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   Chapter 106 Birds of A Feather Flock Together

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Shirley and Doris greeted one another, and after Doris handed a glass of champagne to Shirley, she said, "I know you... You were the savant of the enterprise management department in our college, weren't you?"

Shirley was a little embarrassed, and muttered, "That's all in the past, we've all graduated now."

'There's no use in studying well if you don't land a good job, ' she thought.

While the three girls were chatting, a couple appeared at the door of the hotel, which immediately attracted everyone's attention.

All the ladies there felt excited while Janet's face just turned pale.

The man was dressed in an expensive suit and wore on his feet a pair of brown, Italian handmade, leather shoes. He looked cool, elegant, and filled with charm.

The woman who held his arm wore a long white evening dress, with a nice waistcoat made out of fox fur on her shoulders. A happy smile was drawn all over her delicate face.

Shirley was excited, and she held Janet's hand at the first sight of Daniel. "Janet, is that Daniel Si?"

"Yes, he is." Janet then drank a mouthful of champagne.

Shirley didn't notice or feel her awkwardness, and couldn't help but to admire Daniel further. "He's so handsome!"

Even if you glanced at him from a distance, he was still fascinating!

Daniel's appearance made a tumult among the many celebrities present.

Most of them ask their parents or partners to take them to greet him.

"Yeah, he is handsome." Janet stared at the man who was greeting Mr. Dai.

'He took his real girlfriend out in public, huh?'

Doris was called by her father to greet with Daniel, and Janet suppressed her anger and began to look around for Jerry.

Shirley then suddenly remembered of the day when she, together with Janet, had returned to China. The man who had picked Janet up had seemed to be Daniel.

"Janet, is Daniel really your sworn brother?"

"Yeah. Well, kind of." Janet took another mouthful of champagne. 'Where did my brother go?' she thought. 'Why is Daniel everywhere I go?'

Shirley couldn't move her eyes from Daniel.

She didn't know why so many women were chasing Daniel until she saw him in the flesh.

I wasn't uncommon that women were crazy about Daniel.

A man like Daniel was born with a certain fascinating character. He was overbearing, honorable and outstanding... He left the people around him breathless.

"Do you like your sworn brother?" Shirley had asked Janet while her eyes were fixed on Daniel.

Janet glanced at Daniel again. She wanted to say yes, but it was not the appropriate thing to do in this situation.

She gnashed her teeth, and answered, "No, I don't like him."

And Shirley felt relieved at her answer.

Jerry then finally appeared at the party. Beside him stood a short hair girl dressed in a golden evening dress and with a painted face.

Janet couldn't stop herself when she saw them.

She pulled Shirley away and stepped forward towards them.

Jerry was quickly rounded by the people who wanted to greet him. Janet pull the girl by her hand, and asked her, "Who are you? What's your problem?" asked the girl. Milly Xie looked at the cute... but furious girl with confused eyes.

Jerry saw his sister and then excused himself to those who were greeting him; he then talked to her.



erry, why is she here?" Janet asked. She then pointed her finger at Milly.

This attracted many people's attention.

"Jane, you've misunderstood everything. Milly is just my schoolmate. I came across her by accident." Jerry lowered her stretched fingers.

"So you left Sally all alone at home just because of her?" Just like Daniel had left her for his real girlfriend.

Jerry looked at his sister helplessly. "Come on, we just came here together."

Milly walked to Jerry's side and then held his arm. "Hi, I'm Milly Xie, a good friend of Jerry's, " she said.

Milly was familiar with the name Jane, but she couldn't recall for the moment who she was. She thought that it was best not to offend her in any way before she got to know who she really was for Jerry.

"A good friend?" Janet sneered at her, and continued, "Why didn't I hear of you from Jerry?" What she said was true; she had never heard Jerry speak of a woman named Milly.

Milly felt a little embarrassed. 'Who the hell was this girl?' she thought.

"I went to Italy later, and I wasn't at home too often." That meant that she did not contact Jerry often when she was abroad.

At that very moment, a couple came to them arm in arm.

Shirley's heart raced immediately at the sight. 'God! Daniel is much more handsome at a closer distance.'

While Janet ignored them, she said to Milly, "You don't have to explain yourself. Just leave Jerry. You, or Jerry, need to leave here, right now."

"Knock it off!" said Jerry. He then pulled his sister back to his side to talk to her.

"Jerry, how could you be such an asshole? How could you come with another woman when you already have a girlfriend? Oh, that's right, I know. Birds of a feather flock together!" She was referring to someone. Apart from Shirley and Milly, they all knew who she was talking about.

As soon as she said this, someone with a blazing gaze in his eye looked at her.

"What are you looking at? Never seen a beautiful woman before?" Janet's words made Daniel look even more grave.

Shirley was shocked because she saw that Janet had rolled her eyes at Daniel.

And so did Milly. Who was this woman, and how could she dare talk to Mr. Si like that?

Daniel frowned. 'Who triggered her again?' he pondered.

"Janet, have you eaten bombs again?" Daniel put the awful glass wine aside and asked her with a faint voice.

But Janet snorted at him, "I just feel angry that there are so many assholes living in the world."

Jerry smiled helplessly; her bad temper was pampered by himself.

But Kate wanted to save Daniel's honor. "Daniel is not an asshole. He is very good to me."

"Good?" Janet looked at Kate. She was in such a fury today that she couldn't possibly let go of this woman so easily now.

Kate nodded. She knew that Daniel liked Janet, but she didn't know how far they had really gone.

As long as Daniel didn't break up with her, she still had the confidence in her to win his heart from the capricious woman standing in front of her.

"Well. I didn't say Daniel was. Why did Miss Kate say that? It seems that your girlfriend is also good to you."

Kate's face turned pale immediately after she heard her words. Janet looked at Daniel, and then smiled at Kate, and said, "Can I ask Miss Song how good your boyfriend is to you?"

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