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   Chapter 98 I'll Find a House of My Own and Move Out These Days

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"Fine, I was thinking that she wouldn't... Anyway, whenever you're free, please come and talk with me about the affair between you and Janet." Samuel spoke the last sentence in a very severe tone.

"OK, I understand, father*!"

(*TN: sworn father) Daniel sternly replied.

After she washed and brushed, Janet found that her clothes were... She then squinted at the man who had just also finished brushing.

Daniel wore a smile on his face, and said, "Don't go anywhere today. Wait for me here; I'm coming back tonight."

"For what?" asked Janet.

"Just listen to me!" said the man.


The woman then held him, and standing on her tiptoes, and she gave him a slight kiss on his Adam's apple.

In an instant, the man's eyes became bigger, and his breath also started coming in short gasps.

He rested his big palms on her slim waist, and said, "I'm not going to work today."


'Why isn't he going to work all of a sudden?' she thought. Janet stared at the man in front of her with a doubtful look in her eyes.

Daniel grinned, and said, "I just want to hold you in my arms and sleep all day!"

Janet's face flushed crimson red, and while she pushed him on the bedroom's door, she said, "Go! Go to work now!"

While Daniel was changing his shoes at the door, he said, "Remember to wait for me here. Don't go anywhere, and don't worry, I'll arrange for someone to handle your cake shop's business for you."

He really wanted to meet again with Janet as soon as he came back.

"OK! I know! Goodbye! You national dream man for girls!" When she said this, Janet had stuck out her tongue and was just about to close the door.

But the man held her by the head and kissed her hard on her red lips for a long while before he finally let her go.

"Hurry up, or you'll be late!" urged Janet. Then, a man came out of the elevator.

It was Spark. Janet was initially a little bit shocked to see him there, but soon calmed down.

'She's wearing Mr. Si's nightgown...' Spark thought.

He then greeted Daniel. "Good morning, Mr. Si."

'Mr. Si sent a message to me this early morning, asking me to bring a take-away breakfast and to come here. So, the breakfast is actually for Janet...' thought Spark.

Daniel took the breakfast and then passed it over to Janet, and said, "Go back inside and eat!"

Then Janet was left all alone in the whole apartment. When she was eating breakfast, she accidentally spilled out some of the soybean milk onto the nightgown she was wearing.

After breakfast, Janet randomly picked up one of Daniel's shirts and changed into it. She then opened the balcony's door.

The whole city outside was now coated with a layer of thick white snow. Janet walked up to the glass window near the balcony's rail, and wrote "Daniel Si" on it with her fingers.

Staying in the balcony for more than ten minutes, Janet didn't feel the cold except on her legs, which were exposed.

She curiously touched Daniel's shirt, and although it was thin, it still kept her warm.

In the afternoon, when Janet was sleeping, her phone rang. Her mother, Ella, was calling her.

"Mom!" answered Janet. She wasn't even completely awake yet.

"Jane, where are you now? Why aren't you at the cake shop yet?" asked her mother. Ella was worried about Janet, and she left the old house after having lunch.

She thought that she would find Janet at her cake shop, but she didn't. Hebe Zhang told her that Janet actually hadn't come to the shop all day.

Then she went to the mansion, but still couldn't find her.

"Uh, I'm staying in some place outside. Mom, please don't worry for me, " said Janet. She turned her body in bed and felt comfortable staying wrapped in the warm quilt on such a cold, snowy day.

Ella suddenly thought of something, and asked, "Are you in Daniel's mansion now?"

"No, I'm not! Mom. Please don't inquire about this anymore. And also, I've made up my mind and I'll find a house of my own and move out these days!" answered Janet.

'I'm already a grown-up, and it's inconvenient to live with my parents!' thought Janet.

Ella was distressed on hearing that her daughter was moving out, and asked, "Why? What's up? Are you still angry with your father? Jane, listen. It's not safe for a girl to live alone!"

"Mom, I have the bodyguards hired by him, don't I? I've already made up my mind and I

won't change it!" insisted Janet.

'It seems that Jane is still angry with Samuel, ' thought Ella. She then asked, "Jane, are you moving out to live with Daniel?"

'If she's living with Daniel, should I agree?' pondered Ella.

"Mom! What are you thinking? No! I'm just going to live all alone, all by myself!" replied Janet. She kept rolling in bed for a while, totally losing her mood to sleep because of her mother's call.

"OK then, but don't rush things. I'll discuss it with your father and ask his opinion on it, " said Ella.

"Mom! I've already grown up! I'm not a child anymore! I could live by myself before. It's not a big deal, why can't I make my own decision? Please don't tell Samuel, I won't listen to his opinions!" protested Janet.

'If mom will discuss this with father, the answer will clearly be no, and then I'll never step a foot out of the Royal Mansion Neighborhood again!'

Ella was well aware that her daughter was just raging and acting rashly, and she still patiently persuaded her daughter. "Jane, your father already knew that he had you all misunderstood. He said that he won't intervene in every of your affairs from now on, and we'll only be concerned with ours."

Lying on the bed, Janet swept her hair back, and replied, "No, mom. I know that Samuel did all of this for my own good, and I won't be angry with him. But I have decided to move out of the house, so please promise me that you're all right with this, and please don't talk about this anymore! Please!"

Listening to her daughter's persuasive tone, Ella couldn't help but laugh, and she said, "You naughty little girl! If you're staying alone we, as your parents, can't ever stop worrying!"

'Indeed, our daughter is a grown-up now, and we should give her some space for her own privacy, ' thought Ella. 'But she's just a girl and, after all, we do have a right to worry about her!'

Janet brainstormed and made great efforts to come up with an idea to convince her mother to leave her alone. If she could succeed in convincing her mother, then her father wouldn't be a problem!

She said, "Mom, how about this? I'll find a house that is near to my brother's or Sven's apartments. And, even if anything bad were to happen to me, I can quickly turn to them for help."

'Or maybe I can find a place near Daniel. Anyway, he's also one of my sworn brothers after all. Ha ha, ' thought Janet.

The suggestion now effective on Ella, and she said, "Fine, then you don't need to find a house all by yourself. I'll ask your brother or Sven to find one for you."

"OK! Then it's settled! I knew you loved me best! I love you, Mom!" said Janet cheerfully.

Janet was so happy that she nearly jumped out of bed because she could finally see her freedom unfolding!

"Oh, I just can't do anything to persuade you. I'm sure that your father will scold me heavily because I've already promised you without even discussing it with him!" said Ella feeling helpless. She knew her husband quite well.

But Janet tittered, and said, "Don't worry, mom! If you'll say some soft words to him, and pretend to be angry, then he'll soften his heart at once!" Janet was well aware how much her father loved her mother.

Her father would surrender eventually if her mother began to be angry or say something soft to his ear.

Their affectionate relationship had been constant for many years and had never changed not even a bit. That was why Janet had a younger brother, John, who was many years younger than she was.

"What are you talking about? OK, I'm not wasting any more time with you now. You always sweet-talk me into helping you out!" said Ella. Samuel had taken very good care of Ella, so she could keep looking young. Her face, which didn't have a single wrinkle on it, now flushed red because of Janet's words.

When Ella was in her younger years, she also used to do things rashly. On Lola and Harry's wedding ceremony, she had slipped into Samuel's bedroom without him knowing...

But then, eventually, she had to pay a great deal for her indiscreet action. Fortunately, after experiencing all of those difficulties, Samuel was now loving her very much and was taking good care of her in every way possible.

"Mom, thank you!" said Janfet. "And you and father will travel all around the world one day, when I'll earn a great amount of money all by myself!"

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