one was actually thinking whether it was wise or not to spend this much money on it.

Some famous real estate tycoon's daughter then cut in the bid, saying, "One hundred and fifty million dollars!"

"Two hundred million!"

"Two hundred and fifty!"


The price soon reached an epic peak of three hundred and eighty million dollars. Janet watched the auction in silence, and she did not make any further bid when she saw that Daniel seemed to also be quiet.

He was setting himself against her on purpose, and he only bid when she did!

Just before the auctioneer was about to close the bid at three hundred and eighty million dollars, Daniel raised his hand, and said, "Four hundred million!"

The bead was now Daniel's.

Janet then lost her interest for the following items, and the auction seemed to be boring her. She would rather keep the money for now and donate them later to some charities of her own choice!

Strange enough, as soon as she stopped biding, Daniel stopped bidding as well. He never placed any more offers that day.

Soon, a new rumor about the two spread among the present upper class. "Boss Si and Miss Shao bear a grudge against one another."

"I think so too. He was trying really hard to piss her off!"

"The so-called sister status is actually a joke. They are just pretending to be friendly in front of the cameras!"


As the auction was approaching its end, Janet, Shirley and Doris gathered together to gossip.

"Janet, are things getting real between you and Mr. Han?"

Doris was because Janet had never revealed it to them.

Janet cast a glance towards Daniel's direction. Boldly acknowledging the fact that she and Brian knew each other, she simply said, "Yeah. It is real."

She was not lying that she and Brian knew each other and were friendly towards each other.

Overhearing her words, Daniel paused, and he stared at the cellphone in his hands blankly.

"Wow! Congratulations! Janet, you should ask Brian to introduce me to one of his mates!" Doris were both excited when they heard the big news.

"Sure thing. No problem." Janet hastily nodded her head to them.

The girls giggled to each other as they watched the auctioneer declare the official closing of the auction.

Some of the staff then walked in to remove the chairs. After this, they carried a large well-decorated dining table and placed it in the center of the the room.

The long dining table had a beautiful laced white cloth on it. A huge vase of water lilies in the middle of the table was giving out a sweet scent, and the table was carefully set with exquisite silver cutlery.

Janet didn't want to stay there any longer, and said, "Jerry, I'm going now."

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