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   Chapter 85 You are Really Good at Making Trouble out of Nothing Now

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"Damn it, get up!" demanded Daniel. He then went to the bed and dragged the quilt off her.

However, Janet tightly held on to a pillow and grovelled on the bed. "No, you owe me an apology!" she said.

'Owe her an apology?' Daniel looked at Janet as if she were some kind of idiot, and said, "Janet, you're crazy! You want me to apologize?"

"Yes, you have to apologize because you freaked me out when I was climbing the balcony just now!" She gave him the cheek and stayed in his bed. It hadn't been easy for her to get inside the mansion, and now she couldn't leave so easily!

Daniel couldn't help laughing. "Janet, I haven't seen you for days. You're really good at making trouble out of nothing now!"

She suddenly sat up and then excitedly looked at him. "You feel the same way, right? You've been ignoring me for more than a month. My heart hurts!"


'What the hell is she talking about?' wondered Daniel. He frowned upon her.

"Janet, you're getting engaged to Brian. Why are you still here? Do you want to be like me, but only with two boyfriends instead?" asked Daniel. He then slowly put on his night-robe.

Janet now lied on his bed again, and said, "Yes, is that OK with you?"

'If you don't break up with Kate, I won't tell you the truth between Brian and me. I'm going to piss you off! As long as you still care about me...' thought Janet.

She didn't know that Daniel was fuming now.

"Sadly, you are not my piece of cake. Get out now!" Daniel said.

When she heard this, Janet got mad. She jumped up from the bed, and while she looked at him, said, "Daniel, Do you think I'm a balloon? Do you think that I'm so easily disposable?"

Daniel fixed his gaze on her when he heard the word balloon.

With a sneer on his face, he then said, "Yes, you clearly know yourself well enough!"

Janet didn't believe in his nonsense. She tried to open her mouth and utter some words, but she soon became so angry that nothing actually came out.

On impulse, she unzipped her coat and threw it aside on the bed.

Daniel was now aware of what she was going to do next. He then hastily said, "Janet, even if you're naked, I still won't look at you."

Janet paused when she was just about to take off her dress.

'You are a jerk. Don't you know that your harsh words hurt me?'

'I don't believe what you're saying. You acted like an animal when we had sex before...' she thought.

The heating in the room had kept Janet safe from shivering from the cold.

When she took off her last piece of clothing, she threw herself on him.

Daniel was startled a little bit by the bump. He stretched out his arms and held her tightly...

"Daniel..." She sensually whispered to his ear as he used to do with her.

On hearing her voice he stiffened in an instant!

He then harshly threw her on the bed. Without even looking at her, he warned her, "Janet, I am going to take a bath now. If you're still here when I come out, I'll throw you out naked!"

He then ran away to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him and turning on the cold water.

Back in the bedroom Janet, feeling embarrassed and injured, was staring at the bathroom's door.

'Gosh! This is so embarrassing! I came here like a clown and ended up being humiliated.

And now I have to get dressed and walk away in this disgrace. I'm so ashamed... Damn you, Daniel! How can you ignore me like this! You just wait and see! I will have you focus on me, eventually!'

'We'll see!' Janet thought.

About twenty minutes late

r Daniel walked out of the bathroom. He felt relieved when he noticed that the bedroom was empty.

But so was his heart, somehow.

Although she had apologized to him for not trusting him, he still felt uncomfortable...

She probably would come back tomorrow evening.

At the thought of this, a sly smile came on Daniel's face.

He was going to mess around with her until he was happy with her!

Feeling stifled, Janet went back to her mansion. She had left her shoes under the tree at Denial's mansion, and so she had to sneak back into her bedroom.

Before going to bed, she received a message from Brian, which read:

"We've found Shirley. She is in Xiaxi Village now, but she had a miscarriage. Now she is recuperating!"

A miscarriage?

"How did it happen?" Janet hastily asked.

Brian told her about everything he knew. After things in the Xiaxi Village had calmed down, Walter had taken back his betrothal gifts and broken off the engagement he had with Shirley.

What had happened on the wedding day had disappointed Shirley. She did not want to marry him any more, and so she secretly had an abortion.

When Walter found out about it, he was so angry that he beat her up and left with all the betrothal gifts.

As Janet was reading Brian's messages, the first thing that came to her mind was 'Damn you Walter! I'll go to Shenqing City and find you, and then I 'll beat the shit out of you!'

"Thanks, Brian. Sorry to trouble you!" she texted.

She swallowed her anger for the moment and thanked him.

"Janet, you are welcome. Have a good night!"

"Goodnight, Brian!" she replied.

Janet tossed in bed thinking about what had happened to Shirley for the whole night. Unable to fall asleep, she posted something on her Moments. It read, "Walter, you will pay for it. I will beat the shit out of you tomorrow!"

She then added an angry picture under the post and then locked her phone.

Early in the next morning, Janet received a voice message from Brian on WeChat. "Janet, don't be silly. Although the Xiaxi Village is safe now, you will be in Walter's territory if you go to Shenqing City. Calm down."

Janet had been awake because of him all night. How could she let Walter off so easily!

She texted him back, "I get it. Brian."

She then checked the comments on her Moments. Sven had commented, "Jane, whoever it is that makes you angry, I'll help you beat the shit out of him as well."

Jerry had commented, "Jane, what happened? Call me back tomorrow."

Sally commented, "Calm down. I'll come with you and beat him to a pulp!"

Some of her college friends had also commented on the post and had asked what had happened to her. Janet didn't reply to any of those comments. She quickly washed up and then walked out of her bedroom.

The last incident had killed three of her personal bodyguards.

Samuel and the insurance company had made a nice mourning compensation for their families. However, it would never be enough to soothe the families who had lost their loved ones.

Therefore, Janet had refused to carry bodyguards after her ever since.

When she arrived downstairs, Samuel had already prepared her breakfast.

When he saw her, Samuel said, "Jane, come and have some breakfast."

Janet was not in the mood to eat at first. But, on a second thought, she needed food to keep her physical strength up for the upcoming fight. She sat down and then quickly had her breakfast.

During their breakfast, Samuel answered a phone call. "Hello, Jerry..."

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