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   Chapter 93 She Was Screwed

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Fortunately, Ella spoke with Jane's physician. But when she heard that her daughter had actually went to the hospital to change her medicine, Ella suddenly collapsed!

'I've spoiled Jane too much, that's why she's so wild now.'

"Ah? The old house?" Janet was even more confused now.

"Yes! And Janet, if you dare to make any more trouble today, I'll kill! Come together tonight!" Ella then hung up the phone furiously, leaving Janet stunned and alone in front of the hospital's door.

She looked at the No. 3 People Hospital, and wondered how did her mom and dad know why she was there.

It wasn't possible! She not only bypassed Chuck Hospital, but also took care not to use her real name. How could her dad know about that as well?

No way! Janet whined, and the more she thought about it, the more it looked to seem that way!

She was screwed!

Also, what did her mother mean with bringing Brian over for dinner at the old house? In any case, her mom was furious, and so she had to contact Brian whether she liked it or not!

"Hello, Brian?" Holding the phone against he ear, Janet smiled, because she felt very embarrassed.

Brian also laughed, and asked, "What happened? Janet?"

"Um... Do you have some free time tonight?" Janet scratched her head in embarrassment.

Brian thought his schedule for a moment, and answered, "Yes, I have, but it'll be after 7:00 pm."

"Don't worry. It's just... my mom... I don't know what's wrong with her... She insisted on bringing you over to dinner at my great-grandma... I'm confused."

'Why must it be at the old house? Is there something important she has to tell us about?'

Janet's mother had insisted for him to eat at her great-grandma's home. Then, Brian was confused too.

But he still agreed, nonetheless. "I'll contact you when I finish work."

"OK, Brian. Go to work, I won't bother you." Janet's consideration made Brian feel touched.

"Bye, Janet."

After she ended the call, Janet looked at the time and saw that it was almost four o'clock. She did not have to go to the store anymore, so she went home to sleep instead!

Brian's name while holding him...

Brian's comment on Weibo confirmed that he would take her to Korea. They were showing off!

He thought that Janet was lying to him. She was dating two people at the same time, just as he was, although he pretended to actually do it.

A cold wind then blew over Daniel's heart.

'No way! Janet must give me an explanation!'

Daniel then got into his Lamborghini and drove to the Shao's old house.

At the Shao's old house

Brian, Vincent, and Melody were having a good chat.

"Brian, let's eat. Janet will be here later." Ella asked Brian to sit at the dinner table and start eating.

"Aunt, you eat first. I'll wait for Janet."

Ella waved at him, and said, "Jane has no time concept. You might have to wait until nine or ten."

Brian didn't refuse them any longer, and all of them moved to the table.

But just after two bites, Samuel put down his chopsticks.


"Yes sir!" Brian responded sternly out of instinct. When he saw the three women smiling at him, he then remembered where he really was. Feeling embarrassed, he looked at Samuel and said: "Uncle."

"Hum, tell me, what are your feelings towards Janet?" Samuel asked him straight.

Brian was stunned for a brief second. Seeing Samuel's serious look, he knew that he was not joking. Then he answered "I like Janet a lot, but... Jane doesn't like me. She likes someone else."

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