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   Chapter 100 Because I Love My Childhood Playmate

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In the elevator, Daniel put down the woman for a moment and quickly pressed the top floor button. Then he leaned her back against the elevator's wall and again kissed hard on her plump, red lips.

He didn't let her go not even when they arrived at the top floor and the elevator's door opened.

His kiss was so deep, so long, and so imperious, that for a moment she couldn't breathe anymore and felt that she almost suffocated.

Janet wanted to push him away, but the man held her so tight that she could hardly move an inch.

Lucky for them, the whole top floor belonged to Daniel, and so they didn't have to worry about meeting with acquaintances, or strangers.

They kept kissing as they entered the apartment. It was warm inside, and Daniel took his coat off her body, randomly discarding on the floor.

Then he brought her to the sofa and forced her to lie down on it.

He then pressed her under him and untied the bathrobe off of her.

It was quiet in the apartment, and only the puffing and blowing and moaning sounds of the couple could be heard.

"Jane, I've missed you, " said Daniel. His warm breath fell straight into her ear.

"Um..." The woman was slightly panting, and couldn't utter one more word out of her mouth.

But just one word coming from her mouth was enough to make Daniel completely lose his rational sense. He fumbled his trousers and then took out a condom from his pocket...

'What? Why is he using a condom? Didn't he say that he wanted me to have his baby some days ago?' pondered Janet.

She stopped the man's move with her small hand, and asked him in a discontent tone, "Why?"

Beads of sweat were coming out of Daniel's forehead, and after he gave her a kiss on her lips, he explained, "You've not fully recovered yet, and I don't want to hurt you again."

'I don't want to hurt you, but I can't control myself, so I can only try to reduce the amount of damage I'll make' thought Daniel.

"I'm fine now!" said Janet. Daniel's medicine had proven to be quite effective.

"Be good, and listen to my words, " said Daniel. He didn't want to harm her anymore.

But the man's insistence suddenly dispelled the woman's good mood and feeling, and remembering what she had seen on the big screen earlier, she asked, "Are you afraid of leaving me pregnant? It will be difficult for you to face Kate, right?"

The man stopped and was just about to throw away the condom, but in the end he thought that he couldn't be as childish as this woman was, and instead continued t

g up with me!" Janet said this in a proud tone.

The man grinned his evil smile again, which made Janet think that she is looking at some sort of evil, but seductive, creature.

Then he whispered to her in a low voice, "I can feel of a sense of achievement to play with you from small to large*!"

(TN: This is a dirty joke revealed in the following chapter, so here use the words "small to large")

'Achievement?' Janet was puzzled at his words. "What kind of achievements could you have? If we've played together from small to large? Why do you have that sense of achievement?" asked Janet. Janet was confused by his words.

The man again smiled like an evil, seductive creature...

"Jane, you don't need to understand it, you just need to be who you are!" said Daniel. He loved her silly and lovely look, and also loved her innocent, pure mind.

He hoped she would always be the simple and innocent girl left forever under his protection.

"No! You've aroused my curiosity! Now I'll keep thinking about it the whole day even without even eating anything!" protested Janet. Janet really meant what she said; she had to have her curiosity satisfied when it was aroused.

But at that very moment, the doorbell rang, and Daniel gave her a kiss on her red lips, and said, "I have to open the door."

Then the man went away, leaving Janet alone sitting there and trying to figure out the meanings behind his words.

Soon enough the man returned, and as he saw the woman's more and more confusing look, he laughed and shook his head. "Dress first and let's have breakfast, " he said.

Daniel then took out one of his shirts from the wardrobe and handed it to Janet.

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