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   Chapter 96 We'll be Together Until Tomorrow Morning

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"Why did you bring me here?" asked Janet. She asked and looked at the man who was now opening a bottle of red wine. He seemed to be quite fond of drinking red wine, as Janet had seen him drink red wine many times.

"Sleep!" The man only replied to her with a simple word.


Janet rolled her eyes at him, and said, "No! I am not sleeping here! You go to bed!"

"OK!" The man answered her straight forwardly.

Janet stood there, speechless, and didn't know what to do next. 'Should I stay or should I go?' she thought.

'I'd better leave!'

Janet turned around and walked towards the apartment's door. "I should go. Goodbye!" she said.

"Stop! Go to the bedroom's balcony, in the eastern side, and wait for me there!" demanded Daniel.

He then carefully poured his red wine into the wine decanter, and then began to delicately aerate it.

'To the bedroom's balcony? What's he planning to do?' wondered Janet.

"Can I refuse?" asked Janet.

"No!" After the man sternly replied, he rested his arms on the long table, seriously looking at his glass of red wine.

Janet rolled her eyes at him and then complied, walking towards the direction he had just told her.

Janet opened the bedroom's door and went in. She found that the bedroom was very clean and that the bed was tidy, with a deep brown colored lining set on it. She felt curious at the sight, because it seemed that seldom someone slept there; but the bed was still well made and tidied with clean bed sheets.

Without overthinking things, Janet opened the balcony's transparent glass door.

Just then, a gust of cold wind blew over her, and she couldn't help but shiver from head to toe.

The balcony was tiled with ceramics in deep color, and it had a sunshade umbrella, along with a table and four chairs.

Above her was a glass-made ceiling, through which she could clearly see the night's sky and it's stars.

Standing in the door for a while, Janet couldn't help but step forward inside it.

The urban night scene of the city was now unfolding in front of her, and she could see the city brilliantly illuminated and bustling with all the cars going and coming on the roads. It was quite tranquil up there.

The glass door opened again, and Daniel came over to her, holding a glass of red wine in his hand.

He held on to the woman's waist from her back, who was enjoying the night view near the balcony's rail, and said, "Do you like it here?"

It was quite peaceful here, and he thought it was only fair to bring her here, as she was inclined to be silent every time when she was sad.

"Not too bad." Janet made a simple comment, and then she stretched out her hands to catch the little snowflakes that were dropping down from the sky.

'Not too bad?' Daniel thought and frowned, and then he put down the glass of wine on the table.

As he embraced her waist with his arms and rested his chin on her shoulder, he said, "If this isn't enough to satisfy you, what about we do something else?"

Janet instantly drew back her hands and then turned around to face him. "Daniel, I still haven't got even with you! You made me have to go to the hospital! And now you still want to... Hum! Men are always thinking and dealing with things with their lower part of their body!"

Daniel grinned a smile and lowered his head to kiss her plump red lips, and a seductive aura soon filled the air around them.

Janet's back was supported by the balcony's rail, and her whole body was held tight by Daniel.

"No..." she said.

She pushed his chest with weak strength.

"What's on your mind? I just thought that we could drink some red wine and relax. You're just overthinking things' it's not my fault, " tittered Daniel. The man's face softened, and then he grabbed the glass of wine from the table and took another sip out of it.

Janet's face flushed red, 'Oh, so now it's my misunderstanding!' she thought.

She then looked around here, and said, "Daniel, you're so mean. Why didn't you bring one more glass of red wine for your guest? Oh, uh..." Her lips were kissed again, and a mouthful of red wine then slipped into her mouth and went down her throat, into her stomach...

'You are not a guest, and if you are willing to, I'll change your name, and then you'll be the hostess here!' Daniel thought.

With a deep look in his eyes the man stared at the girl, who was now naturally closing her eyes. He hadn't broken up with Kate because he wanted to protect her.

He had tried his best to protect her from any aching or disturbance.

If Janet had said that she cared... He, of cou

rse, would have broken up with Kate immediately.

But, she had never demanded that...

