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   Chapter 84 You Really are A One Thousand Year Old Scumbag

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'Mom's words sound quite reasonable, ' thought Janet.

"Dad, mom, please go ahead and mind your own. I'm going back to my cake shop now, " she said. Grabbing her car keys, Janet then left the mansion.


When it was nearing dusk time, Janet had finally made the final touches of a delicate Tiramisu cake.

Then, while joyfully looking at the dessert, she called Daniel. She could hear her heart beating faster and faster as her call was connecting.

Last time when she had called him he had failed to answer. Since then, she couldn't build up the courage to call him again.

But this time... 'Oh, the call's connected!' Janet was very surprised, and said, "Daniel, when are you finishing work today?" Daniel was shocked on hearing her joyful voice.

'Didn't she hate me? Didn't she say that I'm a despicable man?' wondered Daniel.

"I'm not sure yet."

The man replied with a flat and emotionless voice, which disappointed Janet, and made her feel a little bit hurt.

"Then, could I come to your company? Is that OK?" she asked.

The word "Yes" was on Daniel's lips, but he swallowed it back, and corrected himself. "No!" he started, "I'm very busy now!"

'Oh well!' She sighed, and then thought, 'I just knew it.'

Janet sat down in the corner of her shop. "Daniel, " she said anguished, "I apologize for disturbing you. I misunderstood you the last time, I'm sorry!"

'My virginity was stolen by him, and now I have to humble myself and to apologize to him. Can this happen to someone else other than me?' Janet thought.

"Janet, I made it clear in the hospital that night that I won't meet with you anymore!" He answered her with a harsh tone and Daniel then hung up on her.

But, behind the phone, the man actually grinned a slight sly smile on his face.

The girl was so depressed that she bent herself over the table and then gloomily wondered what she should do now.

'Daniel, you stone-cold man, you're still arrogant! What should I do now?' Janet pondered.

Then she took out her phone and texted him on Wechat. "Daniel, I have made a Tiramisu cake just for you. What about I bring it to you?"

"No! I hate eating desserts the most!"

Daniel replied back after a long time after receiving her message, and also in a way that hurt her self-esteem.

'No wonder he gave my mango cake to his girlfriend last time, ' Janet thought.

She texted him back, "Daniel, if you dare to refuse me again, I'll go and beat your girlfriend!"

She thought that she had a great deal to learn from Daniel, and now tried to threaten him as he had always done to her.

But she was wrong, and Daniel was even more cruel. "If you dare to touch her, " he said "I'll make you disappear from this world and out of anyone's eyes!"

'I'll imprison you in my mansion for your whole life!' Daniel thought.

Janet then put aside the phone morosely. 'Fine!' she thought. 'He'd kill me for his girlfriend. Forget it! I won't bring him the Tiramisu!'

With tears flooding her eyes and then pouring down her cheeks, Janet ate the cake herself. While she was eating she wondered why it was so difficult to love someone.

She never couldn't find her answer, and Daniel stayed alone in the office the whole evening...

The following day

Samuel and Ella, as well as their daughter, invited Charles and Brian to have dinner together with them in a restaurant, for thanking Brian who had saved Janet's life.

Then, when they were leaving the restaurant together, some reporters secretly took their photos and then posted them on the Internet. "Janet Shao and Brian Han, " they wrote, "may soon have an engagement! They have already met each other's parents! The Shao family and Han family will be happily united with this marriage in the near future!"

Janet scornfully looked at the news on the Internet and thought that the media was always inclined to make groundless reports on account of anything! But she didn't pay much attention to these reports, as she was already accustomed to her life being constantly reported online by the press.

However, on the contrary, in his office Daniel raged when he saw all the reports about them.

'Janet Shao! Didn't yo

u want to apologize to me? Didn't you say that you made some desserts for me? This is how you show your apology to me? Now you're getting married with Brian? Good! If you still keep with the ambiguous relationship with Brian, I'll also get engaged with Kate!' thought Daniel with berserk rage.

Daniel didn't know why he had been so severe with her, and to what extent he could actually be satisfied with her.

Feeling annoyed, he threw his phone on the table and continued to smoke more of his cigarettes.

On a quiet evening when Janet had returned from her cake shop, snowflakes suddenly started floating down from the sky.

She saw some car lights, and then she seemed to see Spark in the Rolls-Royce.

'Is that Daniel?' she thought.

The Rolls-Royce car then quickly drove passed her and Janet immediately followed it.

As she expected, the Rolls-Royce parked inside the mansion's garage, and Daniel, wearing a black coat, got out of the car and then walked up to the mansion's door.

Then Spark turned the car around and left the Royal Mansion Neighborhood.

Janet hastily got out of her car and then ran up to the No. 9 mansion's door, but Daniel had closed the door behind him.

She fiercely rang the doorbell, but no one came to answer it.

The man was actually standing on the other side of the door, listening with a smile on his face the doorbell ringing.

The man's face toned down at the same time when the ringing sound suddenly stopped.

Daniel really missed Janet's stubborn character; she wouldn't give up so easy, He put on his slippers, and when he had just climbed a stair, his phone started ringing.

Daniel took out his phone and saw a Wechat message from Janet. "Daniel, " it read, "You've stolen my first time, and my second time, and now you're treating me this horrible way. You really are a one thousand year old scumbag!"

'A scumbag? One thousands years? Does she mean that we know each other from previous lives?' Daniel thought and tittered.

Then he quickly typed a message, and replied, "You've also stolen my first and second times. I think we're square!"

'Square?' Janet was shocked to see the last word of his reply. 'How could we be square?' Janet furiously texted back. "We're not square at all! Open the door, now! Open the door or I will break it down!"

As the man untied his neck tie, he wrote, "You can give it a try!"


'You, bastard!' thought Janet furiously.

Then, Janet incidentally saw that the lights in Daniel's bedroom were turned on, and she suddenly came up with an idea.

'I failed last time, but at least I earned some experience!' Janet thought.

She took off her high heels, and after a deep breath, she carefully climbed up the tree and then jumped to his balcony...

But it wasn't a good idea after all. Again, she had failed in her attempt! "Help! Help!" she screamed. "Help! I'm falling!"

Daniel had just managed to take off his shirt when he suddenly heard a faint voice coming from outside, and he recalled the scene that had happened last time when Janet...

'Oh, shit!'

He quickly strode towards the balcony, bent his head down and, as expected, the stupid girl was gripping the edge of the balcony just the same as last time, with her body swaying in the air!

Daniel was worried and anxious, and he stretched out his arms and pulled her back up to safety.

Janet sat on the balcony's floor, paralyzed with fear and gulping for air. She had been scared to death.

"Janet, can you just stop for once trying to get yourself killed?" asked Daniel. She was always doing something silly or dangerous!

When she turned around and she saw his naked upper body in such cold weather, she wondered, 'Isn't he feeling cold?'

"Daniel, your pecs look so fit. Can I touch them?" she asked. She had touched the man's pecs only once, and they had felt good!

The man's face darkened, and said, "Have you no shame?"

'Shame? Are you kidding me? I've already given myself up to you twice!' Janet thought.

She stood up and then went into his bedroom. "It's so cold outside!" she said.

He then saw the woman slip into his bed and then covering herself with the quilt.

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