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   Chapter 87 If You Hate Me, Just Get Away from Me

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"You son of bitch!" shouted Walter's father, "My reputation is completely ruined because of you!" He had never expected that this event would be leaked out to his superiors, and that his son had offended someone who was beyond his ability to deal with.

"Father, I'm sorry! I'm well aware of my actions now!" Walter cried out shivering, and covering his hurting face.

The mayor warned his son. "You just stay at home these following couple of days and don't go anywhere. If you ever dare to wrong anyone again, my position will be forever lost!"

"I know, father. From now on, I'll be sure to behave myself!" Walter now definitely believed that Janet Shao really had a strong background if she was indeed able to deprive his father of his official position.

Since then, Walter always went and prowled around the Zheng's house for no particular reason.

If the Zheng family had any trouble, he was also in trouble.

When Shirley found out about what had happened, she knew that this all because of Janet. She was deeply moved by what Janet had done, and she had made up her mind that she would look for a job in the city nearer her, after she was fully recovered.

In a private apartment

Kate Song was busy working when her phone rang. "Hello, Daniel, " she cheerfully answered.

Kate's eyes then suddenly brightened up, and said, "Fine, I'm coming right now."

After she hung up the phone, Kate's smile abruptly stopped when she suddenly thought of something.

There was only one particular reason that Daniel would ask her to come to his mansion at such a late time in the evening.

'Janet Shao!'

She took a deep breath, and thought, 'Janet Shao, I must try every mean to root you out from this world!'

Then she opened her wardrobe, and took out of it one of her most expensive black woolen overcoats. She was wearing a simple sweater but now had it changed to a silk sun-top...

Sitting in front of her dresser, she put on her makeup and sprayed herself with the most expensive perfume. Then, putting on her high heels, she drove to mansion No.9 in the Royal Mansion Neighborhood.

She rang the doorbell, and Daniel, wrapped in his bathrobe, came to open the door for her.

If she didn't know the real reason of her coming there, Kate would've absolutely indulged herself in some of her illusions towards Daniel.

Closing the mansion's door, Daniel went upstairs."You should know why you are here now, right?" he asked.

Kate bit her lower lip and didn't utter a single word.

After she followed him to his bedroom on the second floor, Daniel opened a bottle of red wine and then filled two glasses.


When Kate took her glass of wine, she heard a strange sound coming from the balcony.

She then saw Daniel grinning a big smile on his face...

Then, after a while longer, the voice from outside made Kate understand what was actually happening.

"Daniel, I'm going to jump now! Look..." Janet's joyful voice then suddenly vanished as she saw the two people kissing each other in the bedroom.

But Daniel was not actually kissing Kate, he had just pretended to kiss her, and from Janet's angle it seemed like they really were.

Then, ignoring Janet, Daniel put the glasses back in the wine shelf and then carried Kate to bed...

As he pressed her under him on his spacious bed, Kate's coat became loose on her, exposing the sun-top underneath.

The woman hanging in the balcony was shocked to see the saccharine scene, and instantly her mind went blank.

Gripping her clothes, she felt so heart-broken by what she had seen that tears started to flow down on her cheeks.

She saw clearly that the man's kiss had fallen on the woman's neck.

"Daniel..." The woman's aroused voice nearly made Janet come to a breakdown point, and so she opened the bedroom's door and rushed out.

No sooner had Janet left the bedroom than Daniel stood up from Kate.

But he didn't know that Janet had suddenly stopped

at the mansion's door, just before she was about to rush out of it.

'How can I let him hold another woman in his arms after he has already taken away my most precious thing?' she thought.

Gripping her fists tight, Janet then went into Daniel's kitchen instead.

In the bedroom, Daniel drank all of his red wine in one single gulp. He thought at first that Janet would be, indeed, even more furious with him and have more revenge plans, but at least she had run away.

'Hum! I am looking down upon you this time!' Daniel thought.

Kate sat up on the bed and tidied up her clothes.

"Daniel, is this fair for me?" asked Kate. She was smoothing out her hair with her fingers, and was just about to give up everything to capture Daniel.

"Fair?" The man returned an icy-cold sly smile to her, and said, "Kate, didn't you do all of this of your own free will?"

His words dumbfounded Kate.

Daniel had warned and told her that he didn't love her at all, a long time before.

And it was of her own free will to keep approaching Daniel.

Then, suddenly there were heard footsteps coming from outside, and Daniel was so surprised that he rapidly pressed down Kate under his body.

Again, he rudely took off her coat a little bit more, letting his palms directly rest on her waist.

Then, the bedroom's door was open. "Daniel and Kate, " started Janet, "would you wish you have your golden baby as soon as possible?"

'Golden baby? What's that?' Daniel thought.

He and Kate exchanged short glances and then turned around to look towards Janet, but...

"Ah!" Kate screamed while a basin of cold water was being poured down on their bodies, from head to toe...

"How are you feeling now? Nice and cool, right?" Janet randomly threw away the basin and then walked a few more steps towards them, ignoring Daniel's darkened face.

"I was just so kind to help you put out your hot fire! Don't be so moved about it!" said Janet. She crossed her arms before her chest and joyfully looked at the bewildered man and woman sitting on the bed.

Beads of water were dropping down from Daniel's hair as he slowly stood up from the bed. Kate dragged the quilt to wrap herself in it because she was cold and shivering.

"Janet... Shao.. Haven't you... gone too far?" Kate was irritated, and she thought that this woman was playing her tricks too heavy!

'Are they really considering me a coward?' Janet thought.

She arrogantly walked to Kate's side and, with her hands on her hips, she said, "Kate Song! Now, let me tell you something clear: Daniel belongs to me! He's taken away my purity, and he now must be responsible for me. So, if you still know or remember anything about shame, please go away, now!"

When she heard her, Kate was utterly shocked, and then looked towards Daniel.

Daniel then dragged Janet and threw her out of the bedroom. "Janet, who ever allowed you to challenge my girlfriend?"

Janet got free of his hands, and said, "I allowed myself to do that! You bad and evil man! Ah! I hate you!"

'Why did I fall in love with such a bad man? Please, who can tell me why?' Janet pondered.

"If you hate me, just get away from me!" There was a rage burning in the look of his eyes, and beads of water were still dropping down from his hair.

Then, in an instant, Janet burst into tears and threw herself into Daniel's arms.

"Daniel, I knew that I misunderstood you; I'm apologizing to you! Why is it so hard to forgive me?" Janet was choking with sobs.

And as he heard Janet's soft words, his heart also softened.

"Get out of my way, I need to take a shower!" Daniel dragged her aside with a disliking face.

But the woman kept holding his waist like she had some adhesive glue on her palms, and then protested in her spoiled manner. "No, Daniel! Please ask her to go away. I don't want to see her here!"

Daniel unconsciously softened his movements, and smoothing her long hair said, "Jane, stop kidding around!"

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