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   Chapter 102 The Labor Force Cost Will Do As Payment For The Rent

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"Why are you guys talking so much nonsense? Mr. Si's real girlfriend already made it clear. You're just overthinking things!" wrote another comment.


Janet patted her chest because her heart was beating too fast. Luckily, most of the comments showed that people didn't believe that the woman in the photo was really her.

But, a short while later, Janet still received phone calls from her group of acquaintances, such as: Ella, Sven, Sally, Lola, Lillian, and also her aunt... Except for her mother, sworn mother, and her aunt, Janet felt quite embarrassed to face her other relatives.

Also, Janet's cake shop's business turnovers were continuously increasing because its owner was frequently involved in various rumors or gossips.

Some paparazzi even started to follow Janet and hunt for new rumors about her.

But all of them were stopped and shunned away by her bodyguards.

When Janet had finished her work, a strange Audi car stopped at her cake shop's door, just when she was opening it to leave; the man in the car was Spark.

"Miss Shao, Mr. Si asked me to come and pick you up, " said Spark.

Janet nodded to him and then sat in the back seat.

"Where's he?" asked Janet.

Sparked smiled, and said, "Mr. Si is very busy today, and so he asked me to show you around the new house first; if you like it, I will help you with your luggage."

Janet understood and nodded and then, without uttering another single word, she kept scrolling the Weibo news on her phone.

Janet felt helpless and wondered why so many people were concerned and interested about her.

More than ten minutes later, the car entered into a rich neighborhood.

Janet could see the yellow buildings placed around in the neighborhood, each with its own garden and each being surrounded by many green plants.

Then, the car parked at Building No. 8 and Sparked guided her up to the 16th floor.

When Spark opened the apartment's door, a living room, which measured over one hundred square meters and which was arranged in the same style as Daniel's other houses, in black, grey and white color, came into Janet's eyes.

There were four bedrooms each facing south, and each with its own private bathroom. And there was also a kitchen which covered dozens of square meters, and a dinning room, with a wine shelf standing at its end.

One of the bedrooms had been transformed into a gym room, and there was also a study room. To conclude, it had everything a house needed to have.

But Janet found that each bedroom's bed hadn't been yet made, and there were no men's clothes in the wardrobe, which indicated that Daniel didn't come here too often.

"Miss Shao, do you like it?" asked Spark. He was standing in the living room's center, smiling and looking at the woman who kept going about each room.

Janet nodded, and replied, "I feel quite good here. How much is the monthly rent? Or did he want to sell it to me?"

"Uh... Mr. Si didn't mention about the rent, he only said that if you're satisfied with it, you can move in whenever you want, " answered Spark.

'This Shao princess is so wealthy that she just wanted to buy the house. And she spoke it without giving it a second thought. Oh! I really admire her!' thought Spark.

"Then please call him and ask him; I really want to know, " demanded Janet. 'I'm now being suspected as being his mistress, and if I'll live in his house without paying for it, then that'll become the truth!' thought Janet.

Spark then took out his phone and asked Janet's questions to Daniel. Daniel tittered, and spoke over the phone, "Tell her that the labor force cost will do as payment for the rent."

He sighed and then shook his head. Daniel didn't mean to look down upon Janet, and even if he would've wanted to sell her the house, she still couldn't have afforded it all on her own.

Unless she went and asked her father Samuel for help. But they were still upset on each other, and she would definitely never ask him for help.

"Mr. Si, I told Miss Shao, and she said that she's not able to do any housework, and she only knows how to enjoy food, not cook it. She asked if you really wanted her labor force as payment for the rent." Spark repeated Janet's words to Daniel over the phone, bearing a smile on his lips.


iel raised his eyebrow and thought that she was actually right.

"Find a chef for her later, and also two hourly-paid house workers as well, " said Daniel. He continued, "Tell her that the apartment is now sold to her, and that the payment will be deducted as 10% from the profits of the new cake shop which is opening soon." Their partnership cake shop would soon be opened, and Daniel felt happy at the thought of it.

"What?" Spark was shocked. '10% of profits for an apartment in downtown...' thought Spark. 'Why wasn't I born a girl?' Spark really wanted to live a second life as a girl!

He soon came back to his senses and continued passing on their words over the phone.

Janet, having not even the slightest concept about how much money 10% of the profit really meant, she asked Spark, "Did he mean that the profit share is 20% to him, and 80% to me now? And after it's paid, the apartment will belong to me?"

Spark gazed at her and nodded. 'My boss is chasing a woman with huge amounts of money without even giving her a second thought!' thought Spark.

Janet clapped her hands and then pleasantly sat on the sofa. "Tell Daniel that we have a deal!"

After Spark ended the call, he said to Janet, "Mr. Si also said that if you ever want to redecorate the apartment, or if you're in need of anything, just tell him, and he'll help you with everything."

"OK. If I'll need anything, I'll tell him later. But right now, I want to go back home and move my things here, " said Janet.

She then stood up from the sofa and went out of the apartment.

With Spark's help and that of some of the porters, Janet's large cases of luggage were all sent to the Waterside Apartment Complex.

It was already nine o'clock in the evening when they finished moving all of her things. Janet wiped away the beads of sweat coming off her forehead, and said, "Spark, let's go! I'm treating you with a meal! What would you like to eat?"

It hadn't been an easy job for them to move all of Janet's many things, clothes, and other items.

Spark hastily shook his head and refused her. "No, Miss Shao. This was my job, I had to do it for you."

'If my boss ever knew that I had dinner together with his beloved woman, I would have to go and work in the logistics department the next thing tomorrow!' thought Spark.

But Janet took her handbag, changed her shoes, and said, "Please, don't. You've worked so many hours for me tonight, and you haven't had anything for supper, and that's not good. Come on, let's go. I'll treat you with the Sichuan cuisine, what do you think about that?"

Spark shook his head again, and said, "Miss Shao, please don't thank me; deliver your thanks to Mr. Si, I'm just following his orders. I should go now. Goodbye!"

Then Janet saw Spark quickly squeeze into the elevator and couldn't stop him.

'Fine!' thought Janet. Since there was no one going out with her for dinner, Janet decided to stay inside the house and to start tidying things around.

Soon enough, the bedroom in the far right side of the apartment was filled by all of Janet's things.

She then took a piece of paper and wrote down a list of things she was lacking that she needed to buy the following day.

She was busy even after eleven o'clock, and she was almost so exhausted that she could barely stand up anymore, as this was the first time for her to work so hard.

She put aside the unfinished things and went into the bathroom.

When she came out of it, there was a man lying on her wide pink bed, which had been just made by her earlier. The man then suddenly spoke, and asked her, "Have you had dinner yet?"

Janet was startled, but when she saw more clearly who the man was, she patted her chest, and said, "Daniel! You may not see me in this world anymore!"


"Why? Because you're scaring me to death! You almost gave me a heart attack!" said Janet. She then slowly wiped her wet, long hair.

Daniel put down his iPad, got off the bed, and walked up to her. "Did you tidy up the room all by yourself?" he asked.

He had squinted his eyes at the messy room.

"Yes! This was the first time that I've tidied a room all by myself! It turned out alright, right?" proudly asked Janet. But Daniel just kept looking at her with contempt in his eyes.

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