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   Chapter 105 This is on My Uncle

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Janet nodded, "I agree. Well, Shirley, stay overnight and I'll take you to a nice place!" Shirley had arrived just in the nick of time when she needed a partner.

Janet took Shirley to her uncle's hair salon and they both had their hair done.

While choosing a dress to wear, Shirley was stunned by the thousands of dresses hanging in the display hall.

"Shirley, how about you wear this yellow one?" Janet had already picked an off-shoulder dress with a white vest for Shirley to wear.

Shirley then blushed, and shook her head. "Well, Janet, actually I have no idea. I'll dress in whatever you select for me." Janet wanted to take her to a charity ball in the evening. She had never been to such an event.

Janet then picked several more dresses to let her try on.

She also chose a pink one and a red one for herself, and got into the same fitting room as Shirley was.

"Janet, why don't you try on more?" When he heard that his niece had come to the shop, Eason quickly finished his work and then went downstairs.

Janet stood before the mirror dressed in a pink dress, letting the designer help her adjust the vest.

She answered protesting, with her hands flapping, "Never mind, help my sister-in-law instead. It doesn't matter what I wear."

"Well, what's wrong?" Eason now sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, curiously looking at his niece.

"Haven't you heard?" Janet then walked towards Eason with her dress hemline winding along the way. "Jerry will take his old schoolmate to the charity, not my sister-in-law. Is he insane? Let's see how she looks like. If she dares to have designs on my brother, I will definitely kick her block off!"

Actually Janet felt a little bit guilty because, to some extent, she intervened in between Daniel and Kate.

Eason chuckled, and said, "Your brother is an honest man. He would never do such an outrageous thing!"

"My brother? An honest man? Well, uncle, I think you're utterly wrong here. When he was still in school he always fantasized about fighting with father!" Jerry and Samuel had never got along with each other.

And Eason knew this well. He threw up his hands, and said, "But have they ever really fought? Not even once."

That was quite true. After thinking for a while, while tilting her head, Janet said, "I'm sure that din't happen because I was there to soothe father for his sake. I always saved his skin!"

Eason laughed, "Yeah, you're the man. Your father only listens to you and your mom!" Everyone knew that Samuel doted on Janet!

When he saw Shirley, Janet's eyes were gleaming with surprise!

The sky blue winter evening dress highlighted well her snow-white skin and its rosy red blush on her face. Together, combined with her light makeup, she looked just like a debutante.

"Uncle, select some jewelry to match this beauty in front us, please. Come on, hurry!" Surely there must be a couple of golden bachelors present at the event this evening. Maybe she could finally pick a reliable one for Shirley.

Eason hastily called for someone to fetch a set of platinum jewelry beautifully decorated with diamonds.

When she saw the jewelry in the open brocade box sparkling under the light, Shirley was completely stunned beyond words. They must've been really valuable. "No, Janet... Thanks, but I'm already okay!"

Janet walked to Shirley and helped her put on the necklace. "It's okay, just take it, my uncle is generous all the way. Anyway, this is all on uncle!"

Eason laughed, a

nd said, "Well, well, young lady. as if! I'll have your father clear up all this for you!"

While the two were kidding, Shirley took the joke seriously and refused to wear the jewelry.

"Shirley, never mind us, uncle was just kidding. He's rich, this is just another small piece of cake for him!" Janet did not give Shirley a single chance to refuse, insisting on putting both the bracelet and earrings on her.

Finally, she also picked a pink pearl set for herself to match her tone-in-tone dress.

"Uncle, we're leaving! Charge all the expenses to Samuel!" Although she was still in a cold war with her father, she still felt shameless to ask him to pay for the bill. After all, she went to the charity just for his daughter-in-law.

Eason waved his hand, "OK, bye bye. Never mind the money!"

"Thank you! You're the best, uncle Eason! Bye now!" Then, Janet pulled Shirley out of her uncle's shop.

Watching the Mercedes drive away, Eason shook his head and thought how she always had been a little mischievous girl. A moment of silence for the man who would marry her!

At the Cristen Hotel

Celebrities dressed in costly outfits came out of the luxury cars stopped at the hotel's gates and walked gracefully inside the hotel.

A Mercedes stopped slowly, and Janet got out of the driver's seat. She then walked with Shirley, who was dressed in her blue dress, down towards the hotel.

Several journalists outside the hotel were taking pictures of the present guests.

But Janet didn't like journalists at all, and so she trotted ahead with Shirley.

When they arrived, there were already many people there. Janet hadn't been in C country for a long time, and she looked around the unfamiliar faces with confusion in her eyes.

There was not a single acquaintance of hers, and her brother didn't seem to have arrived yet.

But just then, a fatty girl wearing a light green dress walked towards Janet.

"Janet!" The girl, holding a cup of champagne in one of her hands, smiled at Janet.

After looking carefully at her, Janet recognized that the fatty girl was Doris Dai, the Dai Group CEO's second daughter.

"Hi, Doris! How are you?" She remembered that Doris had been in the same university with her, but in a different department.

Doris then wisecracked with a smile, "Janet, please feel like home. I had already asked my dad to invite you here."

She liked Janet very much. One year ago, when she had been robbed, it was Janet who had helped her track down and beat the two foreign robbers!

Since then, she had started to notice Janet, and found that they had similar personalities and tastes.

After she returned home, she was constantly busy with her internship at her father's company, and she didn't have any time to contact Janet anymore.

But when she had heard that Janet had opened a dessert shop, she asked her father straight away to order a batch of desserts and specialties from her.

She was one of the top three customers, and so she had received one of the limited edition dolls, which was now sitting safely in her bedroom.

"Thank you. Actually, I am here for my brother!" Janet pulled Doris close to her and whispered into her ear.

Seeing Janet, Doris couldn't stop giggling, and thought that she was still as cute as she was back in school. "Okay, I'll keep an eye."

She knew that Janet's brother was Jerry, the famous international lawyer.

"Thanks. Oh, this is my friend, Shirley. She was also in our university too."

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