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   Chapter 80 Indulging in the Company of Other Women

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Sven, by chance, glanced at the cigarette butts lying on the ground, and could also not help asking, "Daniel, why did you smoke so much?"

Daniel then put out the cigarette butt, and said, "Let's go."


Daniel seemed to be waiting for Sven, but they weren't heading in the same direction.

"Daniel." Sven knocked on Daniel's car window.

The the driver's window was then rolled down.

"What happened between Jane and you?" carefully asked Sven. When he returned to the ward earlier, he saw that Janet was very quiet, and was looking much more different than before.

"Don't worry. From now on, I'll have nothing to do with her anymore, " said Daniel.

Sven saw clearly that Daniel spoke with an ironic smile on his face.

"Daniel, Jane is still a girl, after all. If you want to be in a relationship with her, you must learn how to tolerate her, " said Sven. He didn't know what had really happened between Jane and Daniel, but he would support them all the way if they got together.

As for Kate, Daniel had never mentioned her in front of him, so perhaps he was just using her as a pretext on some other occasions.

Tolerance? Daniel, with his hands behind his head, began to lean back in the driver's seat.

He then kept silent for about two minutes.

"Come on. Let's go for a drink!" he suddenly said. Sven, when he saw Daniel winking at him, then got in the front passenger's seat.

Sven in fact just really wanted to go home and sleep, but when he saw Daniel looking so morose, he decided to stay with him.

In the bar

Although it was almost two o'clock in the morning, the music in the bar was still deafening, and there were more and more customers coming and going.

When he saw that Daniel entered the bar, the manager, with a keen eye, immediately walked up to him. "Boss Si and Mr. Si, welcome to our bar!"

He then arranged for a private room for Daniel right away and sent the most beautiful barmaids they had in the bar to serve them.

Inside the luxurious private room, the barmaids looked energetic. With a smile on their face, they got close to the two men. One of them asked, "Boss Si, Mr. Si, what would you like to drink?"

Daniel, who didn't even look at her, replied, "Whisky."

When Sven heard what he had ordered, he was so surprised with the reply that he felt his stomach jolt a little. "I'll have a red wine, please, " he said.

He then also asked the barmaid beside him to hire a driver in advance for Daniel.

The barmaid then quickly came back with the whisky. Sven wanted her to stay there to keep Daniel company, but when he better thought of Jane, he gave up on the idea.

He finally asked the barmaids to leave the room, and now they were left alone in it.

Daniel gulped the glass of whisky in one go.

But he didn't feel a thing. Sven, who saw this, was astonished and could feel his own stomach ach.

After he gulped three glasses of whisky, Daniel finally became lethargic and leaned back onto the sofa.

"Daniel, if you continue to drink like this, we'll definitely be sending you to the hospital tomorrow. Aren't you at all concerned about that?" asked Sven. Uttering these words, he selected and played a piece of light music to make Daniel feel more relaxed.

"I don't care. Whatever..." Daniel was indifferent. In fact, he had been taken drunk to the hospital several times.

Sven was so disappointed in him, and after Daniel gulped the fourth glass of whisky, he began to consider whether he should call Jane or not.

When he saw Daniel drinking his fifth glass, Sven pressed Daniel's hand, and said, "Daniel, that's enough. If you keep on drinking like this, I'll end up taking you to the hospital."

"I've already told you I don't care, " said Daniel. After gulping five glasses of whisky, Daniel began to feel a little drunk.

Sven was even more perplexed, and when he saw that Daniel was just about to drink the sixth glass, he said, "Daniel, if you still continue to drink like that, I'll call Jane!"

But, to his surprise, Daniel just sneered at his words.

Daniel drank the glass and threw it against the wall, saying, "You don't need to call her. No matter how I am, she won't care about me at all."

She didn't feel the slightest pity for him!

But why did he still insist on pursuing her?

If he wanted to, he could get a lot of women. But why did he o

nly want Janet?

He wanted Janet to know that there still were a lot of women out there who were attracted to him!

"Ask the two women who served us earlier to come here!" said Daniel who bent over, with his face in his hands.

Sven was stunned when he heard him, and said, "Daniel, I won't ask them to come. Even if you don't get along that well with Jane, you also have to worry about your own image. If some rumors about your affair with these women would ever spread tomorrow..."

"They wouldn't dare do that! If so, I won't let them off!" Daniel shouted and again filled his glass with whisky.

Sven fell speechless with despair and then he asked the two women, who were standing at the door, to come back in.

"Come on in. Boss Si is in bad mood, please go and accompany him, " said Sven. He took out his wallet and gave the two women a large sum of cash.

The two women, who looked very happy, each sat at one of Daniel's sides.

"Boss Si, we'll make you feel better..." said one of the women. Her seductive and childish voice disgusted Sven.

Daniel closed his eyes and then held both of them in his arms.

'Janet, you are just an ungrateful woman who never said anything to please me! Even these two here are more obedient than you!' thought Daniel.

When he saw what was happening, Sven thought that it was necessary to tell Jane about it, so he carefully made a video call with Janet.

Janet, who was in the hospital, tossed and turned in her bed, trying to sleep. Suddenly, she received Sven's video call and then curiously answered it.

When she saw what was happening on the other end of the video call, Janet almost jumped out of bed!

"Daniel Si! You bastard! How dare you..." shouted Janet crossly.

Everyone in the bar's private room clearly heard Janet's angry voice!

Oh no! Sven had forgot to adjust the phone's volume.

Daniel suddenly opened his eyes and coldly stared at Sven, who was trying his best to turn down the volume.

But then, Sven's video call was suddenly terminated.

The next minute, Daniel's phone rang.

The woman sitting beside him helped him take out the phone from his pocket, saying, "Boss Si, someone called Jane is calling you!"

"Get out of here!" shouted Daniel. As he grabbed the phone from her hand, he cast a cold glance at her.

The woman was shocked by his stare and immediately got out of the private room.

The other woman was too scared to even move.

After he slid the answer button, he heard Janet scolding at him in a harsh tone, "Daniel Si, while I'm injured and suffering in the hospital, you just go out in bars and hook up with other women to pursue your dirty pleasures! You are just indulging in the company of other women! Do you even feel a little bit guilty for your actions?"

"Daniel Si, you are such a bastard! From now on, don't appear in front of me anymore! I don't know you! I don't know you, remember! You're a despicable man!" added Janet.

Immediately after he answered the phone, Daniel began to fix his cold eyes on Sven, who had let Janet know what was happening in the private room.

Sven, holding his head in his hands, wondered why he had been so impetuous and did such a stupid thing.

After Janet roared at him for quite while longer, Daniel just coolly replied to her, "Do I have anything to do with you?"


When she heard these words, Janet, who was on the other end of the line, felt all of a sudden depressed and very disappointed.

Then the both of them just kept silent for a while longer on the phone.

She realized that it seemed that she, indeed, had in reality nothing to do with him. "Sorry!" replied Janet. She then quickly hung up the phone and burrowed herself inside the quit. She was touching her bandaged wound, which had begun to feel painful again because of her anger and stress. She felt very aggrieved, with her eyes red, anguished.

When he heard what Janet said on the phone, Jerry guessed what had happened. He got himself off the sofa, and while pulling Janet's quilt away, he spoke out her name. "Jane!"

When she heard Jerry's gentle voice, Janet couldn't help but shed a drop of tear.

"Jane, you said you hate Daniel, right? Then why are you so sad?" asked Jerry. He sighed, and wondered why she liked him so much, but pretended to hate him. He, indeed, didn't understand what she was thinking.

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