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   Chapter 99 Nothing Will Ever Separate Us

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Ella felt warm and smiled at her words over the phone, but she refused her daughter's good intentions. "No, there's no need, my child. Just take good care of yourself; I can travel around the world with your father, he's given me enough money anyway! Don't worry about us!"

'Also, John's still a little baby, and we're still OK!' thought Ella.

Janet then said, "Mom, is it right for you to show off your love with dad in front of me?"

She admired Ella and Samuel's love story, that of her sworn father and mother; Daisy, Lola and Lillian, each one of them had a beloved man that treated them very well. Her aunt as well; her uncle also treated her very well!

'Oh! I really hope that Daniel will pay close attention to them and treat me as well, ha ha...' thought Janet.

Ella tittered, and said over the phone, "It's good for you to see us as the best example to follow. Oh, this is so sweet!"

"Mom, you're tricky! Fine, forget it, I can't talk about it now. I'll treat you with a big meal later!" said Janet.

"OK! My beauty!" replied Ella.

The two of them kept making fun of one another over the phone, and Ella could feel her daughter's mood becoming better and better.

After she finished talking with her on the phone, Ella went back to the old house, and holding John in her arms, she told Samuel all about what Janet had told her.

As was expected, Samuel instantly frowned, and said, "She's still just a kid. How could you promise her that and allow her to act this erratically?"

Ella rolled her eyes at her husband; she knew that he would not agree to it. "Samuel, your daughter is not a child anymore! She'll turn 23 years old in the coming spring, and what's more, she also has Daniel now... It's time to give her some space and privacy!" she continued.

"If she lives alone and something dangerous happens to her, then what? She'll be far from home and won't be able to ask for for help!" said Samuel in a more severe tone. He definitely disagreed with the idea to let Jane move out of the house and live alone.

Ella let out a sigh, and said, "She has studied abroad in America for so many years, and that turned out well with her. And as a matter of fact, because we're not always at home, leaving Jane alone at the mansion is the same thing."

She then went on, "You know I'm right with that! We're always travelling, and she is living in the mansion all by herself! It makes no difference for her to move out!"

Her husband was kind of stubborn, Ella looked at him helplessly and didn't know anymore how to persuade him best.

Then, she remembered what Janet had told her over the phone, and she put John on the bed and then turned around and held on to Samuel's waist. "Honey, I've already promised Jane that I'll ask Jerry and Sven to find a house for her. And of course, if she can live in the same apartment block or neighborhood with them, that will be fine, because they can look after her at all times, " said Ella.

'I have to try every mean to coax him, ' she thought.

Ella's voice then softened, and Samuel of course understood what his wife had in mind. She spoke with a sort of pretentious pout, which proved really effective and made Samuel soon fall to its charm.

Samuel had no choice but had to agree with his wife. "Fine. I'll dispatch some more bodyguards to her. But don't forget, you're just indulging her and spoiling her!" He then kissed his wife's forehead tenderly.

Ella tittered in his arms, "I'm indulging and spoiling Jane? You spoil her the most!"

Hearing this, Samuel let out a heavy sigh, and said, "What's the point of even spoiling her now? That ungrateful little girl! She still doesn't want to talk with me! At least you'll never give up on me, no matter what happens."

'My son will visit less and less, now that he has a wife and all. And my daughter doesn't even want to talk with me after just one quarrel and wants to move out of the house. Hmm... My wife at least is the best and will never fail me, ' thought Samuel.

Ella drew back her tittering face and then sternly stared at Samuel, and said, "We'll be forever together, and nothing will ever separate us!"

"Yes, I won't leave you for the rest of my whole entire l

ife!" promised Samuel.

Ella then leaned on Samuel's chest and listened to his heartbeats, grinning a sweet and happy smile on her face while she listened to the pounding rhythm.

In the Southern Garden Complex

Janet had just finished eating dinner and, sitting on the sofa, she browsed the Weibo posts on Daniel's notebook.

On Kate's Weibo account, she saw some newly updated posts advertising the project between the Changsheng Group and the SL Group.

Changsheng Group's share price was going up under the support of the SL Group.

Janet felt anguished, and wondered what she could do to make Daniel give up Kate.

She was just like his mistress now; Kate Song was his real girlfriend in public. She felt even more anguished when she thought of this.

But things calmed down as the night steadily grew and the snow outside became heavier. Janet, wearing Daniel's large white bathrobe, went to the balcony to contemplate the beautiful night scene.

It was already past eight o'clock and he hadn't returned yet.

Out in the distance, Janet saw a big screen on a high building, on which there was a piece of news broadcasting being aired. Though she couldn't see clearly what the news was saying, she could see Kate holding Daniel's arms on a stage while accepting an award.

He was emanating a graceful and strong aura, and she was confident and elegant; they really looked like a match made in heaven!

When Janet saw this, she felt even more heart-broken, and moved her eyes away from the screen and left the balcony.

Back in the bedroom, her phone rang. It was a WeChat message coming from Daniel, which read, "I'm coming back soon. Do you want something to eat? I'll pick up something."

The message all of a sudden made all of Janet's sadness disappear and vanish into air.

"No!" She typed a single word and then sent the message.

Then, tying the bathrobe on her, she put on her slippers and went out the apartment's door.

Getting in the elevator, the woman looked at her own reflection in the elevator's mirror. 'Oh, shit!' she thought, 'My hair is falling all over my shoulders! I forgot to tie it up! Forget about it! Anyway, he's seen me worse!'

After comforting herself, when she reached the ground floor she got out of the elevator with a big smile on her face.

Then, while walking out through the buildings' automatic gate, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew on her.

Janet couldn't help but shiver, and started to feel silly of herself. She lowered her head down and looked at her bathrobe; she wondered who on Earth would come out on a weather like this, dressed in a bathrobe and slippers, other than her...

A Lamborghini car slowly stopped at the gates, and Spark came out and opened the backseat door. A tall man with a cold face got out of the car.

"Eight o'clock, tomorrow morning. And bring the breakfast here on time!" ordered the man.

Spark nodded to him, and answered, "Yes, Mr. Si!" Then he got back in the car.

Suddenly, a figure ran towards Daniel, jumping with joy.

When Daniel saw who the figure was, he grinned a smile and held the girl tight in his arms.

When he saw that she was only wearing a bathrobe on her, he immediately took off his coat and put it on her.

Again, he embraced her and heavily leaned and pressed against her on the Lamborghini car. Spark had just started the engine, but he hastily turned if off again.

He closed tight his eyes, and dared not to look at the couple kissing affectionately outside the car.

Janet had come down to wait for Daniel because she had grown bored up in the apartment and wanted to meet with him faster.

But she didn't expect that the man would help her with his coat, and... kiss her right there, without uttering a single word between them.

The snowflakes were floating down from the sky, and in the dim light of the street lights, a couple were kissing sensually leaned against a luxury car, which was really a hell of a romantic scene to witness.

Daniel didn't stop kissing her until the woman had finally grown so weak that she fell and leaned herself into his arms. He then lifted her up, and carried her into his arms as he strode towards the apartment building.

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