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   Chapter 79 I Won't Be Coming to See You Anymore

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Sven thought more about it. 'Daniel had only once been in love, but he separated with that girl years ago. After that, I've never seen him make a new girlfriend. Oh! That's right, Kate Song! So, he has a relationship with Kate Song, but at the same time another with Jane...' thought Sven.

"He's bad!" he said, "and wicked!" But, Sven's words actually made Janet feel more sympathetic towards Daniel.

And she couldn't help herself throw out the words, "Maybe not that bad."

Janet's mind started to roam about, and then Sven and Jerry looked at each other. After a while, Jerry winked to Sven.

"Jane, please wait for Daniel here. Sven and I have something to discuss about outside."

Janet snapped out of it, and asked, "Is Daniel really coming here?" She felt scary, but also furious.

Sven nodded to her, "Yes. Daniel said that he is coming here. I suppose that he is already on his way here right now."

"Sven Si! Are you really my brother? Call him back right now! Tell him not to come here and see me!" Janet shouted. She was in a real panic now, without even knowing the real reason. She then took over the bowl of soup, and said, "I will drink it, OK? Now, hurry up! Call him back, please!"


Her unusual reaction startled the two men.

'What's wrong with Janet?' thought Sven, 'Why is she so flustered on knowing that Daniel is on his way here?

She wouldn't have been so anxious if she were meeting her boyfriend, not to say that Daniel is already a scumbag in her eyes, ' Sven thought.

Perplexed at her reaction, Sven dialed Daniel's number, and the call soon connected, "Hey, Daniel. Jane said that she'll drink the soup, and you don't need to come anymore."

Janet nearly choked on the soup when she heard his words, and said, "Sven, do you really have to be so honest?"

"Wasn't it you that asked me to say that?" Looking back at Janet, who was just about to burst into rage, Sven really felt speechless and helpless.

But the call was still connected, and Janet's words fell freely into the man's ears on the other side of the line.

"Sven, I'll be there soon. Bye."

Daniel hung up the phone and then carefully continued driving his car. 'Janet Shao! How much are you expecting me? I'll have to ask you later!' Daniel thought.

In the patient's room

Now, all three people were staring at each other in silence.

"Sven, didn't you hear me? You need to change my room! I don't want to stay in this room anymore!" Janet shouted. She then put back the empty bowl on the table and continued to protest.

Sven shook his head, and said, "There are so many patients here that there's not an empty room left now."

... Janet furiously stared at Sven and demanded, "Then, please ask your security guards to stop him from entering; don't let that man in!"

Sven again shook his head, and said with a helpless tone in his voice, "I don't have the power to do that. The hospital is my father's, and will be soon handed down to Angela. I only work for them." Sven actually also wanted to complain about himself.

If his sister, Angela, had ever had any interests in being a doctor, his father would have turned him straight away a long time ago.

Janet then turned to her own brother with pitiful eyes, and said, "Brother, please take me home! I don't want to stay here!"

Facing his sister, Jerry felt embarrassed and walked up to Janet, and said, "Um, Jane. When you were in that dangerous situation, I was in America and couldn't come back in time. Daniel was there to save you instead, and so... please just behave yourself!"

... 'Is my own brother also backing up Daniel now? And he doesn't even care about the fact that Daniel has two girlfriends?' Janet thought.

She really wanted to fight with them now!

"Jerry Shao, I will ask my father to beat you to death!" Janet felt so desperate that she hid herself inside the quilt, and didn't want to meet anyone anymore.

"Jerry, Sven, we're breaking up all relations between us now, " spoke Janet. "You should all now stand by that evil man's side, because you are good buddies, right? But remember that I've also gr

own up with you two, ever since childhood!"

Now there were only murmurings coming from inside the quilt, "Jerry, I am your sister! You're really throwing me away after you already did that to your wife? And you, Sven, you said that you broke up with your girlfriend because of me. You must be... Ah! Wait!"

Janet pulled away her quilt and was about to interrogate Sven again, but a handsome face suddenly drew close to hers.

"Ah! Daniel! Ah! You frightened me to death!" Janet patted her chest. 'He is always frightening me to death!' she thought.

His familiar scent came rushing into her nose, which made her nearly suffocate; she took a large gulp of air.

'Wait! Where are my brother and Sven? When did they go wander away?' Janet wondered.

Daniel looked at her scared pale face, and while touching her long hair, he said, "They said that you are not behaving too well."


"I am a good girl. I always behave well. You'll never see another woman behaving as well as I do. Don't you think so?" Janet protested.

Daniel now realized how composed could Janet be when telling a lie.

He then opened the thermos flask and poured out some more soup into the bowl. The soup had already cooled down.

He dragged over a chair to her bedside, and then put a spoon of soup to her lips. "Open your mouth, " he said.

But Janet just laid back in the bed and dragged the quilt over her with her hand, and hid herself in it again.

'Hum! Did he think that if he came here I'll just listen to him?

No way! I won't drink a sip more of the evil man's soup!' Janet thought.

Daniel put down the soup and then pulled her quilt away and said in a cool low voice, "What? You didn't want to see me here?"

He talked with a cool and serene voice, and Janet didn't know what his real emotions really were.

But she still nodded her head. She hated Daniel that he had acted so maliciously towards Brian.

"Why?" asked Daniel. 'Is it because of that night?' Daniel wondered.

"Because you hurt Brian on that day! Why did you do that?" Janet didn't try to hide her suspicions and instead interrogated him straight.

Daniel instantly frowned upon hearing her inquiring words.

'Why did I hurt Brian?'

"Janet, am I such a despicable man in your eyes?" asked Daniel in a now more colder voice as he put his hands inside his pockets. Daniel peacefully stared at her.

'Despicable man?' In fact, she didn't consider him like that at all.

But she still said, "You've stolen my most precious thing, and even wanted to hurt Brian. That makes no difference between you and a despicable man!"

The woman's words made Daniel feel even more heart-broken.

He didn't try to come up with any explanations, and instead just took the bowl and forced Janet to drink it up.

Then he stood up from the chair, and said, "Have a good rest. Since you don't like me, I won't be coming to see you anymore."

Then he turned around and left the room. Janet looked at his back and felt distressed out of her control.

'I won't be coming to see you anymore...

'Shouldn't I be happy? Why am I feeling so painful? So heart-broken? For what? He acted so viciously and is not deserving of any of my love!' Janet thought.

In the hospital's parking lot, Daniel sat in the car alone, looking at the patient's room up on the eighth floor while slowly smoking his cigarette.

He smoked one after the other, and when he reached the fifth one, he saw Sven come out of the hospital's in-patient department.

"Sven!" Daniel called.

Sven was whistling a tune when he heard someone call out his name and, almost in an instant, he felt so startled that he almost jumped out of his shoes.

'It's so dark outside, who is that guy? And the figure seems to be flickering!' Sven thought.

"It's me." Daniel's cold voice relaxed him.

Sven, while he walked towards him, was playing with his car keys in his hand.

"Daniel, haven't you left yet? Why are you still here?" Sven asked. When he had returned to Janet's room earlier, Daniel was already gone. He only saw Janet lying on the bed, wearing a blank look on her face.

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