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   Chapter 88 Have You Ever Thought Of My Integrity

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The soft words were spoken out cold, and Janet mistook them for what they really were.

"Daniel, do you really dislike me that much?" Janet raised her head and looked him in the eyes.

The man looked at the crying lady in his arms, but he couldn't answer "Yes".

When he was about to shake his head, Janet touched his lips and mumbled while cleaning them, "I don't want you to kiss her. I don't! Daniel, go and wash your lips!"

In the end, Janet pushed him towards the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, Kate had seen all what happened between them. 'Janet, you idiot!' she thought, 'Don't you see that Daniel loves you?'

"Go and take a shower in the next-door room; I'll send Spark to pick you up tomorrow!" He spoke to Kate, who was sitting on the bed shivering, before entering the bathroom.

Kate gnashed her teeth, and wrapped up in the quilt, went to the next room. When she passed Janet, she gave her a supercilious, disdainful look.

Janet responded to it with a cold hum.

After Daniel entered the bathroom, Janet took all the dirty sheets and quilt away and threw them out in the balcony.

Then there was nothing left on the bed.

When Daniel was getting out of the bathroom, Janet was spraying herself with a perfume she somehow had found there.

It smelled light sweet in the air, just like she did...

The man hastily held the woman in his arms and then spoke in her ear. "You've driven away my girlfriend, " he said, "so now you'll compensate for her!"

Really? She closed the perfume bottle she had in her hand and then looked at the man perplexed.

Daniel cast a quick glance at the empty bed. "Go and make the bed for me!"

Janet looked at the man even more bewildered. Make his bed?

Daniel then raised his eyebrows, and said, "Hurry up! You should also apologize!"

All right! Yes, after all, he was right. Janet rushed into the cloakroom and found the drawer with fresh sheets and quilts.


Baby... Make... Him... A... Baby?

"No, no, no..." Janet was afraid and trembled because she had never thought about this ever!

"No? Why not? Do you want to have Brian's baby?" Daniel was completely furious by now, and looked at the little lady under him. It seemed that she would be killed if she even dared to speak a single word.

'Brian? Why is he mentioning him at this time?' Janet's head started to ache then.

"Daniel, how can you mention Brian? Kate is in the villa. Do you think you are qualified to be jealous now?" And they quarreled again!

But this time, Daniel quarreled less and punished her in another way.

Half an hour later

Someone's cellphone was ringing in the bedroom; Janet felt really nervous.

Gosh! Gosh! It must be her parents because it was too late. Nobody, except for her parents, would call her this late at night.

She took out her phone from the bag. Yes, it was her mother!

Janet hinted to the man who was on her, but all was in vain at that time.

Again, the cellphone rang. She decided to reject the call and sent her a message instead.

But just when she was writing the text, Ella called again, and Janet accidentally answered it. 'Uh-oh!'

"Jane, what's happening? Why are you still out?"

Ella asked with concern.

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