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   Chapter 78 Won't You be Eaten by Him to the Bone

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"Don't try to move your arm! Your left shoulder is wounded." Sven reminded her diligently.

'Well, OK then!' Janet didn't dare move an inch.

"Sister, will you go back to sleep?" John asked while he curiously stared at her; he hadn't seen his sister for a long time.

Janet then glanced at Ella, who standing next to John, and asked, "Mom, I've been already sleeping for a long while, haven't I?"

"Yes, for almost two days! You really gave us a scare! Foolish girl!"

The event in Xiaxi Village was reported by the media and Janet, who was held hostage, had been broadcasted to the public.

And because she had wanted to sacrifice herself for everyone's safety, all the net users had now regarded and praised her as being the most beautiful woman in the world.

Samuel and Ella had found out of their daughter's happenings through the news.

And so they immediately came back together with John. Samuel had already scolded Jerry for his negligence in taking good care of his sister.

"For two days! That's so long! Mom, do you know how Brian is doing?" asked Janet. She couldn't forget about Brian; after all, he had been shot in order to protect her.

Ella put down the glass of water in her hand, and said, "They say he's still in the military hospital, but we still don't know much about his current condition."

As soon as their plane had landed, they rushed to the hospital. They knew little of what had been going on, and upon their arrival they saw that Daniel himself had kept Janet safe and had looked after her.

Janet was about to jump up from bed, but her whole family surrounded her and stopped her.

"Jane, don't move! Don't forget about your wounds!"

"Oh dear! My dear granddaughter, don't be so anxious to get up, just lie still!"

"Jane, what do you want to do? I'll help you, " said her father.


Janet was forced to go back to the bed, so she had no choice but to lie down and stay still.

"I want my phone, and I need to call to Brian to see if he's doing well. He took a gunshot wound for me, " Janet said.

Samuel comforted his daughter, and out of her dirty handbag took out the phone and switched it back on for her.

Janet searched for Brian's phone numbers, but when she was just about to dial it, she saw that all of her family members were still staring at her.

She felt embarrassed make the call before them, and said, "Can you give me some space? I can't talk on the phone when all of you are staring at me!"

Then her family left her alone, and Janet dialed the number.

The call was soon connected. "Janet! How are you doing?" asked Brian.

"I am doing well, but what about you, Brian?"

Brian eased up when he heard that Janet was fine, and he answered, "I'm also doing good. A bullet shot is not that much of a big deal for me. Don't worry."

"Well, thank you, Brian. I'll come and see you when I've recovered." Janet thanked him sincerely for all that he had done for her.

Brian had saved her life, and her words couldn't describe enough the gratitude she owed him.

In the military hospital, Brian had already got out of his bed, and said, "No, you don't need to come and see me. Just take good care of yourself, I'll come and see you later. Where are you now?"

"I'm in... No, um, please just wait. I'll come by myself!" insisted Janet. She still thought she should go and thank her saver herself.

Brian smiled, and gave up on the argument with her, and said, "OK, then, I'll wait for you. But please rest now."

"OK. Goodbye, Brian!"

After Janet hung up the phone, Sven came closer to her, and asked, "Jane, was that your boyfriend?"

'Oh, the little girl has really grown-up. She's got a boyfriend!' Sven thought.

But he also felt a little bit confused, because Daniel's reactions towards Janet's condition seemed to be... quite unusual.

"No. He is just my friend, and also my life saver!" said Janet. She put down the phone on the pillow side, and then felt really sleepy.

"Well, all right! Rest now, and remember not to get out of bed for the next couple of days, to avoid the wound from reopening!" warned Sven. Putting his hands into the white gown's poc

kets, Sven left some instructions to Samuel and Ella, then left the room.

Janet then slept until midnight.

The patient's room was quiet, and Janet looked around but saw nobody.

"Dad! Mom!" Jerry was working on his laptop, but Sven heard Janet's voice. They came up to Janet.

"Jane, are you awake? Are you hungry?" Jerry stood beside Janet, and Sven lifted the upper part of the bed, so that Janet could sit up and lean on it with her back.

Janet nodded, "Yes, I'm hungry and thirsty."

Sven poured out some soup in a bowl from a thermos flask, and then passed it on to her, "Daniel brought this soup earlier; it's going to be good for your gunshot wounds' recovery. Now, drink it while it's still hot."


Sven was stirring the hot soup to cool it a bit, but then Janet glared at it, and said, "No, I don't want to drink it!"

'Huh, I absolutely won't drink a single drop of his soup! Why did he come to see me so covertly without even waiting for me to wake up? And he shot Brian! He acted so malicious towards him!' Janet thought.

Jerry and Sven then took a glance at each other, and asked, "Why?"

"I won't drink a single drop of that scumbag's soup!" Janet said.

Instantly, Sven thumbed up, and then earnestly asked Jerry, "Is Daniel really able to predict the future?"

Janet felt perplexed and just looked at Sven.

"Daniel said to tell you that if you won't drink his soup, then we 'll have to call him up, " Sven said. Daniel had left these words to them before he went away.

Janet's face flushed red, and then she dragged over the quilt with her uninjured hand to cover her face a little. Then, she said, "Is he thinking too highly of himself? Even if you call him, I still won't drink his damn soup!"

Without expecting it, Sven then took out his phone and dialed Daniel's number.

"Hey! Sven! Can't you just keep a secret for me?" asked Janet. She furiously stared at Sven, who was now making the call.

Sven shrugged his shoulders, and said, "I have no choice. You're not listening to us, and you're hungry and you're still trying to pretend to be strong... Hello, Daniel. You were right, why is Jane not drinking the soup?

OK, fine then." Janet, not knowing what Daniel had said on the other side of the line, then saw Sven hang up the phone.

Janet really wanted to throw a pillow and hit Sven's face. "What did he say?" she asked.

Sven threw a few more glances at her, and he suddenly came to understand the relationship between them. Perplexed, he knocked on his own head, and thought himself of being a fool that he hadn't realized what was really going on between them sooner.

'Daniel and Janet...'

"Ha, ha...ha..."

Sven suddenly burst into laughter, hardly containing his wild reactions.

Now, Jerry and Janet were confused and were staring at Sven, who was almost rolling on the floor with laughter. Jerry said, "Mr. Si, please mind your respect! We're in a hospital!"

Sven finally stopped laughing, tidied up his white gown, and said, "Jane, are you able to take that icy-cold face under control?"

"What?" Janet was perplexed at his words.

"Well. I mean, if you're still getting together with Daniel and all, won't you be eaten by him to the bone?" 'Jane is a simple and pure girl, while Daniel is complicated and thoughtful. If they ever become a couple, Janet is surely to be overwhelmingly controlled by him, ' thought Sven.

Janet flushed red again, and then she directly threw her pillow to Sven, and said, "What nonsense are you talking about? I'm not getting together with Daniel!"

However Jerry, who was next to her, sarcastically remarked, "Yes, you are. Actually, that makes no difference, because you are actually together right now."


Sven tried hard to bear his laughter, and said, "Jane, my dear Jane! I had never expected Daniel to be conquered by you! You really are grand!"

'That icy-cold face of his... Ha, ha... maybe it can only be melted away by the warm, sunny Jane, ' thought Sven.

"Sven, don't you also think that Daniel is wicked, and bad?" asked Janet. And, somehow like she was bearing a grudge, she looked at Sven's smiling face.

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