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   Chapter 83 Never Stepping a Foot in the Kitchen

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Although Janet hadn't spoken out his name, Samuel and his wife somehow knew who she was talking about.

"Jane, if you love him so much then just go and get him. But don't be as stupid as I was when I was young, I loved your dad a lot, and grabbing the opportunity when he was drunk, I entered his room and made him furious!" Ella recalled their story and gazed at the man with angry eyes.

Samuel coughed, and said, "Sweetheart, don't mention what we did all those years ago." He always felt he was lucky because Ella was dedicated. He had a happy family now.

Ella smiled and kept instructing her daughter. "What I mean is that you can try your best to grasp Daniel. But don't be stupid and do wrong things which aren't in accord with your personality and status, because then he might later look down on you."

Wasn't this stupid? Did her mother refer to what they had already done?

Janet was shy and Daniel was proactive! But she didn't dare tell this to her parents.

She nodded tactfully, and said, "OK, dad and mom. I know what you mean now."

OK. The first step she needed to do was to say sorry to Daniel. Afterwards, she would make him her boyfriend.

But meanwhile she had to deal with Kate. And how could she?

While Janet was getting more and more worried, Samuel asked again "Sally said that Daniel had made a proposal, but you rejected it. Is that true?"

"Yes, it was because... I was sad. So I rejected him." Janet didn't dare to tell her parents the true reasons behind her rejection.

Ella looked at her daughter quietly, and then said, "You liked him before but rejected his proposal. I think that's why Daniel is so angry and is still with Kate!"

'But if Daniel already proposed to her that means that he could still be interested in her.'

"No, mom; he became Kate's boyfriend first, and then proposed. He wanted to have two girlfriends at the same time. That's why he proposed!" What kind of person was Daniel, having two girlfriends at the same time?

The three of them talked about this but could reach no concluding answer.

It was al

sworn mother told me he can't cook a thing. If you ever start a family, you're doomed to starve to death because of your poor cooking skills!"

Janet replied "Dad, don't worry. Even if it were so, we could hire numerous cooks."

"That's right, but that's only because Daniel is rich enough to hire numerous cooks! No common man would hire cooks for you!" Samuel was mumbling while he was mopping the floor.

"Dad, you said that you'll take care of me all of your life! And now you want to leave me hanging just because I almost blew the kitchen up?"

'Father is so realistic; I'm really helpless.'

"OK, OK. I'll take care of you! I've taken care of you all these years. If you ever marry a poor man, I will hire you a cook!"


"Dad, could you wish for me something a little bit nicer?" Janet mumbled.

'Alas! How stupid I am! Janet, Janet... how can you save your love?' she pondered.

Janet then ran to the kitchen, like she was suddenly inspired. "Mother, could you teach how to cook a fried dish? It's OK and you don't need to worry about any pot bombings!"

Ella stopped sweeping the kitchen floor for a few moments, and said, "Janet, I strongly suggest to cook some cookies instead. Because you know how to make cookies and desserts. If Daniel really loves you, he'll be happy to enjoy the cookies you know how to make, not the dishes or soups that you don't!"

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