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   Chapter 91 Buy Some Tonics to Strengthen Yourself

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Spark then hastily shook his head and repeated Janet's words to him, all in one breath. "Miss Shao said that your skills aren't only just common, they're even... not equal to one third of her boyfriend's ability. This belt is for you, so you can sell it and buy some tonics to... strengthen yourself."

"And..." he continued, "And... she also said that if you wanted to get even with her, she would... she would... bring some Vi... a... gra to your office..."

'Is my boss really that weak? Oh, poor... How weak is he really? How long can it actually stay hard? Three seconds?' wondered Spark.

He was lost in his questions when Daniel's face completely darkened. He then slammed his big palm heavily on the desk, which startled Spark, and made him run out of the CEO's office.

That evening, Daniel had intended to visit Janet and let her rejudge his skills.

But before Daniel's visit, Brian went to Mansion No. 8 first.

Janet had just put in order the clothes and handbags she had received from Daniel, when she got a call from Brian saying that he was just about to arrive. She then quickly ran downstairs to open the door for him.

"Brian, come in, please!" Janet guided Brian to the living room, and went to pour him a glass of juice.

Looking at Janet's busy moves, Brian put down the things in his hands and asked, "Janet, am I interrupting you at this late evening time?" He was afraid of his photos being taken by reporters, and so before he arrived at her house he had patrolled the surroundings and found that the area was clear.

"No, I haven't even gone to bed yet, " replied Janet. She then put the glass of juice at his side.

Brian took a sip out of the glass, and then passed the packages he was holding to Janet, and said, "I was so busy these last couple of days, and so I could only come at night. These are some specialties from Shirley Zheng. She came to meet our team, and asked me to bring them to you."

That was Brian's reason for coming there.

"Really? Wow, I'm so happy! Do you have any other information about Shirley? How is she doing nowadays?" asked Janet. Shirley's phone had been lost, and she hadn't the time to buy a new one, so Janet still couldn't contact her.

Brian nodded to her. "My comrades said that she looked fine, and she said that she would come and see you immediately after she fully recovers."

Janet was wearing a pink nightgown, with cartoon patterns on it. Brian looked at her, and seemed to be looking at a lovely little rabbit instead. He then grinned a smile.

"Really? Well, that's good! Thank you, Brian!" she said. Janet opened the package from Shirley and found there were a lot of things inside.

Honey, ham, rice, eggs, sausages etc. All of these were natural, coming from the village.

"You're welcome, Janet. So, are you busy these days?" asked Brian. He heard that the business in the cake shop was going better and better, and so he worried about her health.

Janet was wearing a sweet smile on her face, and said, "Yeah, really busy actually. But sometimes I'm lazy, and whenever I don't want to, I don't go to work."

After she spoke, they both laughed.

"Well, that's good. Don't overwork yourself too hard, " said Brian.

'Janet should be a girl who lives comfortably at home, not one that works so hard and is always busy, ' thought Brian.

"There are two jars of honey here. Brian, please help me deliver one jar to grandpa Han. Wait here for a minute. I'll go and find something to pack it up, " said Janet. She then went to find a package bag, and didn't give a chance for Brian to refuse.

Even more, she packed up some of the preserved ham and sausage together as well.

"Fine, then. I thank you in my grandfather's name, " said Brian. It was already getting late, and Brian thought he had to go because it wasn't proper for him to stay this long.

So, in less than a half an hour, Brian left the Shao's mansion.

"Brian, you're welcome. Whenever you're free, please call me; I'll treat you with a dinner!" said Janet. She then escorted Brian to his military car.

Brian nodded, and he couldn't help but grin a pleasant smile on his brown-tanned face.

"Janet, please go in the mansion now. It's really cold outside!" Janet only wore a nightgo

wn on her, and when a gust of cold wind blew through it, Janet almost instantly froze.

She waved goodbye to Brian, and then ran back inside the mansion.

The military car finally left but, however, not that far away, a man sitting in his Rolls-Royce was now burning with rage in his eyes.

From the moment he had first caught sight of the military car, half an hour had passed before Brian finally came out of Janet's mansion!

'Janet was dressed in a nightgown, and her father and mother are not at home. Put a single woman and man together inside a room for half an hour; what could happen?' Many thoughts and speculations now came flooding into Daniel's mind.

Also, when the military car had parked in front of mansion No. 8's gates, one bodyguard, who was observing Janet's actions, had already informed Samuel of what was happening.

Holding his little son in his arms, Samuel anxiously kept going about in his room, and then, after he put down his son on the bed, told Ella, "Tomorrow! Let's go ask Brian tomorrow! I must make him promise to marry Jane!"

Ella held her son and while she began to put him to sleep, said, "Fine. Brian is a good man too. As long as Jane loves him, that's OK."

Ella didn't expect that it was Brian, and she kept hoping it was really Daniel. She felt quite upset, but she had to accept the fact if her daughter loved Brian and was happy with him.

Samuel remembered what Daniel had said last time over the phone, and he felt kind of uncomfortable saying it himself now. "Brian has a special occupation, and he must guard the country all the time. But, well, it's not that bad. At least Jane can come back and stay at home." He tried to comfort his wife, and himself in the process.

Then, when they began to discuss how they should contact Brian, a bodyguard then called with new information, which shocked them very much.

"Mr. Shao, Daniel Si has entered the mansion, " said the bodyguard.


'Oh, Jane, our little child... No! That's impossible!' Samuel thought.

He tried to stop his thoughts, and he could never believe that Jane would date two men at the same time. Jane wasn't such a wicked girl!

But now the truth became uncertain, and Samuel had to figure out who the right man was, again...

At mansion No. 8

Janet heard the doorbell ring and thought, 'Did Brian forget something?'

Then she quickly ran downstairs again, and when she opened the door, she said, "Brian, did you forget..."

But her voice suddenly stopped as she saw that the man at the door wasn't Brian.

"What? It's not Brian. Disappointed?" asked Daniel. He looked coldly at the woman, with his hands tucked deep inside his trousers' pockets.

Then, almost in an instant, Janet reacted and intended to close the door, but Daniel wouldn't let her.

He managed to squeeze himself into the mansion. When he was finally in, he could feel his head hurting.

'Shit! I've reduced myself to squeezing inside a house!' Daniel thought.

"Daniel, why are you coming inside? Get out, now!" Janet demanded. She of course knew that there were bodyguards outside, who watched and reported everything they saw to her father.

She didn't mind Brian coming in, because she actually had nothing to do with Brian, and she wasn't afraid of any of their reports. But for Daniel... She was afraid that her bodyguards would report him to her father!

Daniel held her chin and lowered down his head to kiss her red lips.

But Janet pushed him away, because she really didn't dare to do this kind of things under her father's watchful scouts.

If Daniel really were her boyfriend, there would be no problem, but he was already another woman's boyfriend...

Daniel was infuriated by her refusal, and said, "What? Have you already been satisfied by Brian? You're gonna throw me away now?"

Daniel guessed that the woman's next action was to lift up her arms...

And, as expected, Janet did furiously lift up her arms and was just about to slap his face.

'Does this man think that everyone in this world is as wicked and two-faced as him?' thought Janet.

But her arm was then held and stopped by him.

"You really wanted to hit me?" Daniel was furiously staring at her, with her wrist gripped into his big palm.

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