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   Chapter 82 You're His So-called Sister

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"OK. She is pregnant, so please tell me as soon as you get some news about her!" Janet was so worried about Shirley that she couldn't refuse Brian's kind heart and help.

Brian nodded. "Janet..." he said. He wanted to speak, but then suddenly stopped on a second thought.

Janet looked at him questionably, and asked, "What's wrong, Brian?"

"Can you give me Daniel's phone number. I want to... say my thanks to him."

If it weren't for Daniel, he would not been standing here safely.

"Yes?" Janet looked at him perplexed. Did he want to say thanks to Daniel? "Why?"

"When I was about to save you, Daniel also saved my life!" Though he was unwilling to confirm it, he knew that the real reason why Daniel helped him was that he really wanted him to protect Janet. But in any case, Daniel had saved him.

At that moment Janet felt really sorry for Brian because he had mistaken his enemy as his savior.

"Brian, is it really necessary? Do you know..." But Janet couldn't tell him the truth.

Brian simply gazed at her.

Janet took a deep breath, and tried her best to say, "Daniel wanted... to kill you."

She couldn't stand the bad guy running away from the criminals! Yes! That was it!

"Janet, I think you've mistaken..."

"Ah?" It was Janet's turn to be doubtful.

"Daniel didn't want to kill me. He turned up, and saved me from the terrorists with his two shots." One of the two bullets was aimed at Brian's head.

Janet couldn't believe it.

Daniel didn't want to kill Brian after all... The two bullets launched at him were to save him...

She was now surprised, perplexed, guilty, and excited... All of these emotions suddenly came flooding into Janet.

She remembered the night when she had unjustly accused Daniel, and realized why he was so disappointed. She could feel his disappointment now, but she forced herself to ignore it.

Brian could now understand Janet's complex facial expressions.

"Remember Janet, I'll always be with you."

Brian then kissed her and left.

'Janet, be brave and go and chase for your true love. It's OK if you fail, I'll bet there. I'll be waiting for you forever...' thought Brian as he stepped out of the room.

Janet's head was filled with apologies to Daniel; she had to forget about Brian's strange behavior.

She tried to be brave and called Daniel. But he rejected the call...

Janet then also felt really disappointed.

She had to guess that Daniel, as the mean person who he was, would not forgive her so easily.

At the SL Group

Kate quickly deleted the caller's ID and then put Daniel's phone back in the same place. After that, she kept reading the documents she was handling.

A little while later, Daniel came out of the bathroom.

The two continued talking about their usual business.

On the other hand, after about a month of daily protests, Janet finally came out from the hospital.

'I was feeling fine weeks ago. But why didn't they allow me to leave hospital sooner? I'm so happy to see the outside world!' thought Janet.

Wearing a white, long jacket, Janet happily stood at the hospital's doors. She hopped to climb down the stairs and was ready to get in her father's car and go home.

But, a couple of figures suddenly attracted every bit of her attention.

A man, wearing a black woolen coat, held a woman from the rear seat of a blac

k Lamborghini car.

He was hastily walking towards the outpatient department, and Janet saw that in Daniel's arms was Kate, who was apparently hurting.

Daniel noticed her, but he just greeted Samuel, who was unhappy to see him. "Sworn father!" he said.

Seeing Daniel, Ella, who was sitting in the car, got out of it, and asked, "Daniel, What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know, they need to place a diagnostic first. That's where I'm taking her!" After greeting to the two elders, Daniel then went towards the outpatient department.

Janet seemed to be invisible.

Janet was about to go and beat the woman in the hospital! She was determined to go back herself if it ever were the case.

"Jane, come back. What are you gonna do?" Samuel understood what his daughter was about to do when he saw her clenched fist.

But then he hurriedly hold her arms and stopped her.

"Dad, let me go! I'll go and beat her up! I'll beat her up to the extent that Daniel won't even recognize her anymore!"

'Hhh, how dare you rob me of my man. I, Janet will give you something to chew on!'

Samuel looked at her and really felt helpless; his daughter was angry. "Jane, just remember that she is his girlfriend, and you're his so-called sister."


Immediately, Janet stopped feeling angry and grew disappointed instead.

"Jane, come back in the car, " said Ella. Ella patted on the empty seat beside her and let her daughter sit on it.

Janet eventually sat.

"Jane, I had a talk with your sworn mother and we concluded that Daniel loves you. We also doubted why Kate had become his girlfriend."

Ella held Jane's hand and began to talk with her about her relationship with Daniel.

"Does he really love me? If so, why did he reject my call and rather be Kate's boyfriend?" Janet was angry!

'I'm not that foolish!' she thought.

"Don't be such a mean girl!" Then Ella gave her daughter a powerful look. "If you think that he really doesn't love you, then never contact him again!"

'My daughter is so perfect that many men would be eager to be her boyfriend. There's no need to get stuck on only Daniel.'

Hearing that mother wouldn't allow her to contact Daniel anymore, Janet felt a little morose.

"Mom, didn't you want me to be with him? You're now telling me to stop contacting him. Don't you think you're contradicting yourself a bit?"

Ella felt speechless when she heard her daughter's words.

Samuel turned around the car when it was a red light. He then told Janet earnestly, "Jane, why can't you understand your mother for once? That was only if you liked Daniel; that's why she tried to make you a couple. But now, this seems impossible. Your mother advised you not to contact him so you won't feel hurt anymore."

"I see, dad." Janet held Ella's arm and then leaned on her shoulder.

"Jane, I believe that you're a good girl and, and that you'll meet a better man to be your boyfriend. I think that Brian is cute, and he's also saved your life. He's not bad..." In Samuel's eyes, his daughter was beyond perfection, flawless, and with no weakness whatsoever.

Brian had indeed saved Jane's life, and he had already decided to say his personal thanks to Brian one day.

"Dad, please stop it. I don't like him that way! He's like a brother to me, and I don't want to give up on..." Janet clearly know who she loved.

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