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   Chapter 97 Janet, You're Really Gonna be the Death of Me

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"I don't want to talk with you anymore!" said Janet. She pretended to be angry with him and threw him a despised glance, then keeping her distance from him.

Gripping his glass of red wine, Daniel gradually came closer to Janet until he leaned tight on her back and stretched out his hand to put the glass on her lips.

"It's so stingy!" said Janet. She took the glass and drank up all the wine in it. After, when she finished the last drop, she swayed the empty glass in front of him, and joyfully said, "Look! You've got nothing left to drink anymore!"

Daniel took the empty glass, and while he put it aside on the table, he said, "I can drink... This!" and he held her in his arms. He then kissed her lips and enjoyed tasting the wine's flavor from her mouth.

His kiss pressed harder and harder, and he didn't let her off until she nearly suffocated.

With their foreheads touching against each other, Daniel said, "Janet, you're really one tempting woman!" He just couldn't help kissing and hugging her...

Janet curled up her red lips, and said, "Thank you for your compliments!"

Daniel then suddenly lifted her in the air, and while she screamed, he carried her back into the bedroom.

One of her slippers had been already kicked off of her foot in the balcony, and the other one was taken off by Daniel.

He placed her on the bed, and said, "Wait for me here, I'm going out for a moment."

The woman then turned and sat up on the bed, and upon hearing his words, she stared at him, and asked, "Where are you going?"

Daniel kissed her forehead, and said, "Just wait!" Then he left.

Janet threw herself into the quilt and covered her red and hot face. She was so excited that she then danced with joy.

After about ten minutes later, Daniel came back.

He had a medicine box in his hand, and he swayed it in front of Janet, grinning a sly smile.

Janet curiously stared at the smiling man, and asked, "What's that?"

"Guess!" said Daniel. He then opened the box and took out the ointment inside.

Janet took a better look at the medicine box, and then her face instantly flushed red, and said, "Thanks!" Then she went towards the bathroom.

She had left her handbag in her car, as she had just quarreled with her father. But luckily, her phone was in her pocket.

"Wait!" Her arm was then gripped by Daniel, and she turned around.

Daniel lifted the woman, whose bare feet were stepping on the carpet, and then put her back onto the bed.

He sat at the bedside, took back the ointment, and said, "Let me help you with it."

"No... No, I can do it myself." Janet refused and kept on shaking her head.

"Be obedient! I've brought it, and so I should also help you with it, " said Daniel. He then twisted it's lid off, and felt that it smelled cool and refreshing.

Janet's face then flushed bright red, and still insisting, she said, "No. I can apply it by myself!"

But the man didn't give her any chance to refuse him again and then began his moves...

It took about half an hour for Daniel to apply the ointment on Jane. Then, he directly pressed her under him.

"Jane, you're luring me!" The man protested to her in a low and hoarse voice.

Janet felt completely innocent, and said, "You're framing me!" ...

'I'm so pure! I've never meant to do something like that!' thought Janet.

Daniel kissed hard on her lips, with his big palm gripping her small hand to move forward on her.

Then, when it came to undo his belt's buckle, the man breathed and whispered to the woman's ear, "Jane, help me..."

'Oh! 'Jane' sounds so great coming from his mouth!' she thought.

'The touch on this buckle is kind of familiar.' Janet then lowered her eyes and looked at it.

'Isn't that the belt that I gave him?' she thought, and then also asked in a sweet tone. "What? Haven't you sold the belt for tonics?"

Daniel took a slight bite on her lips, and then said, "If you think that I need tonics, then I'll go and buy some right now!"

"No! Actually, that won't be necessary!" replied Janet. And with her arms gripping tight around his neck, she slightly raised up her head, and said in a tender voice,

"Daniel, you don't need to eat any tonics. You're actually really strong, I... can barely stand it."

Daniel was so satisfied by the woman's high compliments that he grinned a real big smile on his face, and proudly said, "I'm glad you're well aware of that, and from now on, be good and behave well, or otherwise I'll punish you, again!"

'But if you're ever hurt and feeling uneasy, of course my heart will bitterly ache for you, ' thought Daniel.

"Um." She slightly answered him back.

Daniel gripped her little hand, and demanded, "Help me unbuckle it."

Flushing a red face Janet touched the belt's buckle, and then one minute passed, and another one, and she still couldn't unbuckle it; there were already hundreds of beads of sweat coming out of Daniel's forehead.

He had no choice, but to unbuckle it himself. "Crack!"

The buckle's cracking sounding made Janet instantly close her eyes. She was now too shy to even have a look at Daniel's face.

"Jane, you're so sweet..."

As the night steadily grew, snowflakes were dropping down on the ground outside while inside the grand bedroom a warm and charming aura was filling the air around the two lovers. "I feel my mouth sore, " said Janet.

"Very soon..." said the man.

"It's been too long!" The woman protested with a lisp.

And the man couldn't help but laughing at her, and said, "Do something else."

"What? Like what?" replied Janet. Incautiously, she bit him when she was uttering her words.


Instantly, Janet was startled by his facial expressions, and apologized at once, "Sorry, sorry! I didn't do it on purpose, swear!"

The man closed his eyes and gripped tight his fists, bearing the pain. 'Janet, you're really gonna be the death of me!' he thought.

'God! This torturous tempting woman!'


Outside it was snowing heavily, and the city was soon coated with a thick layer of white. Daniel went into the bathroom, feeling refreshed.

And massaging her sore mouth, Janet also followed him into the bathroom. She found a brand new set of tooth brushes and then she began to brush her teeth.

Staring at the mirror, in which Janet could see the man under the shower, she could hardly move her eyes away from him.

Her movements gradually slowed down, and various thoughts came into her mind. She tried to focus hey eyes on his pecs and abs...

The shower's water was then suddenly stopped.

Janet then moved her eyes away with a guilty conscious look in them, but it was already too late.

The man casually wrapped himself with a bathrobe and then walked up to Janet, who was still brushing her teeth, and while he held her waist, he said, "Jane, if you're not satisfied yet, I'll go and buy a box of condoms. What do you think about that?"

'Right, I forgot it. I should have bought some, ' he thought.

The woman hastily shook her head, pushed away the man, and after she quickly finished her brushing, said, "No, Mr. Si. I have to go to sleep! Good night!"

Then she slipped into the bedroom and burrowed herself inside the quilt.

Daniel came out of the bathroom, pressed her at his side, gave her a deep kiss, and then holding her tight in his arms, he fell sound asleep.

Early next morning

Daniel's phone rang, and Janet woke up. Daniel, who was already awake, sat up on the bed and grabbed his phone.

"Father*!" Janet suddenly awoke when she heard who was calling.

(*TN: sworn father)

She turned around and sternly stared at the man who answered his phone. She noticed that his unshaven and fresh face after sleep was even sexier.

Daniel caught her small hand with his fist, and continued, "Um, yes. Please don't worry, father."

"OK, " he turned to Janet. "Jane, talk with your father." Daniel then passed over the phone to Janet.

Hearing this, Janet hesitated for a moment and then got out of the bed and walked straight into the bathroom, with a peaceful look on her face.

Daniel had no choice but to put back the phone over his ear. Samuel on the other side of the line understood the current situation, and asked, "Jane's not willing to talk with me, right?"

"Yes." Daniel replied honestly.

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