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   Chapter 89 Why Didn't You Tie Your Hair Up

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Janet felt guilty at that moment and cleared her throat, trying not to utter any more strange sounds. "Mother, I'm in a meeting... Ah! It doesn't matter, mother. I'm in a meeting now..." she spoke.

But then she suddenly stopped speaking, because she was trying to grit her teeth.

'Daniel, you're such a despicable man!' she thought.

"Jane, are you in a meeting? When can you get back home? Would you like your father to come and pick you up?" asked Ella. When she couldn't hear Janet's reply, Ella curiously checked the phone and found that Janet was still connected!

Janet immediately shook her head, but when she realized that her mother couldn't see her shaking her head, she dug her fingernails into Daniel's arm and then took a deep breath.

"Mother, no, thanks. I'm busy right now and the meeting will be over later!" she replied in one single breath.

She then quickly hung up the phone and quickly gasped for air.

"Daniel, you are such a bastard!" she shouted. Janet, with her arms around Daniel's neck, furiously took one bite on his neck.


At about 12 o'clock, midnight

Janet, with her long hair loose, began to put on her clothes in a haste. When she glanced at the button-less coat on the ground, Janet picked it up and wrapped it around herself.

After that she grabbed her phone, which had been ringing all the time, and left Daniel's bedroom, her legs flaccid.

It wasn't until she got in her car, that Janet dared to call her father. "Father, what's up?"

"Jane, what happened to you? What took you so long to answer the phone?" asked Samuel. He had already gotten dressed and was just about to go out and look for his daughter.

"I was in a meeting just now and my phone was on silent mode, but now I've almost safely arrive at home, " replied Janet. She tightly held onto the steering wheel and her heart beat faster because she had just told her father a lie.

Then she looked up at the second floor of the No. 9 villa, and found that the guest room's light was turned on and off again.

And she also remembered Daniel's words just now.

'So, does Daniel really go to Kate's room this time...?' thought Janet.

She really had a rich imagination but, in fact, Kate just went to the toilet just now and then came back to the bedroom.

"Hum. Just be careful on the road and call me if anything happens, " said Samuel. He then hung up the phone.

'No. This is not good!' Samuel thought. When he learned that Jane come off duty so late, he decided to have a talk with her and tell her that

e had bought his daughter this coat in America and he remembered that it had, indeed, buttons when he had bought it.

When he also remembered Janet, who looked very strange last night, Samuel curiously frowned.

After they looked at each other, Ella and Samuel seemed to be understanding something.

At that moment, Janet had already reached the stairs of the second floor. When Samuel winked at Ella, she immediately put the coat back into the bag.

With their own ideas on their minds, they finished their breakfast. After Janet said her goodbyes to her mother and father, she carried the paper bag in her hand and left the villa.

It was her father who had bought her this coat, and so she was unwilling to throw it away. She thought about it for a second and decided to take the coat to the shopping mall and add several buttons to it before going to her shop.

When she had just walked out of her villa, she came across the familiar Rolls-Royce. Inside the car, Kate was sitting in the passenger's seat.

Janet just glanced at it and then got into her own car.

She already knew it. But she was still sad when she saw them, nonetheless.

She shouldn't throw the blame on anyone, because she herself had insisted on loving him, even if she knew that Daniel already had a girlfriend.

Her Benz followed the Rolls-Royce and then they drove off into different directions after they left the villa area.

Inside villa No. 8

Ella went upstairs, took out her phone and dialed Janet's shop.

"Hello! Zenia, this is Janet's mother speaking... Can I ask you something... Well, when did you get off work last night?" asked Ella. She sat beside Samuel when she spoke at the phone.

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