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   Chapter 90 You are Quite Good at Making the Bed

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Ella's look suddenly changed, and she said, "OK, I understand. Thank you, Miss Zhang."

After she hung up the phone, Ella looked at Samuel.

"What time was it?" he asked. But he had already guessed it quite correct in his mind.

"... About eight o'clock, " said Ella uneasily.

'My daughter's all grown up and now she's holding secrets from us, ' thought Ella.

"Who's the man? Is it Brian, or Daniel?" shouted Samuel. His face had completely darkened up.

... But Ella knew nothing, and helplessly looked at her husband.

"We, as parents, are sometimes too careless. Our daughter has... And we had no idea of it, " Ella said. She then sighed.

Samuel all of a sudden stood up from his chair, and clenching his fists tight he hammered them on the table, and said, "I have to talk with these two guys and find out who's the boldest! Which one of them dared touch my daughter, without even ensuring her a legal status yet!"

Ella intended to support Samuel's idea at first, but after a second thought she thought it might be improper to do that.

"Wait! We'd better go and ask Jane first! What if it's Brian, but you ask Daniel. And what if it's Daniel, and you ask Brian... This'll be so shameful for both of us and Janet!" Ella stopped for a moment and persuaded Samuel to calm down and think about it.

Samuel thought that his wife was right, and asked, "Do you really think that your daughter will be honest with you?" 'Right. If Janet really wanted to tell us, she would have already done it, ' thought Ella.

She felt helpless. 'Jane is so stubborn and shy that she definitely won't tell me about this sort of thing!'

"What about... we..." Ella then whispered some words into Samuel's ears; Samuel nodded his head in approval.

"OK, I'll send her a message later, " said Samuel.

Janet was going shopping in the mall when she received a Wechat message from her father. It read, "Jane, we're going back to the old house and staying there for some days. Please take care of yourself, and come and see us at the old house whenever you're free."

'What? Didn't they say that they just went back there to pick up John? Why are they staying there now?' Janet wondered.

"OK, I got it, dad." Janet quickly sent back her text and then continued shopping for clothes.

When she walked up to the men's clothes, a carefully crafted crocodile belt caught her eye.

"Hello! Welcome!" Soon enough, a saleswoman came up and welcomed her.

When she saw her wearing the expensive pink overcoat, the saleswoman knew in an instant that she must be a very wealthy customer.

She then anxiously presented the expensive belt to Janet. "Young lady, this belt is made out of only one single piece of crocodile skin, with nine small diamonds mounted on the buckle, which is also a piece of exquisite workmanship..."

'Not only is it mounted with diamonds, but it's also made of gold!' Janet thought.

She then took a look at the price. 'One, two, three... Oh, nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars!' Janet felt a little dizzy as she saw the price.

"What about the discount?" asked Janet.

The saleswoman stopped talking and thought for a second. "Young lady, this is the only item of this kind, and there's no discount for it, " she said smiling.

'Well! Fine!'

"Please pack it up for me!" said Janet.

The saleswoman grinned an enormous smile on her face, packed up the belt for her, and then guided her on how to make the payment.

After she finished paying for it, Janet looked blankly at the package.

'The belt is not suitable for father's style... and it isn't neither for my brother... Sven? But I'm afraid of arousing any misunderstandings to his girlfriend!' carefully pondered Janet. Actually, Sven didn't have a girlfriend anymore these days, and he didn't even know that he had just missed the opportunity to receive an expensive diamond-gold crocodile belt!

Janet kept pondering, 'Dani... No, Brian! But no no no, Brian wears military uniforms everyday. It doesn't suit him. It seems that Daniel is my last and only choice now...'

But also remembering of his girlfriend, Janet hesitated again.

'Ah! This is so troublesome! Forget it! I'll leave it alone for now! I'm so annoyed now! I'm not even in the mood to go shopping anymore!' Janet thought. She carried the packaged belt she had just bought out of the shopping mall and then directly returned to her cake s


After she returned, she devoted herself to working on her desserts.

In the afternoon, after Janet had finished the last piece of dessert, she was just about to look through some of the files on her laptop.

Spark suddenly showed up in her shop, and on seeing him, Janet's heart began beating faster and faster.

It wasn't because she saw Spark, but because seeing Spark was also like seeing Daniel.

"Miss Shao, I have got something to talk with you." Looking at Janet, Spark shared a smile.

"Please!" said Janet.

"Miss Shao, can you please follow me outside?"

'My boss is really putting out every effort for this woman, ' he thought.

Janet then put her laptop aside and followed Spark out of the shop.

Spark opened the trunk of the Bentley he drove today, and Janet was shocked to see the things laying inside it.

A couple of dozens of handbags, all in various sizes, filled the whole trunk of the car. Some were even squeezed together because it wasn't enough space left to fit them.

Janet remembered a familiar scene that happened some time ago when a wealthy man had chased her and had also sent her a trunk full of bags and shoes.

But at that time, Janet had despised him, and had thrown out only one single word: "Vulgar!" Then she went her way without ever turning around.

But now...

"These clothes were all collected by Mr. Si early this morning from different shopping malls, and they are all limited editions. The handbags are also limited editions, unique in the whole world. You'll never find a duplicate of any of these in the whole world, " Spark said, "As time was limited and Mr. Si is also busy, the clothes were picked in a rush. But the handbags on the other hand are picked up by Mr. Si himself, in Milan, when he was on his business trip almost half a month ago."

Looking at all the clothes and handbags, this time Janet didn't feel vulgar at all, but without even knowing why.

"Why did Daniel have to do all of this? What does it mean?" asked Janet. Janet's heart was beating so fast that she tried hard to calm herself down and wondered why Daniel had given her all of these gifts...

'Oh, maybe it's because he said that he would compensate tenfold for the torn clothes from last night. But what about the handbags?' thought Janet.

Spark kept silent for a while; he felt embarrassed to tell her what his boss had instructed him to.

And, just in case things went wrong, Spark was so smart that he first moved all the clothes and handbags to Janet's car.

He then gathered up all of his courage to utter his boss' words. "Mr. Si said that you are quite good at making the bed, and... Um... your... panting... is quite good, and these are your rewards." Spark lowered down his head as he embarrassingly spoke out the words, He even tried to avoid some of the more sensitive words.

He then thought helplessly, 'Oh, boss. When did you begin to become such a shameless man?'

Janet then felt a sudden rage rushing out of her brain.

She shouted at Spark and stopped him, who was now trying to escape. "Stop! Help me deliver something to Daniel!"

'Fine! Just wait and see how I'm going to humiliate you!' Janet thought.

Twenty minutes later

With a package in his hands, and bearing a bitter face, Spark knocked at the CEO's office door.

"Come in."

Daniel looked at Spark, and said, "The result?" He kept working on his papers with his pen.

Then, Spark spoke with a stutter. "Mr. Si, the clothes and handbags... Miss Shao said... that she would not leave any of them undressed, and that she would dress them all."

"Well. Good job then! Then you can go out now, " said Daniel.

But Spark continued to stand in the office without even moving a little bit. Daniel raised his head, and while he frowned, he said, "Anything else?"

Then, Spark put the package on his desk and said, "Mr. Si, please take a look first!"

When Daniel opened the package and then the delicate box, he found that there was an exquisite belt inside.

He was suddenly surprised and happy, but he tried to pretend to be calm, and with a look of expectation, he stared back at Spark, whose face was now beyond normal.

"Mr... Mr... Mr..." Spark stammered. He could hardly utter any words.

"Spark, do you want to go and work in the logistics department?" warned Daniel. The man then slightly frowned while he played with the belt's buckle.

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