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   Chapter 92 Sneak Through the Window

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She dared to keep her other relations ambiguous with him.

He bit her red lips and then pushed her on the wall.

Ouch! Ouch!

Janet bit him in response. She bit him so hard that she tasted his blood gushing into her mouth.

Daniel then ripped off her cartoon nightgown.

She was wearing nothing on the inside!

And that made Daniel crazy!

"Janet, you're dead! How dare you say I'm useless! I'll show you how useful I really am!" He then bit hard on her porcelain white neck.

Janet patted Daniel, and said worriedly, "Stop! My father's bodyguard is out there. You... Get out!"

But the man couldn't hear a thing. He kept kissing her all over her body.

Janet felt that they might end up in trouble. "Daniel... I... I'll hook up with you later. But now you need to leave..."

"Are you kidding? And how will I come back if the bodyguard is outside?"

Janet blinked and then pointed somewhere. "You can... sneak through the window..."


Daniel stopped and suddenly turned very serious.

"No way!"

'I, Daniel, the executive CEO of the SL Group, which is an international corporation, how could I sneak through a woman's window?

If someone where to ever find out, how could I ever show myself in front of my partners?'

"It's settled then. Leave now!" Once again the two couldn't reach an agreement.

Daniel then closed his eyes, turned around, and left.

Seeing how he slammed the door, Janet was in doubt whether he would still come back later...

'I'm so embarrassed! We've settled a tryst...

But judging from his reaction I think he won't come.' Returning to her bedroom, Janet put aside her torn clothes, and then got into bed and fell asleep.

Daniel stood serious for a while under a tree and saw the lights on the the second floor switching off. He then drew a cigarette and began to think and smoke.

After that, the safeguard witnessed Daniel heading towards his No. 9 villa. He reported this to Samuel, but he still thought that was Brian!

When Janet was just about to fall asleep, her window was carefully heard opening.

And then a figure jumped into the room.

Janet didn't wake up until her quilt was opened.

Daniel felt so lucky when he saw that the window had been, indeed, left half-opened, under the dim street light.

"Mr. Si, do you feel anxious meeting your lover in secret?" Janet scoffed at him, and at herself.

But the man was smart enough and knew what she meant, and so he bit hard on her plump red lips.

"Tell me how you rolled with Brian on the bed earlier!" The man's eyes were as dark as a famished rabid wolf.

'If Brian touched her I'll kill him!'

Janet struggled with his waist and the man caught her by the hand.

"Get off you bastard! Do you think everyone is like you, Boss Si, who can have two lovers at the same time and also treat them equally?"

'That mean that she hasn't...'

A smile colored his face. So, "Let's talk about what happened during daytime! Janet, I'll prove to you whether I can or not by my deeds! I'll make you be sincerely convinced of my skills!"

"No! No! No! Mr. Si, don't be too impulsive. I was just kidding..." She knew what he could do!

But the man replied to her with a short cold laugh. "Why were you so outrageous in the afternoon? Really, you suggested me to sell the belt and buy


"I was just kidding! Mr. Si, you are shrewd. Couldn't you catch what I really meant?" She was afraid of being tortured by him all night...

"No, I couldn't. Jane, no more quibbling and messing arround!" When he finished speaking, he kissed her on her inviting red lips.

His kiss was heavy with the smell of cigarette smoke and she nearly choked.

Janet tried to gasp for a breath of air, and said, "Daniel, you tore my nightgown!"

'Maybe I could escape him by making him feel disappointed'

"I had to tore it. The clothes were too cute and made me feel guilty kissing you. He felt really bad of himself when he imagined kissing a teenage girl!

"Why did you feel guilty?" She wondered.

"You were looking too young!"

He didn't want to talk about it anymore. Also, he couldn't figure out what she really wanted to do.

However, ignoring her struggles, Daniel removed all of barriers quickly.

The room was a total mess again.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, two bodyguards were changing shifts. They then saw a figure coming out from the side of the villa. They carefully stared at the man walking leisurely.

Huh? He seemed to look familiar.

"Isn't that... Boss Si! But he left last night!"

The bodyguard then went to check the villa's wall around the tree. But all the windows were closed, and he didn't take it as being so serious.

Janet didn't arrive at the shop that day. Later in the afternoon, Samuel had learnt from one of the bodyguard that Janet had went to the hospital.

He called his daughter at once. "Jane, what's happened with you?"

Janet who was already on her way to hospital, was a little nervous, and said, "No, don't worry, I'm OK. I have just a little... stomachache."

"Stomachache? But why are you going to Obstetrics and Gynecology?" Samuel laid it out for her directly.


Janet forgot that she was constantly surrounded and surveyed by the bodyguards hired by her father.

"Father, stop! I'm fine and I'll be back soon!" Janet then ended the call and kept on enduring the aching pain in her stomach.

A doctor wearing a mouth-muffle looked at the woman, and ordered, "Don't touch it for three days... Were you hurt by someone?"

'It looks like she has been with more than a single man... It seemed like you've been with several, ' the doctor thought. But, the doctor dared not speak out her mind.

Janet smiled embarrassed, and said, "No, no. Am I alright?"

'Damn you, Daniel!'

She had paid for her words.

Janet's phone started ringing again when she got out of the hospital. It was Ella.

"Well, mother, I'm feeling fine now. Don't spy on me so closely, I'm old enough to take care of myself, " said Janet helplessly.

She wasn't a child anymore, indeed.

Ella answered her stern. "Janet! Call Brian and invite him for dinner tonight!"

'What... Why is mother angry? And... Why call Brian?' thought Janet.

"Why do I have to call Brian and invite him to dinner?" She then kicked the small stones near the car. She kicked a big one far away, but hurt her leg. "Ouch..."

She was just about to cry because of the pain.

"That's none of your business. Just invite him to our old house tonight!" Just when Janet then left the hospital, Samuel got in touch with the doctor that had just seen her using his connections.

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