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   Chapter 108 She Kicked the Back of the Chair

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'You are so simple! As a sister, you worry about me having a mistress. Let alone Sally... I have a lot of explaining to do after the auction!' thought Jerry.

"Go and take a seat!" he said. He put his arm around her shoulder and then walked towards the seats together.

As they were about to pass Kate, Janet stopped, and said, "Kate, if you dare to provoke me again, I will make you feel even more miserable than Milly!"

"You!" started Kate. But, seeing them quickly leave, she was too mad to say a single word more in reply!

'This damn woman! She makes childish mistakes everyday. I can't figure out why Daniel likes her so much!' wondered Kate.

What made her more angry was the fact that Daniel had turned a blind eye on the humiliation she had received from Janet.

If her boyfriend hadn't been Daniel, she would have never allowed herself being humiliated like that ever!

Jerry took Janet to the third row of seats and sat down. She was seated between Jerry and Shirley.

"Jerry, never contact Milly again!" demanded Janet. She then shot him a powerful judgmental glance.

But Jerry just smiled at her, and said, "Jane, you worry way too much. She is just a friend, I didn't cheat on Sally."

"No means no! You're married, and it was wrong to bring another woman to the auction!" answered Janet.

Her bossy attitude made Jerry feel really sorry for Daniel. How could Daniel, who was also bossy, overwhelm her?

"I got it, sister. Anything else you'd like? I'll buy it for you, like I said!" replied Jerry.

Janet looked at her brother, and said, "Jerry, you should buy it for Sally instead, not for me. Do you understand me?"

'My brother is so unromantic. How does Sally put up with him everyday?' wondered Janet.

"Sally?" asked Jerry. 'Well, Sally will definitely quarrel with me after this auction is over. she's right, I have to buy something as a gift to please her, ' thought Jerry. "What do you think she likes best? I'll buy it later, " he asked.


"Jerry, don't you know what kind of stuff your wife likes?" asked Janet. She felt even more desperate now.

On a second thought, Jerry replied, "She almost has your tastes. Whatever you like, she might like it as well."


"Jerry, if Sally dumps you one day, don't come to me running in tears!" said Janet. She felt stifled now. 'His character must be deeply influenced by his career as a lawyer. He was not as dull as he is now when he was little!' thought Janet.

When the auction was about to begin, Doris found Janet, and sat next to Shirley.

"Janet, what happened?" asked Doris. She had been in the washroom and heard that something happened.

Janet felt embarrassed and scratched her head. Just at the moment, a couple sat down in front of her; it was Daniel and Kate. She really wanted to kick their chairs.

"Nothing. Did we cause you any trouble? If so, I'm really sorry, " apologized Janet. The stir they caused all of a sudden made her feel apologetic towards Doris.

However, Doris smiled with two dimples showing on her face, and said, "It's OK, but it's just a pity to miss all of these dramatic scenes."

Feeling embarrassed, Janet smiled back, and said, "It wasn't dramatic at all. Thank God we didn't cause you any trouble!"

At that moment Doris's father, Mr. Dai, stepped on the stage and began to deliver an opening speech for the auction. He introduced all the present VIPs, and Daniel was the first on his list.

Daniel nodded to him when he heard his name.

Soon the first lot was displayed. "The first lot is an idyllic

oil painting, created by the French painter Pollard. The starting price is ten thousand dollars! All of the sale proceedings for today's auction will be donated to a welfare home in the west of the city and to a nursing home. The auction begins!" declared the host.

After this, two security guards wearing gloves carried out the painting and displayed it on the stage.

Soon, people begun to bid for it, "$ 20, 000!"

"$ 40, 000!"

"$ 60, 000!"

"$ 100, 000!"


The price had already risen to half a million, and by now Janet felt sleepy in her chair.

At that moment, Kate also began to bid, "$ 1, 000, 000!"

The crowd gasped in surprise. They murmured, "It's no wonder that she is Boss Si's girlfriend. What a price!"

"Boss Si is rich. Don't worry! One million means nothing to him!"


Shirley couldn't help looking at the man sitting in front of them.

Janet, however, dismissively closed her eyes. She had sore eyes every time she saw Kate.

Perhaps it was just as the saying goes, that when enemies come face to face with each other, their eyes blaze with hatred!

The price had now risen to 4 million dollars, and Kate bid again. "5 million dollars!"

Janet couldn't help but open her eyes, and when nobody was paying attention to her, she kicked the back of the chair of the man sitting in front of her.

Daniel shook a little from the kick, but he smiled and decided to ignore her.

'You've also totally ignored me before, haven't you?' thought Daniel.

Finally, Kate won the bid for the oil painting at the price of five million dollars.

Everyone cast envious glares at Kate, which made Janet feel stifled. Kate had bid on the painting; why should Daniel pay for it?

The second item was a famous square gray tea cup, which was produced in Ge Kiln during the Song Dynasty.

Janet now closed her eyes again.

"Item number two: we start the bid at one million dollars! Start!" declared the host.

The price of the famous product from Ge Kiln had risen almost immediately at 2 million dollars.

And it kept rising by the minute.

"Eight million dollars!" cried Kate. She had bid again!

Janet suddenly opened her eyes furiously. 'Daniel, are you deaf? Why do you allow her to waste your money!' wondered Janet.

"Ten million dollars!"

"It's Boss Si's girlfriend again. She is really cool!"

"Boss Si is rich. He won't blink even she wastes one hundred million!"

"Kate is so lucky to have such a rich boyfriend!"


Janet kicked the back of his chair again, but Jerry and Doris noticed it this time.

Shirley was focusing on the fine ancient art, totally ignoring Janet.

Jerry then held Janet's arm, and said, "If you like something, you can bid. I will buy it for you!" 'Why is she so annoyed!' he wondered.

'Like? I don't like any of these items. I'm pissed because Daniel has to pay for them, ' thought Janet.

She was going crazy, but Daniel was just sitting there pretending that nothing was happening.

For a while she thought, 'You dare to turn your back on me whenever we're not having sex. Well, I will turn my back on you too then!'

Finally, Kate won the tea cup for the price of twenty million dollars.

The third lot was a legendary luminous pearl the size of a baby's fist, which drew Janet's attention instantly.

"The third lot is a rare, natural luminous pearl. We'll start the bid at... Fifty million dollars!" declared the host. The sound of the item's price had brought on a storm of whispers in the room.

Kate clenched her fist at the price.

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