Before Janet had another chance to protest, another sip of red wine was slipped into her mouth again.

"Daniel, maybe you're not so squeamish about cleanliness... but I am! Please don't force me to drink wine in this way, OK?" protested Janet. She bent down to gulp for air. Though she protested, in reality, and not knowing why, she actually liked it!

"Do you mean that I'm disgusting?" asked Daniel with a peaceful tone.

Janet threw him a look, and wondered whether she should tell a lie and nod or shake her head instead.

The man grinned a smile again and held her tight into his arms, and said, "I know you won't mind." If she dared to nod her head in just that moment, Daniel was sure to punish her again. He would force her to drink the wine in this way, everyday, until she wouldn't mind it anymore.

Then, all of a sudden, the phone in Daniel's pocket started ringing.

He let go of Janet and then took out his phone out of his pocket. He took a brief look at the screen and then passed it to Janet. "Answer it, " he said.

'What?' Janet curiously looked at the screen, and saw the caller was her sworn mother.

"Why don't you answer it yourself?" asked Janet.

"That's your mother-in-law, you answer it!" Daniel said.


Janet helplessly took over the phone while she stood bewildered in the midst of a cold wind.

"That's my sworn mother, not mother-in-law. Why did you say it like I'm already married to you." Her face flushed bright red, which made Daniel happy; he felt couldn't wait to make fun of her later.

"Janet, marry me!" asked Daniel. He stared her straight in the eye, but with only half the truth spoken in his gaze!

Janet took a deep breath, and nearly fell mesmerized by his deep stare.

"You're kidding me!" said Janet with a little choke. She wasn't happy with this joke, because he already had a girlfriend.

Then the phone rang for a second time, and Janet answered it. "Hello, mother.*"

(*TN: sworn mother)

Lola was first puzzled by the woman's voice coming from the other side of the line, but then she replied, "Oh, it's you Jane! I'm sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number. I actually wanted to call Daniel. Sorry to disturb you."

Then, almost in an instant, Lola hung up on her; Janet didn't even have a chance to explain herself.

She looked at the phone, speechless.

But then the phone rang again.

"Mother*, " answered Janet.

(*TN: sworn mother)

"Oh! Have I dialed it wrong again? My eyes are really... I'm not that old, but why did I make the same mistake twice?" said Lola.

"No, mother. This is Daniel's phone number, you've dialed it correct, " said Janet almost yelling in the phone. Then, Lola finally stopped her murmurings over the phone.

She took a look at her phone and saw that indeed she had dialed the the right number!

"Oh! Jane! Are you with Daniel?" Lola put back the phone over her ear; she was so surprised and happy.

'Ella was right! Jane's getting together with my son! That's good!' thought Lola.

Janet threw an embarrassed glance at the man next to her, who was enjoying his glass of wine, and she cautiously answered back to Lola, "Uh, yes. Right at this moment..."

'If mother* also misunderstands me as being his mistress, It'll be even more embarrassing' thought Janet.

(*TN: sworn mother)

But, without even expecting it, Daniel then suddenly drew himself more close to her and cut in with some words over the phone. "Not only just now, but we'll be together until tomorrow morning."

Janet didn't have the time to cover the speaker.

She gave him a furious stare, but he grinned a sly smile on his face instead; Lola then hastily answered on the other side of the line, "OK! OK! Then I shouldn't disturb you two any longer. Jane, I am hanging up now, and tomorrow, I'll..."

"Please hang up the phone, mother! Aren't you aware that you're disturbing us! Why are you talking so much?" broke Daniel in a peaceful voice. He had drawn closer to Janet again, and had cut short Lola's exciting speech over the phone.

Lola immediately hung up.

Janet pinched Daniel, and said, "What are you doing? Why did you say something like that when nothing was happening!"

"A single man and a single woman are spending the night together. Even if nothing is happening between us right now, we still can never explain ourselves clearly to others, " said Daniel. He put back the phone in his pocket, and thought, 'Well! It's really wonderful to stay at peace with Janet!'

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