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   Chapter 95 From Now On You Can't Meet With Brian Anymore

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"I don't want to talk about it anymore! I don't care what you think! I was just so dissolute and also even went to the hospital to take care of my wound with medicine! Leave me alone!" shouted Janet. She seemed to be going mad, and dragged her wrist out of Daniel's hand.

Even if it felt painful, she ignored it.

'Went to the hospital to take care of her wound with medicine?' pondered Daniel, with a confused expression glimmering in his eyes.

Janet struggled to free herself, but Daniel still didn't loosen his grip on her. He then took out his phone from his pocket with his other hand and called Samuel, who was not far away from him. "Father*, please go inside the house, I'll take care of Jane!"

(*TN: Here father means sworn father)

"Um. I see, " replied Samuel.

After he asked his parents and his grandmother to enter the house first, Samuel then walked up to Brian and apologized to him. "Brian, I am so sorry. I misunderstood you and Jane..."

Samuel believed that all of this was all his fault.

Brian put out the cigarette he was smoking and then stood up at the roadside, saying, "It doesn't matter. I should leave now; I will contact Janet later to see how she's doing."

After he heard these words, Samuel nodded, and after Brian said his goodbyes to everyone present, he drove away.

Daniel held Janet tightly in his arms, and said, "Jane! Be obedient!"

"Why do I have to be obedient to you? I'm already uncomfortable because everyone misunderstood me. If you were me, would you feel alright?" asked Janet. Her hand was already red, but Daniel did not lose his grip on her.

Daniel helped her wipe her tears off her cheeks and wondered if Janet refused the engagement with Brian.

"Jane, I'm going to return to the old house and tell father* that you're in a relationship with me, and except for me, you can't marry anyone else!"

(*TN: Here father means sworn father)

With these words Daniel, indeed, released Janet from his grip and walked towards the old house.

But Janet then held on to Daniel instead, and said, "Daniel, don't go back! I don't want to give Samuel any more explanations and I also don't care about his misunderstanding!"

The military vehicle then stopped behind Janet and the driver's windows was rolled down. "Janet, I'm going back now. Call me if you ever need anything!" said Brian.

When she heard Brian's words, Janet turned around, and replied, "OK, Brian. Thank you... And I'm sorry about all of this. Be careful on the road!"

The two men looked at each other and then looked away,

downtown and then parked the car in front of a luxurious apartment complex.

When she looked at the building in front of her, Janet saw that it was a forty-story, or maybe more, tall building.

Who lived here? And why did he take her here?

Daniel, who now held her hand, unlocked the fingerprint lock and entered the elevator on the ground floor.

He then pressed the 48th floor button.

"Who are we visiting?" asked Janet. They stood together in the elevator waiting for it to climb.

His big palm was wrapped on her little hand, and Janet felt warm.

When she looked at Daniel's tall, strong back, Janet's heartbeat started racing.

She could smell Daniel's familiar perfume, which fascinated her...

"You'll know when we arrive!" replied Daniel. The elevator quickly reached the 48th floor.

When they got off the elevator, Janet was pulled out of it by Daniel. Then, they walked towards an apartment and stopped in front of its beige door.

Daniel unlocked the fingerprint lock, and the door was opened.

Janet followed him into the apartment. After Daniel turned on the light, Janet saw a very spacious apartment, which seemed to cover an area of almost 1, 000 square meters.

'Does the apartment take up the whole 48th floor?' she wondered.

'Daniel has such a luxurious apartment!'

The apartment was neatly and elegantly decorated, with some costly European-style furniture in it. There were also dozens of high-grade red wine bottles sitting on the wine rack. A bookshelf was placed near the wine rack, and it was packed with rare books.

On a whole, the decorative style of the apartment was almost the same as that of Villa No. 9. This must've been Daniel's apartment.

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