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   Chapter 107 Everyone Knows She Is Major Han's Girlfriend

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"This is only between the two of us, and it's our privacy. You'd better mind your own business, " answered Kate.

"Privacy?" doubted Janet. Almost immediately she wore a brighter smile on her. Daniel suddenly got a bad feeling in his gut and was just about to leave with Kate.

Janet let go of Shirley and then grasped Kate to stop her from leaving.

"Miss Song, wait, " said Janet. Kate felt the pain coming from her tight grasp, and so she firmly shook her off.

Janet, who was in high-heeled shoes today, then fell backwards, but Shirley caught her in time.

But Shirley was also in high-heeled shoes, and she also fell backwards after she caught Janet.

"Shirley!" shouted Janet. Shocked, she stared at Shirley, who was about to fall down, with a blank stare in her eyes.

She tried to catch her, but a man had already caught Shirley ahead of her.

Everyone was now relieved.

Shirley then looked at the man who had caught her, and his handsome face had almost taken her breath away.

Daniel frowned in disgust at the woman who was staring at him in his arms. If she hadn't been Janet's friend, he would have never saved her from the fall.

He let her go, took out a handkerchief from his lapel pocket, and then wiped his hands.

Then he immediately threw the handkerchief into a trash nearby. Shirley quickly came back to her senses after seeing his behavior, and she whispered to him, "Thank you, Mr. Si!"

Janet tugged at Kate, and said, "You need to apologize to Shirley!"

Kate dismissively glanced at Shirley, and said, " Why? It was your fault in the first place. You grasped me first!"

'Janet, you are brainless. It's a charity party, and all of the upper-class is here. Why are you making trouble again?' thought Kate.

What happened before had already attracted many looks. Now, they were even more people staring at them.

"You've provoked me, and now you want to leave like nothing ever happened? Kate, this isn't fair, and you know it!" said Janet. Janet would never let off anyone who bullied her, ever. Moreover, Kate asked for it first.

Kate was well aware that this was not the right time to start a conflict with Janet. So she looked at Daniel, and said, "Daniel, let's go and take a seat. The auction will soon begin!"

But her heart sank when he frowned on what she said. She seemed to underestimate how much Janet really meant to Daniel.

She then took a deep breath and put on a fake smile on her face, and said, "Janet, I'm sorry. What I was trying to say is that Daniel is nice to me, and certainly I didn't mean to offend you in any way. Please, don't be mad!"

'Just listen to her insinuating remarks. Well, well, well, now I feel uncomfortable. She's saying that I made a big fuss out of nothing, but she knows that she asked for it, ' thought Janet.

"I'm not satisfied with your apology!" said Janet flatly.

On hearing Janet's reply, Kate furtively cursed her in her thought for being so ungrateful.

She then turned to Daniel, and said, "Daniel, I have apologized to her, but it seems that Janet is not at all satisfied with this."

With a jeer on her face, Janet looked at Kate who was feigning weakness, and said, "Why don't you quit your job as a CEO and marry Daniel? You can then be a wife, and a mother, at home, and without any care in the world!"

'It's said that Kate is assertive and has a CEO style of speaking. Where is her style now? It's true that people really become humble when in love. She loses herself whenever she's with Daniel. And even if she doesn't, she'll be overwhelmed by Daniel's powerful momentum, ' thought Janet.

Kate blushed when she heard what Janet had just said. "That will b

e nice, eventually, " she said.

'Then I won't need to stay up late for work or entertain my clients...' thought Kate.

Daniel then cast a sharp glance at Janet, and thought, 'Do you think I'm dead? Why are you speaking without even thinking first, Jane?'

"Miss Song, do you know that your boyfriend..." said Janet. When she noticed Daniel's piercing gaze, she took a step forward and stood even more closer to Kate.

Kate, however, out of reflex, stepped back a few paces to stay away from her. 'She is a witch, ' thought Kate, 'I should stay as far away from her as possible!'

But Janet dismissively sneered at her reaction. 'She is too timid to be a CEO. Maybe she became a CEO because of Daniel's strong support!

That explains why she didn't leave Daniel, even if he has an affair with me!' thought Janet.

"Jane, take your friend over there and have a seat!" said Daniel in a soft, low voice. His eyes glittered with a smile when he saw Kate being startled by Janet.

Jerry also turned to Janet, and said, "Jane, go and take a seat. Whatever you want, I will buy it for you after the auction ends!"

Janet then squinted at Milly, and pretended to ask in surprise, "Eh, why are you still here?"

However, feeling embarrassed, Milly cast a glance at her. 'I've also been here all the time!' thought Milly.

Janet looked straight at Jerry. Suddenly, her expression shifted and seriously beckoned her private bodyguards. Two bodyguards walked straight to her, and respectfully saluted, "Miss Shao!"

Janet then pointed at Milly, and arrogantly said, "The auction will begin soon. Please throw her out, I don't want her to ruin my evening!"

'You knew Jerry is married but you still hooked up with him. You are such a bitch! I already politely asked you to leave, but you didn't listen. Now I have to resort to brute force, ' thought Janet.

She was now as overwhelming as a queen, but not in an annoying way!

The bodyguards awkwardly looked at their another master, Jerry. Jerry, feeling embarrassed, had to ask Milly to leave, and said, "How about you go back for now. We'll catch up later."

The strange stares coming from all the onlookers nearby had made Milly want to hide herself inside the ground. She then decided to shed all pretenses of cordiality, glanced at Janet, and said, "Who are you? And why do you mind Jerry's business?"

As her voice faded away, a few people suddenly laughed at her.

People then began to whisper, which happened to answer her questions.

"She didn't even recognize Samuel's daughter. How did she have the nerve to attend the auction in the first place?"

"She must come from a really poor place! Janet has been the top trend on the entertainment news recently. Everyone knows she is Major Han's girlfriend."

"She didn't even knew that Janet is Jerry's sister. How ridiculous it is that she hooked up with him without even knowing a thing about him!"

"Ha, ha, ha."


Milly then finally recalled that Jerry had told her about his sister Janet before.

But now it was too late for her to mend the broken situation.

"You don't need to know who I am. You just remember that Jerry is married to Sally! Don't ever try to be his mistress!" said Janet. She felt guilty every time she uttered the word 'mistress'.

Finally, Jerry secretly sighed, and said, Milly, go home. Now!"

'Don't you see that my sister is furious and hellbent?' he wondered.

Feeling embarrassed, Milly her purse and then walked out of the hotel.

Afterwards, Janet gave her brother?a judgmental?stare, and said, "Jerry, Sally is easy-going, but you cannot let her down like this!"

'Sally is easy-going?' Jerry doubted it.

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