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   Chapter 101 I'll Solve Everything

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'Never mind, ' she thought, 'If he still doesn't want to say what it means, then I'll ask my brother, sister in law, or Sven!'

Janet took the shirt from him and then went to wash and eat breakfast.

Janet then changed into the clothes that the clothing store manager had sent and Daniel took her to the store.

When they arrived at her shop's door, Janet kissed him on his cheek and prepared to get out of the car.

But the man gripped her wrist, and pulling her in front of him, he said, "Why are you so sketchy with me?"

Then he lowered his head and gave the woman a deep kiss before letting her get out of the car.

Janet eventually escaped, now fully understanding the six words "a beast in a human attire."

It meant that a serious and indifferent man like Daniel, when he took off his clothes, acting just like a beast dressed in a human outfit.

Then, she unconsciously took out her phone and sent a message to Daniel, saying, "Aren't you afraid that your iron rod will one day grind into a feeble embroidery needle?"

The message was followed by a couple of big smiles.

Janet was standing in front of her shop's door and laughed hard.

Daniel wanted to see her go in the shop and then immediately come out. However, when he looked at his phone, his face became gloomy again.

Janet was laughing hard, but suddenly stopped, because...

"I will wait for you at the store's door later in the evening. Meanwhile, we can try and see how long it takes for my iron rod rod to grind into an embroidery needle in the car."

Did he mean to have sex in the car... or at the store's door?

Janet quickly deleted the text she had just sent. After the screen showed that the erase was successful, Janet breathed with relief, and then replied, "Daniel, you are so imperious. I said nothing, and you haven't seen anything yet."

"Too late, " he replied.

... Janet looked at the clear morning sky and tried to weep, but failed to shed a single tear.

She saw the Lamborghini slowly driving away in the distance.

In the morning, while Janet was busy in the shop, she suddenly heard a few of the girls chatting. "Hey, do you know about that CEO, Daniel Si? Of the SL Group?"

"I've heard his name. I also heard he is super handsome, and very rich!"

"I've seen him! Last time I saw photos of him and his girlfriend Kate on Weibo!"

"Have you also heard what happened on Weibo? He trended on the Weibo headlines, and his name was searched so many times that the site could barely handle the traffic!"


What? Daniel's name was trending on Weibo? And it was because he had passionately kissed another woman.

Janet quickly stopped what she was doing, took off her gloves, and then took out her phone.

The content on the Weibo headline had been reported by a news agency: "Daniel, the president of the SL Group, kissed a woman downstairs at his private apartment complex."

The title made Janet's heart beat faster. She clicked on the post and saw that it really was Daniel in the photo, holding and kissing her next to his Lamborghini.

She felt relieved that people didn't know who she was, because she had worn Daniel's coat and her hair was loose.

And it was also snowing at the time, and the handsome guy, along with the luxury car in the photo, made a beautiful picture.

In total, there were nine big pictures, and in each Janet's face couldn't be seen, only Daniel's, with his eyes closed. The last one pictured Daniel with Janet in his arms, on their way to the apartment.

The comments below the post were all wondering whether the woman was Kate. The news agency that published the news had already contacted Kate, and further information would soon be reported.

'Oh my god, this is awful!' Janet felt guilty in an instant.

Although she knew that most people couldn't recognize her, she still felt guilty.

When Janet was at a loss, Daniel called her directly. She quickly hid in a corner of the shop and answered the phone. "Daniel, what should I do? What if they know that it was me?"

In addition to the shame, Daniel's current, official, girlfriend was Kate, and so Janet would definitely be regarded as being his mistress.

She didn't want to...

"Don't worry, I've got them all!" Daniel didn't think this was important. He thought it was just a trifle, but he was afraid that Jane would overthink it or be afraid.

"How will you fix it in case... I'll be regarded as the mistress?" Janet was now very depressed. She thought that she had spent a lot of effort to grow to like him, only now to be regarded by everyone else as his mistress.

Hearing what she said, Daniel became furious. He told Janet sternly, word by word, "You are not my mistress. I'll solve everything, and you should pretend that you don't a thing about this!"

The man's voice was very warm, and his tone was very firm, which made Janet's anxious heart calm down.

"Okay, I believe you."

"Well, there there. I heard that godmother said that you want to move out. Do you want to come and live with me?" He had a lot of property estates, so Janet could pick whichever one she wanted.

But this time, Janet shook her head, and said, "No, because you are hunted by the media every day. What if they take a photo of the two of us..."

Daniel understood what she meant, and said, "You just relax; that won't happen again in the future."

"You don't have to worry about the house, I can get some help from my brother or Sven." When will he break up with Kate? Janet wanted to ask him this question, but when she thought about it, she was embarrassed. So she didn't have the courage yet to ask him.

"No way! Your brother is in love with Sally, and Sven also has a girlfriend. You don't have to worry about the house, I'll give you the answer tonight." Daniel then hung up the phone immediately before she could say no.

Then he told Spark, "Call Kate. She knows what she has to do. First, delete all the online posts, and then go and invest in Lillian's godmother's magazine. Ask her to buy the news agency today, and then finally go and clean up my house at the Waterside Apartment."

Initially, he had thought that the Southern Garden Complex was the most suitable for his needs, but now that the address had been exposed, Daniel didn't want Janet to be bothered by the media, so he would offer her another house to live in.

"Okay, Mr. Si." Spark wrote down all of his instructions and then executed the tasks.

In the afternoon, Janet saw an online interview with Kate, where she personally admitted that she was the woman in the picture.

The comments read, "Kate is definitely happy. When she's kissed by the SL Group CEO, she must be happy, indeed!"

"I am so envious of Kate. She has the best boyfriend, every girl wants to marry him!"

"I wish their love lasts forever!"


Janet awkwardly closed the comments. This had been Daniel's solution, that Kate would admit the whole thing all by herself.

She inadvertently opened the post again, and a comment that was quickly pushed to the top almost made Jane smash her phone.

"This doesn't look like Kate. She looks like Samuel Shao's daughter, Janet Shao!"

The man had even found a photo of Janet's back on her Weibo, which was taken by Sally and published long ago.

The following comments were coming one after another, and read, "Have you seen the previous news? Daniel personally admitted that Janet is like a sister to him."

"Hold on, it really looks like Janet!"

"That's nonsense. Janet's boyfriend is Brian, Major Han!"

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