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   Chapter 94 What Do You Think I Am!

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His words made Ella and Samuel exchange strong looks. Things were getting a little bit tricky here...

Samuel continued his words using a firmer tone. "I have no interest in knowing the details of your love story. However, I do wish you can take up responsibility for Jane. As a man, you need to live up to your words and bear the consequences of your actions! You are a well trained soldier. You should have known better!"

Brian was utterly lost at his strong accusation. What did he mean by taking up responsibility for Jane? What had happened? Did he do something to Jane that required him to be responsible for her?

He paused for a while, thinking what to say to Samuel best. With a clear tone in his voice, Brian answered, "Whatever you say. If you ask me to marry Janet, I will be more than happy to do it!"

Brian's straightforward reply pleased the Shao family.

"Very well. Let's wait for Jane and then we can discuss it further with her as well." Uttering these words, Samuel continued dining.

Half an hour later

Janet came dashing into the living room. As she found no one there, she then quickly turned to the dining room.

Everyone was there, waiting for her.

"Great grandmother, grandparents, dad, mom, Brian! Here I am!" She dashed into Melody's arms, who was smiling the moment she laid her eyes on her beloved Janet.

Everyone was pleased and joyful.

"Where's John?" Janet was confused because she didn't see her brother anywhere.

Ella explained to her, "John went to your auntie's. He won't be here with us this evening."


"Jane, go and wash your hands for dinner." Melody lovingly pat her great grand child's hand as she stared her in the eyes.

Janet nodded and then went to wash her hands. Upon return, she found that the seat next to Brian was empty. Naturally, she sat down next to him.

"Hey, Janet, try this fish made by auntie. She did an amazing job cooking it!" Brian earnestly put a large piece of juicy fish onto Janet's plate.

The rest sitting at the table were all contented as they witnessed the sweet moment. Brian was very considerate, despite the fact him being with other soldiers in the army all throughout the year.

"Jane, I've talked to Brian. In a couple of day's time, Brian and his family are going to visit us to officially discuss the marriage between you two. What do you think about it?" Samuel was helping Ella with the shrimp as he casually launched the question to his daughter.

Janet almost choked on the piece of fish when she heard the shocking news!

'What the hell?' She stared at Brian in disbelief, who responded by giving her an awkward smile. He was speechless himself.

"Dad, why on earth are Brian and his family coming here to discuss our marriage?" She gulped the juice that Brian offered her to ease her discomfort.

Samuel pulled his face stern at her response. "Jane, mind your words! You've been together for ages. If you don't intend to get married, then what are you going to do? I won't allow you to mess around anymore!"

Well.... Janet did not know what to say in her defense. Instead, she blinked her eyes innocently, as she explained, "Dad, I was not messing around!"

She thought that actually her father was the one who was being unreasonable with!

The ambiance was tensed at the table. Brian then pat Janet on the shoulder, and said, "Janet, let's eat first. We will discuss the issue later!"

Ella also tried to comfort her husband. "Samuel, please be patient with our child. Don't shout at her!"

"Exactly. Let the kids eat first. We'll talk about these things later!" quickly added Melody. She tried to ease the tension hanging in the air.

Samuel put the peeled shrimps on Ella's plate, wiped his fingers with a wet towel, and finally nodded, "Let's finish eating first!"

Janet was still offended by her father's words. She then asked him with a bold tone, "Dad, why did you shout at me? All I asked for was why the marriage was on an agenda, and you lost your temper because of it."

For the first time in their lives, Samuel and Janet were firing words towards each other and arguing.

"Janet, do you think that I am not aware of the things you did?" Samuel gave his d

aughter a stern look. Seeing Janet's blank look, he could no longer control his anger but snap at her loudly, "You and Brian... have been together already. Why not get married soon? What are you waiting for? Are you expecting a short-gun wedding?"


Samuel's words made both Brian and Janet utterly speechless.

What was he shouting about? When had they become a couple? How come they didn't have the slightest idea about it?

"Uncle Samuel, I think you must have mistaken something here." Brian came to his senses as he boldly stated his point to Samuel; but he still had no idea about what Samuel was really talking about.

Why would Samuel think that he and Jane had already had sex? Was it because of the night when he had brought Janet to the hotel?

"Mistake? I know the truth! Janet, I've called the hospital myself. You know very well why you went to the hospital!" Samuel's eyes were burning with anger.

Janet's face flushed red as her father revealed her secret in front of everyone. She felt awkward and did not know what to do next.

Her father had crossed the line! He was now trespassing on her private space....

Janet suddenly stood up from the chair with tears in her eyes. She muttered between her teeth, "Dad, that was not Brian!"

With these words, she then ran away from the dining table, leaving the rest gasping in surprise at her reply.

By then, Brian had figured out all the situation. Samuel must have mistaken him for someone else who already had sex with Janet.

"Uncle Samuel, I had nothing to do with Janet!" He knew who the man in discussion was. But it was not up to him to reveal his name.

Brian's words made Samuel regret what he did. He then started to worry about his daughter.

Janet ran all the way out of the old house in distress. Worrying about her, Brian quickly ran after her to make sure she was safe.

Across the street, there was a Lamborghini parked, and Janet didn't pay any attention to it and just ran past it.

Brian finally caught up with her, and said, "Janet, calm down, please."

Janet stopped and she looked at him with a sad look in her eyes. "I'm sorry that my father wronged you like that, Brian. I'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble!"

"It's OK, Janet. Please don't cry anymore. If he doesn't want to be responsible for you and marry you, then I would..." Janet understood him without letting him finish the sentence.

The rest of the family were all out now. Helped by Vincent, Melody stood there with her walking cane as she shouted at them, "Jane, come back home. We can sort it all out back here, at home!"

Janet saw her, but the moment she also spotted Samuel, she threw herself away from Brian's arms and ran away even further.

Just then, a tall figure appeared in front of her and stopped her in her tracks.


Janet's face was covered with tears. Daniel felt both half sorry and half angry to see her like that.

As soon as she recognized him, she then burst out into a loud cry. Hitting his chest with her fists, she shouted, "It's all your fault! Your fault! You made my father... wrong me like that! Your fault!"

Daniel held her hands tightly, and asked in a soft voice, "What's going on? Stop crying and tell me what happened!"

The rest of the family, standing not that far away from them, were all confused. They did not see that coming.

Ella thought to herself that Daniel must be the one who her daughter was really dating....

Brian stood behind them as he watched her crying on Daniel's chest. He felt something break in his heart. Sadly, he took out a cigarette out of his pack and lit it with his hands shivering.

He then stood there, inhaling the smoke in silence and thinking that he had already forgotten her.

Daniel wiped away the tears on Janet's face, and said, "Did Brian turn you down?"

"What? Daniel Si, you bastard! What do you think I am!" Janet screamed out of distress as she pushed him away. She couldn't bear it anymore.

How come everyone seemed to misunderstand her today?

She was really upset because of this!

Her wrists were caught in his powerful hands. He pulled her back to him, and said, "Come back. Elaborate what happened, please!"

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