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   Chapter 86 Someone Has Bullied My Daughter

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While he was listening to Jerry, who was speaking on the other side of the line, Samuel kept close eyes on Janet.

'Oh no! Jerry has told father that I will go to Shenqing City?' wondered Janet.

She patted her forehead, and regretted being so impulsive to post something like that on WeChat Moments!

When she was just about to secretly take out her phone and delete the post, she heard Samuel speak on the phone, "I see."

After he hung up on Jerry, he immediately checked Jane's WeChat Moments.

Janet was so nervous that her hand trembled and couldn't do things so quick, so before she had the chance to delete the post on her Moments, Samuel had already read it.

"Jane, have you finished eating your breakfast? I'd like to have a talk with you after!" said Samuel. He sat opposite Janet, seeming to have a heart-to-heart kind of talk with her.

"Father! You don't have to say anything, because I've already made up my mind!" She confronted her father without fearing that he already knew her plan. After all, he couldn't stop her!

"I know what are you going to do and I can help you handle it, so you don't have to do it in person!" said Samuel. He knew that if he had to talk and settle with Jane, he had to say something attractive to please her first.

Janet was surprised to hear him saying that. Looking at him, she said, "Father, aren't you angry?"

When he heard his daughter, Samuel smiled but then immediately pulled a long face. "Of course, I'm angry. Someone has bullied my daughter, so I won't let him off so easily. I must teach him a lesson!" he said.

"No, you've misunderstood me. He didn't bully me; he bullied my good friend!" Janet immediately explained what happened.

Samuel, when he heard this, seemed to ease up a bit, and asked, "Why did he bully your good friend?"

Janet told Samuel what had happened in more detail, and she also added, "Father, you can't stop me, because I've already decided to go to Shenqing City right away!"

Samuel shook his head, and said, "My silly little girl, Shenqing City is a territory under the county magistrate's control, so if you go there to teach his son a lesson, you'll get yourself into lots of trouble!"

'That's right! Father's words do seem to make sense!' thought Janet.

"You don' have to go there in person, and I'll hire someone else to help you tech him a lesson! I promise he'll be beat up rally good!" added Samuel.

He believed that it was better for Janet not to deal with such things in person, avoiding any trouble whatsoever!

Jane didn't want to have any bodyguards, and if Walter ever got back at Jane, it would be impossible for her to defend herself effectively.

It was Janet's turn to shake her head. "Father, I won't work off my anger if I don't beat him presonally!"

Samuel then thought about it for a while longer, and said, "I have another good idea. I'll hire some people to take him downtown, and then you can teach him a lesson to remember! That way, he'll never know who hits him! And so he'll keep his grievances to himself!"

'I see!' realized Janet. 'That's also a good plan!' she thought. "Father, I'll first go to my shop, and if you bring Walter downtown, please call me!" she said.

Samuel stood up beside the table and waved at her. "Be careful on your way. And come back early in the evening!" he said.

Janet, who thought only about Daniel and Shirley's revenge, was absent-minded the whole day. Finally, she stopped making her desserts and just sat in the shop, lost in thought.

When it was dusk, Samuel texted Janet. "Jane, Walter arrived. When can you come to the backyard of SOHO Bar?"

"OK, I'm coming right now!"

She said her goodbyes for the day to the staff and then drove to the SH Bar.

In the SL Group

Spark, who was answering a call, told Daniel, "Miss Shao worked at the shop in the morning and left it just now, but she isn't driving to her house."

"I see. Please keep following her and see where she is heading." Daniel was dealing with his documents in his office, and didn't even raise his head out of them when he talked with Spark.

"OK, Mr. Si."


the backyard of SOHO Bar

When Janet arrived at a small room there, she saw a man with a sack on his face.

"You'd better let me go now!" he shouted, "Otherwise, my father will kill you!"

Janet sneered and then kicked Walter's face hard.

"Ouch! Who are you? How dare you kick me!" screeched Walter.

He wanted to cover his face with his hands, but his hands were tied behind his back; he had to endure the pain.

"It's me!" said Janet. She then took off the sack off of his head before one of the bodyguard besides her had a chance to stop her.

Mr. Shao had personally asked them not to let Walter see Miss Shao.

But they had failed! A bodyguard then took out his phone from his pocket and immediately called Samuel.

"Did she take it off? And did Walter see her?" asked Samuel. He was taking care of John at this time. When he heard the bodyguard's words, he put John on his leg and then concentrated on speaking over the phone.

"Yes, Mr. Shao. We couldn't stop her. We are very sorry..." said the bodyguard.

Samuel thought about the matter for a moment, and then said, "It doesn't matter. I know Jane's character. Let her take the sack off!" He, of course, wasn't afraid of Walter, but he just didn't want to get Jane into trouble.

Just in case, he decided to secretly appoint several bodyguards for Janet's protection.

But he also had a better way to help his daughter get out of the trouble with Walter.

"OK, Mr. Shao. Bye!" said the bodyguard.

Just after he ended the call, Samuel called the municipal party secretary...

Walter was surprised to see Janet there, and then understood why Janet had done this to him!

"Why do you... meddle in others' affairs?" asked Walter.

When Janet heard him speaking, she became even more furious.

She grabbed Walter by the collar, lifted him from the ground, and again kicked him. "Bastard!" she shouted, "Right! I'm meddling! I'm going to beat you to death!"

Walter kept screeching while Janet, indeed, was beating him up.

Later, when Janet felt her hands were growing tired, she asked two bodyguards to continue beating Walter.

"I was wrong. I know I did something wrong." Walter kept begging for mercy.

"Wrong? You have to apologize to Shirley, and send her monthly supplies as well. You also can't cause her family any trouble; if I hear that anything bad has happened to them, I'll beat you to death in an instant. Do you understand?" said Janet. She stared at Walter with rage burning in her eyes.

Walter nodded again and again, seeming to be very obedient. "Fine, fine, I see. I will take care of Shirley after I come back, " he said.

This time, he sounded OK! Janet, again, said to him, "From now on, you'll be responsible for Shirley's safety and that of her entire family. If something bad ever happens to any one of them, I'll tie you up and bring you back here. And then I won't just simply beat you up!"

"OK, I'll remember your words, " said Walter. He was, indeed, scared of her. While he was sleeping in his house in the morning, a group of men dressed in black business suits had suddenly stormed inside his house, tied him, and brought him here.

He probably had figured out by now that Janet was coming from a strong family background, so he just accepted the fact and obeyed her words.

"Send him back now!" said Janet. She then beat the dust from her hands and left.

Soon after Janet left, Walter carefully asked a bodyguard about Janet's identity. The bodyguard replied, "She's the one who can do anything she likes in C Country!"

After he heard these words, Walter didn't dare to ask something else! He was then taken back to Shenqing City with his head still covered with the sack.

The county magistrate, who had just received the municipal party secretary's phone call, was now walking back and forth inside his house, very upset.

He knew that his son had been taken away by some mysterious men, but he didn't know who they really were.

At midnight, Walter was thrown in front of the county magistrate's house. When he first laid his eyes on him, the county magistrate directly kicked him.

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