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   Chapter 81 Janet Had Become Even More Morose

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Janet thought that Jerry was right. She wiped away her tears at once, and replied, "I'm not sad. I just felt some pain coming from my wounds."

It was obvious that she was just making up an excuse, but Jerry didn't debunk her lie.

And after he saw Jane's reaction, he could see that Jane was acting out jealous, but wasn't aware of it.

"Jane, you should be positive and optimistic. Don't be sad just because of Daniel, " said Jerry.

Jane was his younger sister, and he didn't want to see Jane becoming sad over any man.

When she heard Jerry's words, Janet seemed to be lost in thought for a little while, and then nodded, saying, "I got it, Jerry."

But in fact, there were two conflicting ideas present in her mind. One was that she liked Daniel.

The other was that Daniel was a despicable man and she shouldn't like him at all!

In the bar

Daniel also kicked the other woman out of the private room and slammed his phone on the table in front of him.

After he lit a cigarette, he called out to Sven.

... Daniel's words all of a sudden sent a chill through Sven. "Daniel, we should leave now, " he said.

Daniel, who blew the last puff of smoke out of his mouth, then put his legs on the table, and said, "Sven, mother* had asked me to introduce some girls to you. So, from now on, I will definitely try my best to look out for some girls that suitable for you."

(*TN: Here mother means sworn mother)


"No, thanks, Daniel. That was my treat tonight. I'll tell Jane that it was my idea to ask the two women to come in and stay with you, " replied Sven. Sven then tried to wear a smile on his anxious face, but it didn't work on Daniel at all.

"Stop smiling, it's disgusting! But you are, after all, my good friend, so I will seek out for some famous models for you, " said Daniel. He had been scolded by Janet, but he wasn't depressed; he actually felt a little more better.

And that was just because he had seen Janet angry, and that was enough for him.

When he saw her getting mad, he was happy!

"Famous models? I don't want one, but you can choose one for yourself!" Sven refused him with a bitter smile, because he knew that, under these circumstances, Daniel was just pretending to look for women for him just to get back at him for what he had earlier done.

Daniel then drank down his last swallow and stood up with a cigarette in his mouth. "Sven Si, you just wait for my gift!"

When he heard him, Sven screeched with exaggeration. "Daniel Si, if you dare to send me any famous models, I'll... introduce some boyfriends to Janet!"

Daniel, who had just walked out of the private room, stopped for a few seconds. Without looking back, he then said, "Whatever!"


Sven was stunned, and wondered if Daniel was actually determined to give up on Janet. Was he so decisive in his move?

Thanks to Sven and Chuck's brilliant medical skills, Janet recovered quickly and a thick scab had formed over her wound within only two days.

But it was obvious that Janet had become even more morose.

While she was peeling an apple, Ella glanced at her daughter, who was idly browsing the internet on her phone.

"Jane!" spoke Ella.


"What's bothering you lately?" Ella understood Janet, who seemed to be suffering out of love.

Janet, who was looking through at the news on Weibo, replied, "Nothing. I'm just worrying about my shop."

And that was exactly right! She hadn't arrived or worked at her shop for several days now, and had no idea how the business was going lately.

Ella cut the apple in half and gave one to Janet, saying, "You have no need to worry about it since your father is helping to run the business for you these days!"

Just then, Janet learned on Weibo that Daniel and Kate had joined a charity donation ceremony at a welfare house. She was shocked to see Kate arm in arm with Daniel, smiling happily.

She then suddenly realized that it was really stupid of her to love such a bastard!


After that, she took a bite out of the apple with rage, and wrote a comment. "9999, " it read.

She thought that her comment would be immediately drowned, but, to her surprise, within only a minute her comment had started getting more and more likes.

Shortly after, it had ranked as first among

the picture's top comments.

When this happened, Janet was speechless and felt very embarrassed...

Please! She hoped that Daniel wouldn't see it. Otherwise, he would think that she had been paying close attention to him all along!

In the afternoon, Janet found that Daniel not only had read her comment, but also had replied to it. "Thank you for your wishes, Janet, " the comment said.


Janet angrily gritted her teeth, and thought, 'How shameless could he actually be?'

She heard someone knocking at the door and then saw Brian, wearing his camouflage clothing, appearing in the doorway.

Janet immediately closed her phone cover and then looked at Brian with surprise gleaming in her eyes. "Brian!" she greeted him.

Only Ella and Janet were in room. When Ella saw Brian, she smiled at him, and said, "Brian, here you are, at last. Do you feel better?"

"Hi, Mrs. Shao. Yes, I'm feeling much better now! How about you Janet? Do you still feel stiff, or are you also feeling much better?" asked Brian. Ella took the expensive supplements Brian had brought and put them on the table.

"I'm almost well and I think I can leave the hospital soon!" said Janet. She grew bored in the hospital, and made daily requests to be discharged from it, but everyone ignored her requests.

Brian walked up to Janet, saying, "It will be better for you to leave the hospital after your full recovery."

Ella held a fruit bowl to Brian, and said, "Brian, please have some fruit. It is so nice of you to come here in person. You've saved Jane! We should have visited and thanked you!" said Ella.

Brian took the fruit bowl and a fruit fork, speared a piece of dragon fruit in a fork and passed it to Jane. "Mrs. Shao, you're welcome. In fact Janet helped us a lot, and if she didn't jumped out the car at that time, maybe we would be locked in a standoff with the terrorists group for a lone time, " he said.

Brian gave all credit to Janet.

Ella laughed and began to talk about Janet's shortcomings, without consideration for her. "Jane is not that brave, and she's scared of dying all the time. You speak very highly of her!"

"Mother! I'm not afraid of dying now, OK?" said Janet. Janet, who was eating the piece of dragon fruit, protested and was very dissatisfied.

Although she was, indeed, a little scared of dying, she was still sensible, and managed to persuade herself to be brave and to face the moment.

When they saw that she looked so cute when she spoke, Brian and Ella could not help but laugh.

"I should go now, I have something else I need to do. Have a good time!" said Ella. She could see that Brian liked Jane, so she didn't want to disturb them and thus left.

In fact, she liked Daniel better but, after all, Brian had saved Jane. Ella also didn't want to think of it too much and decided to just let nature take its own course of action!

After Ella left the ward, only Janet and Brian remained in the room. Janet said, "Brian, thank you for saving me. After I leave the hospital, I must visit you along with my mother and father to fully express my thanks to you!"

Brian helped her flip her bangs, and said, "Janet, it was my pleasure. I'm supposed to do this, because... well, I'm a soldier!"

When she saw his affectionate eyes, Janet looked away.

"Um. Did you catch all of the terrorists?" she asked.

"We've caught only three of them alive; the others were killed on the spot, " replied Brian. On that day, when he saw that Janet had jumped out of the car, Brian had felt his heart stopped beating.

When he had also seen the terrorists' bullets hitting her, Brian had immediately covered Janet and had taken two bullets for her.

But if Daniel hadn't come in time to save him, he would have been...

"Oh! Do you know where Shirley is? The bride who was dressed in her wedding gown and who was also injured, " inquired Janet. Just then, Brian's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Janet's words. Janet had called Shirley for many times, but she found that Shirley's phone had been powered off all along, and so she was really worried about her.

Brian thought of the wounded persons who were sent to the hospital and then shook his head. "I didn't see her, " he said, "If you're still worrying about her, I'll help you find her."

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