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   Chapter 103 Decided to Live Here

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"Have you had any dinner tonight?" Daniel had already heard from Spark that Janet wanted to have dinner with him, but that he rejected her offer. Therefore, Daniel had praised him.

"No. I feel a little hungry now." Janet then went to the bathroom and planned to dry her hair.

Daniel planned to follow her but noticed a piece of paper on the table: "Four-piece suit, dolls, cleanser, facial vaporizer..."

It seemed to be the things she wanted to buy tomorrow, so Daniel put it in his pocket.

He entered the bathroom and took the hair drier out of her hand, and said, "Let me help you. Later, I'll take you out for dinner."

"But, I haven't finished tidying my room..." There were a lot of things that needed to be put in order, and it seemed that she couldn't finish all of it in one single day!

Daniel touched her wet hair and then began to dry it. "I will order a house worker to do it for you."

She, just like all in her family, would not need to do heavy housework duties.

What she had to do was what she really liked, and be free and happy.

"All right! But didn't I do a good job?" She turned her eyes to the bedroom, and found that without the help of her mother or of a house worker, it was actually... a total mess.

'I have left home and I am not a child any more. I have to learn to take care of myself!' Janet thought to herself.

"No, but you've tried your best!" Daniel didn't know when he had lowered his standards so much.

'Okay! Now she could take it as a praise!' Janet cheerfully touched the other side of her wet hair.

After drying her hair, Daniel waited for her to change her clothes; after that, they went out to have dinner together.

When they returned, Daniel went upstairs with her.

But Janet kept him out of her bedroom on purpose, and said, "From now on, this is my room! You must be granted permission if you ever want to enter it!"

Leaning on the door, the man smiled at her, and said, "You're so proud of yourself, but as I remember, the shop isn't open yet. So, technically, it's still my place!"

"Well, you're telling the truth! But anyway, I'm feeling happy today, so you're permitted to enter, for now!"

Janet gave way to him and Daniel entered. He changed his shoes, and said, "Thank you, Miss Jane!"

Janet felt happy and contented. "Where will you go later? No. 9 villa? Or Southern Garden Complex?"

"Guess!" He then turned her back on her and entered the wardrobe.

Since he was already there, he wouldn't leave so easy.

Janet followed him and saw him taking off his coat. "You can use the wardrobe freely, " said Daniel. He had nothing against her sharing the wardrobe with him. He took a black bathrobe from a hanger and then started unbuttoning his shirt.

'Wait, what does he mean with that? Does he plan on living with me?'

"So, you mean that you've decided to live here, starting from today?" She carefully asked him.

The man looked at her expression and then smiled to her, and Janet's face flushed red.

'His smile is so handsome!' She

was in a daze.

"You're so smart!" Although the house was a little far from his company, it wasn't a big issue for him.

He undressed in front of her and then put on his bathrobe. Janet was attracted by his body...


'How sweet his voice is!' thought Janet.


The man could not help laughing at her and dropped the belt. "You're... drooling!"


'How... How could I be... drooling!'

She tried cleaning her mouth with her hands but... found nothing!

She had been fooled! "Daniel, you rascal!" Janet then ran to him and bit his hand.

But she was held by her waist and her lips became busy with something else.

Janet, who was standing, was dragged inside the wardrobe.

Their bodies, so close to one another, generated a hot air of love in the small room they were in.

His kiss was rude and sensual, and Janet couldn't breathe.

He let her breath only when he let her lips free. But Daniel blew over her ears, and said, "I'll show you what my childhood sweetheart really means..."

What? Oh, yes! She had almost forgotten about that!

"OK!" She held on to his neck, avoiding falling down from the cabinet she was sitting on.

What Daniel said in her ears made her face flush a bright red. "There is a place where I have... played since childhood."

She bit his chest, and said, "You're a bad, bad guy!"

But her bite made Daniel even more frenzied. He pressed her lips against his tight, and placed her on a case in the middle of the wardrobe.


On the following day, as Janet arrived at the shop, Spark took a lot of new clothes and other necessities to the Waterside Apartment.

As well as the other objects she had listed on the piece of paper.

"Spark, go and buy all these dolls and cups, and bring them to the Waterside Apartment."

"OK. Boss Si, will you take part in the charity meeting tonight, co-held by the Dai Company and the government?" Spark then checked his schedule.

Daniel put down his iPad, and frowned, "Contact Kate. I will attend it with her."

"OK, Boss Si."

At Jane's Cake Shop

Janet, who was playing on her phone, heard one of her workers call out to her. "Boss, someone is here for you!"

"Who?" When she said that, she received a message from Sally. She then replied to Sally on her phone, "I will beat my brother!"

Jerry would be taking part in a charity meeting alongside a woman, but why not with Sally?

She had also received an invitation letter for that meeting, but she had placed it somewhere days ago.

Before this, she had met with Doris Dai for several times, but she didn't plan on going because she wasn't acquainted enough with Doris Dai.

But now, she had decided to look for her invitation letter and to deal with her brother and his bitch once and for all!

"Her family name is Zheng, boss! She said she was your classmate!" said the worker. His words shocked Janet.

She hastily closed her phone and rushed out. Was that really Shirley?

"Shirley!" Janet rushed to her cheerfully and gave her a hug.

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