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   Chapter 104 Doesn't He Love You Back

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Shirley also happily hugged her. "Janet, let me have a look at you!"

Janet dragged her to a seat and then picked for her some of the best-selling cookies her shop had.

"Janet, you're more beautiful than ever! Your face is shining, just like... you're in love with someone!" After tasting the Tiramisu, Shirley looked at her even more closely. Yes, she was in a good mood and she looked very shiny. 'She must surely be in love with someone!' Shirley thought.

Janet's face then turned red when she remembered of him. She sighed, and said, "I'm not in love with anyone, but actually I just... fell in love with someone."

Shirley stopped eating, and said, "Fall in love with someone? Doesn't he love you back?"

'How could he not love back this cute little girl?'

Janet held her face in her hands and shook her head. "I don't know, " she said.

'I can't figure out whether he loves me or not. If he doesn't, why is he with me every night? But if he does, why does he have another girlfriend. Maybe I'm just his bed-friend. Oh, how pathetic!'

"Who is he? Is he that CEO you mentioned of last time?" Shirley had crossed out all the CEOs she had seen on the TV. None of them would match Janet, except for Daniel.

He already had a girlfriend.

That was impossible! It was said that he was like his brother.

'But who is he?' pondered Shirley.

"Let him go. Let destiny have it's way." Janet forced herself to forget about him in her mind. She then turned to Shirley, and said, "Why are you doing here?"

Shirley smiled, and said "I came just to visit you, and to know about how you're doing these days. You're the boss of the shop, and it seems that you run it pretty well!"

"I try my best! I'm very busy most of the time. Shirley, how about becoming my manager next year?" Although Daniel had employed her as the manager, she thought she need one more.

"Really? Me? Be your manager? But I haven't worked a day since I graduated. I won't handle the pressure!" Shirley shook her head and rejected Janet. 'But the Tiramisu is really good...' she thought.

When she was in the university she had shared a room with Janet, but they had majored in completely different fields. She had majored in Enterprise Management, and the school had already offered her a job in this field, but she had to reject it because of her then upcoming marriage.

"So what? You majored in Enterprise Management, and you can learn from the another manager. I believe you can do it." Janet had no experience in management, so the shop was always a mess. But now it was better, since Daniel had found her a competent manager.

Shirley was moved by Janet's offer because she had tried to find a job in the past, but had found nothing suitable for her skills in return.

"So, how about having a go at it next year?" She tried her best to agree with Janet's offer.

Janet held her hands happily on hers, and said, "Okay, okay. You're talented, and if it weren't for Walter..." She immediately stopped speaking when she saw Shirley's face changing.

"I... Shirley... I shouldn't have mentioned him. I'm sorry." She said this unintentionally, and she couldn't imagine how much had Walter really hurt Shirley.

Shirley looked at the fork in her hand and then shook her head. "I don't know what happened to Walter after. I only saw him once at the gates of my house, warning everybody that passed by not to bully my family..."

"That might be because he turn

ed good. But Shirley, how are you now?" Janet didn't mention that she had beat Walter quite seriously, and instead just cared about Shirley's current health for now.

'What a pity. A baby was gone, just like that.'

"I'm fine now. Janet, are you busy? You can take care of your business if you have to; I'll be waiting for you right here." Seeing that there were so many customers in the shop, and that the waiters were so busy with so many tables, Shirley had decided not to disturb Janet anymore.

But Janet shook her hands in the air, and said, "No, I only make desserts out back. And for now, there should be enough desserts left. Eat up your Tiramisu; after, I will make you a soymilk box."

Shirley looked at Janet movingly. How lucky she was to be such good friends with a girl like Janet!

She picked a cloth bag from the ground, and said, "Janet, these are some fresh vegetables that were planted by my mother and a home-fed chicken. Would you mind..."

Initially, she didn't even want to bring them here because Janet was really rich, and because she thought that this kind of gifts were improper to give to a girl like her.

"Wow, planted by your mother. They must be natural. Awesome! And the chicken... Wow! It's alive!" Janet was dumbfounded when she saw the live chicken and wondered how could she eat it alive like it was.

But Janet showed no kind of dislike, only surprise because of the live chicken. Shirley felt moved, and said, "Yes, this is also fed by my mother. You can take it home and ask the cook to cook it!"

"OK, but my parents are now living in the old house now, and the cook there was fired by my grandmother! But it's OK, anyway. My grandmother could cook it! I'll take it to her! Thank you, Shirley!" Janet took her hand and happily kissed it.

They two chatted for a long time after, and then Janet took Shirley to the old house by a taxi.

In the old house, Melody and Viola were caring for John, who ran towards Janet the second he saw her. "Sister!"

Janet hugged her brother and kissed his cheek. She asked him, "John, did you miss me?"

John nodded eagerly, and said, "Yes!"

"Good boy. Grandmother! Grandmother! My classmate is here!" Janet dragged Shirley to the dinning room while also holding John in her arms.

Viola greeted her happily, and said, "Jane's classmate, have a seat at the table please."

"Grandmother! Good morning, I'm Shirley, a former classmate of Janet's." She genteelly introduced herself to the elders.

Melody nodded cheerfully, and then said, "Have a seat please. You must be the Shirley that Janet has always mentioned about! The talent!"

"Yes, grandmother! She is was really good at learning, and she always got good grades in our university!" Her commitment had made Janet admire her a lot.

Shirley sat on the sofa and lowered her head because she was shy. "Grandmother, how are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine!"

"Where are all the other people?" Viola had went to prepare some fruit while Janet looked at the second floor doubtfully.

"Your grandfather went to visit his old friend and your parents went to buy John something, " answered Melody.

In the afternoon they left the old house, and Janet drove her Mercedes downtown with Shirley.

"Your great-grandmother and grandmother are so kind!"

Shirley was honest. When they were just about to leave, Viola made sure to put several boxes of tonic inside Janet's car. They were for Shirley's parents.

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